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Ray Ganong: Worlds Most Intense Man



One guy that hates attention but always seems to be the center of it is University of Louisville Strength and Conditioning Coach Ray Ganong. Coach has been with the school for 31 years and has National Championship rings in three different sports. (Basketball-UL, Football-Miami, Baseball-Miami) 36 years in the industry. I have known and loved coach G for a little longer than most because his popularity has just gained steam the past few years. Coach G was my strength & conditioning coach at Louisville and has remained a friend ever since. His family are friends. Just one of the greatest guys I have ever know.

Ok now that we have the pleasantries out of the way. Dude is intense! His hulk-like transformations in practice, training or even games is unreal. He is one of the reasons for success University wide as far as I am concerned. I’ve seen Volleyball players, Women’s Bball players, Football players and Baseball players go work out with him over my life time. Everybody loves Ray. They could make a TV show out of it. Well one that was good anyways. Here are some clips of the great one that I hope you either enjoy or get scared crapless.

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Shaq Almost A Card?


I was scrolling through my social media and seen one of the most intriguing things I have seen in a while. A hidden gem. Let me preface this with two things. 1) As a youngster I had awful taste in music. 2) I had purchased the 1st few Shaquille O’neal CD’s. Yes Steve & Justin they were still CD’s then. I read a post from CN2 reporter Garrett Moore (@Garrett_cn2) that flat out stated that Shaquille O’neal to the Ville was a possibility. Who better to get us out of this funk that we are in that Shaq-Fu himself. Damion Lee screams out “Who’s Got my back?” & Shaq returns “I got your back”. Brilliant. I never knew we were even close to turning Louisville into ShaqVille O’neaL, or some other clever combination of words. Garrett’s was good too. It was also announced today that the Miami heat will retire his number next season. Congrats. Here’s Garrett……

UofL BASKETBALL | What if Shaq had been a Cardinal?

by Garrett Moore


The Big Aristotle. Shaq Daddy. The Big Shaqtus. The Shaq da Ville?

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Treyson: The Highchair Emcee

Louisville v Samford

I will admit it. Before last week I had not heard of the High-chair emcee. I am NOT ok with that. Come to find out he has been on the Deener show for a while and has recently started doing Ramsey & Rutherford pitches. Wouldn’t hate to hear he had done a CardinalSportsZone Radio plug if I am being honest (Saturdays at 10am on ESPN 93.9 FM). One of the most adorable things I have seen or heard and much-needed. My guy Sean Moth may be in serious trouble if this kid decides to go pro by the age of 8. If you have only heard the hype but not the man, here you go…..Treyson: The High-chair emcee.


Just awesome! He most definitely has our back CardNation. Go Cards!



CardNation: We Will Get Through This

All hail our UofL!

CardNation. It’s not just a term, it’s a way of life. Through the good and the bad we always prove one thing and that is that we persevere. We have unfortunately had a lot of bad times to try us over the past few years as well. I won’t get into that. One thing I do know though is that we will get through this. We are too proud and too strong. Other programs have been through similar trials and tribulations and have rebounded (no pun intended) just fine. It just hurts at the moment. I get it.

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Must Read For CardNation: Seth Davis Interviews Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino

If you haven’t read this article from College hoops reporter for SI and CBS Sports Seth Davis (@SethDavisHoops), you can here. One of the more intriguing articles I have read in awhile. In the story Coach Pitino goes more in depth on the alleged incident and delved a little deeper into the saga that is currently going on at the University of Louisville. Great job by Seth, Give this a read.


As always, Thank you and Go Cards!


Cardinal Catch-Up: Alhaji Mohammed


(via Alhaji Mohammed)

(via Alhaji Mohammed)


One thing that I love in the local sports scene right now is how myself and Marques Maybin are keeping in touch with former Cards. Marques has his throwback Thursday on the Deener show on ESPN 93.9 FM & I talk with the guys from all sports on LiveWith55 on Wednesday nights at Today is a very welcome slow news day for CardNation.

I was talking this morning to Alhaji Mohammed. It’s no secret if you follow Mo is that he is a very charitable individual. He has always been humble and kind and willing to give back to the community. Of course I must preface this with the fact he is my friend. However he is one of the best people I have ever met. I met him back in 2004 when I went to a summer league game in the barber shop league down at St Stevens. He didn’t know me but we sat there and talked hoops while I watching my young bull Terrance Farley play in the league.

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It’s a Power Struggle as No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 13 Louisville Battle for the ACC


Card Nation: Get out to the KFC Yum! Center TODAY, Sunday, February 7th at 2PM to cheer on your 13th ranked Louisville Women’s basketball team.

Tickets are $3 with your Kroger card or with a ticket stub from the men’s Boston College game.

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“It’s just basketball” 

“It’s just basketball,” they say. 

I’ll admit, I used to be in that camp. Growing up just north of Pittsburgh, I was in the (very slim) minority whose loyalties didn’t lie with either Pitt basketball or Penn State football. When the scandal broke at PSU, I felt for the student-athletes who were unfairly being punished, but anything more than sympathy was difficult with such a complete lack of emotional ties unlike those around me. Little did I know that less than four short years later, I would be on the complete opposite side of the issue.

I joined the team here at CSZ when Justin contacted me after reading my letter to Sports Illustrated , regarding an article released about the scandal that is weighing so heavily on the hearts of many here in Louisville tonight. When I sat down to write that letter, I had no idea what would come of it – I just needed to blow off steam. I’ve been humbled and blessed to make connections with so many members of the greatest fanbase in America, and I want each and every one of you to know that tonight my heart is breaking right alongside yours. You’ve done nothing if you haven’t proven to me that choosing to call Louisville my home three and a half years ago was the right choice, just as it was the right choice for Damion Lee and Trey Lewis. There’s something special about this place, this city, this university… And that’s what makes all of this so damn difficult.

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Win a game, visit the kids…

After the Cards took down # 1/2 UNC last night you would think they would have went back to the dorm and relaxed. Nah. This is a very special group of kids that make us love them more and more very week. Check out pics from their trip last night at Frazier rehab.

Go Cards!

Adidas and UofL reveal Black History Month uniforms



Alright uniform junkies, this post is for you! It looks like the Cards will be decked out in some pretty sweet jerseys when they face Duke this season, both times! The official release from UofL goes into detail about the uniforms.

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Black History Month Inspired Throwbacks For UL Hoops

I know that Justin is not a huge uniform geek like me and Steve are but I always look forward to new ones coming out. Me and Steve were just wondering Friday when this years were gonna be released. We went over some of our favorite alternate uniforms. Infrared, title jerseys & Twill & Earl’s throwbacks amongst others. Without further adieu, here is the much-loved dunking Cardinal throwbacks!

Go Cards!

Roy Williams and UNC players talk loss to Louisville

Here are some videos from after the game from Roy Williams, Marcus Paige, Justin Jackson, Joel Berry, and Isaiah Hicks. Louisville defeated North Carolina 71-65.

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Highlights: Louisville defeats North Carolina 71-65

That was fun.

Pitino, Lee, Lewis, and Mitchell UNC postgame

Enjoy the postgame comments from Rick Pitino, Damion Lee, Trey Lewis, and Donovan Mitchell after Louisville’s 71-65 win over North Carolina.

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Paul Rogers UNC Highlights

Paul Rogers


That’s right, highlights from Paul Rogers. There is no one better to listen to in the business than Rogers. He is the true voice of the Louisville Cardinals. Here are his calls of the best plays from the victory over North Carolina. Enjoy!

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New Top 25 Polls 2/1/16

Donovan Mitchell Quentin Snider


North Carolina will bring in a #1 and/or #2 ranking into the KFC Yum! Center tonight! Full polls below.

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Layup Lines: Louisville vs North Carolina

Quentin Snider UNC

With tipoff less than 2 hours away, this will be a pretty condensed version of “Layup Lines”. I blame real life, sorry about that. But here is a quick rundown of tonight’s game between the Louisville Cardinals (17-4, 6-2) and North Carolina Tar Heels (19-2, 8-0).

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Rick Pitino previews UNC in latest blog

Rick Pitino UNC3

Photo: Tim Haag/

Start your week off with a quick preview of North Carolina from Rick Pitino in his latest blog. He also recaps the loss to Virginia if you would like to check out the full post, but for me, it’s time to move on to tonight’s game. Here is what Pitino says about the Tar Heels and about the Cards moving forward.

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Walz, Durr, and Moore Wake Forest postgame

Jeff Walz, Asia Durr, and Mariya Moore spoke after the win over Wake Forest on Sunday. It was the 14th win in a row for the Cards as they are now 17-5 and 9-0 in ACC play. Mariya Moore scored a game-high 26 points.

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Highlights: Louisville women defeat Wake Forest 78-54

Mariya Moore highlights, pretty much.


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