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AP Basketball Poll Released Today



The first AP Basketball poll of the season came out today and the Cards are sitting pretty at #8. With a great schedule this year the Cards will have plenty of opportunities to shine. The Cards play their first exhibition game of the season tomorrow vs Barry College at the KFC Yum! Center tomorrow at 12:30p. If you can’t watch the game live it will be broadcast on WAVE 3 TV.

Go Cards!


AP Top 25
1 Kentucky (52) 29-11 1,604
2 Arizona (5) 33-5 1,518
3 Wisconsin (8) 30-8 1,483
4 Duke 26-9 1,415
5 Kansas 25-10 1,346
6 North Carolina 24-10 1,274
7 Florida 36-3 1,153
8 Louisville 31-6 1,114
9 Virginia 30-7 1,090
10 Texas 24-11 1,061
11 Wichita St 35-1 1,027
12 Villanova 29-5 885
13 Gonzaga 29-7 840
14 Iowa State 28-8 781
15 Virginia Commonwealth 26-9 574
16 San Diego St 31-5 560
17 Connecticut 32-8 552
18 Michigan St 29-9 521
19 Oklahoma 23-10 426
20 Ohio State 25-10 340
21 Nebraska 19-13 309
22 SMU 27-10 285
23 Syracuse 28-6 178
24 Michigan 28-9 167
25 Harvard 27-5 98
25 Utah 21-12 98
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College Football Top 25 Polls: Week 8

Tim Hagg/CardinalSportsZone

Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone

Louisville finds themselves 35th in the latest AP poll. They are not receiving votes in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Florida State (2) and Clemson (24) are the only ACC teams ranked in the AP poll. Another UofL opponent, Notre Dame, checks in at #5.

The ACC is represented in the “others receiving votes” category, so a few teams are just outside being ranked. Those teams are Duke (28), Georgia Tech (33), Louisville (35), and Virginia (41).

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College Football Top 25 Polls: Week 7

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

The Cards picked up a win on Friday night, and by the way things went on Saturday, that was a big accomplishment. There was so much chaos in the top 25 with top teams losing. If your team was able to survive and just pick up a win, you should be happy. Louisville now turns their attention to Clemson, who are ranked 26th in the AP Poll and 25th in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Louisville comes in at 29 on both polls.

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College Football Top 25 Polls: Week 6

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

The new polls came out on Sunday for the college football season. The Louisville Cardinals still are not ranked, but find themselves in a better spot than last week by moving up in the “others receiving votes” category. We knew a win at home over Wake Forest wouldn’t vault the Cards into the top 25, but they are still hanging around and can make some noise in the next couple weeks with games on the road.

In the AP Poll, Louisville is the 10th team outside of the rankings, so pretty much ranked 35th. In the USA Today Coaches Poll, they are essentially ranked 33rd.

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College Football Top 25 Polls: Week 5

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone.com

The AP and USA Today Coaches Poll were released on Sunday. The Cards still aren’t ranked on either, and actually dropped off all together from the AP poll’s “others receiving votes” section. As we know, in the grand scheme of things, the only poll that really matters this season is the College Football Playoff poll that will be released in October. Other than that, rankings are just something for people to talk about. The most important thing for Louisville is to get better on the field, and the rankings will take care of themselves.

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55 (Episode 18)


This week…..on 55…..

You know I normally start out the opening paragraph to 55 with a preview of what im going to talk about then end it with: Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55. But this week there is ONE ridiculous thing I have heard this week and it’s our UofL Men’s Basketball team being shafted with a 4 seed. So in that spirit…blah blah blah…this is 55.

1) I am going to start off 55 this week with Men’s tournament atrocity. Louisville is a 2, Wichita is in the toughest region and #25 SMU doesn’t even get in? Who is running this thing?

2) monkeys

3) Oh….well, that..um, makes a little more sense then…Carry on

4) I digress

5) They placed us in a region with Duke, Michigan, uk and the undefeated Wichita State Shockers……This has got to be the biggest group of idiots since

6) ncaa

7) They knew what they were talking about last year though…..smu

8) Yes I have decided to insert smu for smh in opposition of them being omitted from the NCAA Tourney….sure glad FU didn’t get left out.

9) Wordplay is FUn

10) Moving forward

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Men’s Basketball Top 25 Polls 3/17/14

usatoday   aplogo

The last basketball polls of the regular season are out. In the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Louisville Cardinals are ranked 3rd. The 3rd ranked team in the country is a 4 seed. Right in the middle of the four #1 seeds. Just saying. In the AP Poll, the Cards are 5th. Remember this next year when worrying about either poll during the season.

USA Today Coaches Poll
1 Florida (26) 32-2 794
2 Wichita State (6) 34-0 774
3 Louisville 29-5 717
4 Virginia 28-6 696
5 Arizona 30-4 679
6 Duke 26-8 609
7 Villanova 28-4 604
8 Michigan 25-8 563
9 Iowa State 26-7 492
10 Kansas 24-9 487
11 San Diego State 29-4 482
12 Syracuse 27-5 399
13 Michigan State 26-8 394
14 Cincinnati 27-6 390
15 Wisconsin 26-7 387
16 Creighton 26-7 333
17 New Mexico 27-6 314
18 North Carolina 23-9 239
19 Connecticut 26-8 215
20 Oklahoma 23-9 127
21 Saint Louis 26-6 107
22 Kentucky 24-10 103
23 UCLA 26-8 101
24 Ohio State 25-9 91
25 Virginia Commonwealth 26-8 63
  • Others receiving votes: Memphis 61, Gonzaga 50, Baylor 41, Pittsburgh 26, Texas 15, Stephen F. Austin 13, Saint Joseph’s 10, Southern Methodist 8, Nebraska 6, Providence 3, Southern Miss 2, Harvard 2, George Washington 1, Tulsa 1, Iowa 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Memphis 19, Southern Methodist 23
AP Top 25
1 Florida (50) 32-2 1,610
2 Wichita State (15) 34-0 1,571
3 Virginia 28-6 1,430
4 Arizona 30-4 1,422
5 Louisville 29-5 1,412
6 Villanova 28-4 1,231
7 Michigan 25-8 1,162
8 Duke 26-8 1,121
9 Iowa State 26-7 1,055
10 Kansas 24-9 1,045
11 Michigan State 26-8 950
12 Wisconsin 26-7 892
13 San Diego State 29-4 890
14 Syracuse 27-5 757
15 Cincinnati 27-6 720
16 Creighton 26-7 658
17 New Mexico 27-6 623
18 Connecticut 26-8 503
19 North Carolina 23-9 424
20 UCLA 26-8 413
21 Oklahoma 23-9 265
22 Ohio State 25-9 167
23 Baylor 24-11 148
24 Virginia Commonwealth 26-8 140
25 Saint Louis 26-6 131
  • Others receiving votes: Memphis 101, Gonzaga 83, Kentucky 77, Stephen F. Austin 46, Harvard 30, Saint Joseph’s 14, Texas 13, Oregon 8, Providence 6, Massachusetts 3, Tennessee 2, Western Michigan 1, North Carolina Central 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Memphis 19, Southern Methodist 25

55 (Episode 17)


This week…..on 55…..

We talk about huge basketball wins, Women’s Basketball advancing to the AAC tourney final, Sr night and the end of 55? And much, much more.  Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55.

1) For all that have been asking, Mom got out of the hospital this weekend, your prayers were appreciated and mine were answered. Thank you guys so much…..

2) Saturday was Sr night for the winningest Senior class in UofL Men’s Basketball history….Thanks go out to each and every one of you guys.

3) Here is a personal thanks to each of you individually


Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

5) Tim Henderson: Wichita…the kid got a nickname! Without a doubt the 2nd biggest inspiration during the tourney run last year behind Kevin Ware. This guy was always underappreciated by the fanbase and always worked so hard.

He got in and extended our title run with 2 shots that will go down in Louisville history. Tim, as one of your biggest skeptics the first 2.5 years I wanna say thank you for all you have done. Maybe this year we can use some more Wichita magic!

6) svt

7) Stephan Van Treese: SVT, SVB, VAN BEAST, Big Hustle. The man of many nicknames for many UL fans. One of the few guys that I can remember who gave his all every single play. Another key factor to our success. You need a hustle play and he will take care of it for you.

A member of one of the most troubled recruiting classes we have had along side of Swop, Marra & Buckles…Siva was fine as we know…SVT decided to come back this year and make it count and boy did we ever need him. Big Hustle, to you I salute you sir!


Luke Hancock

Luke Hancock

9) Luke Hancock: Lukeeeeeeeeeee (11 e’s because he is #11, duh) Luke is without a shadow of a doubt the most impactful transfer I can remember with Clifford Rozier being my #1 prior. The guy who single handedly turned around the NCAA title game after we got Spike’d (I still don’t believe it).

and just like that, and a Trezl dunk, in a blink of an eye Louisville came back to beat Michigan for it’s 3rd NCAA title. Thank you to the M.O.P. of the NCAA Final Four Luke Hancock. After losing his dad and playing for our country this past summer, Luke looks like he’s in Luke Tourney form from last year. Thanks again Luke….you will be remembered forever….

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55 (Episode 16)


This week…..on 55…..

I have decided instead of searching for different pics of the number 55, I would make this the official pic of 55 week in and week out. I would be up to viewer suggested pics also. If you see a pic that you would want included just private message it to me and it will be under consideration. This week has been an up and down week in the world of UofL Athletics, we will go into detail in a few. So this week we will talk ridiculous statements, wins, losses and Vince McMahon…maybe. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55.

1) First off I want to wish my mom the speediest of recoveries. I almost didn’t write 55 this week due to the fact I had been at the hospital a ton and my mind had been on overload. But in the end, my mom needs something to read tonight! lol. Get well soon mom….love you!

2) #MommasBoy

3) Oh well

4) Moving forward

5) This week I purchased the WWE Network, now I know what some of you will say…that’s stupid…I don’t call your Breaking Bad and Dexter and Walking Dead stupid so don’t rain on my parade. I pay $9.99 a month and can watch unlimited VOD and I get every $60 ppv included in my monthly fee. So get over it….I’m saving money. Vince DM me so I can give you the details for compensation for promoting your product.

6) nochance

7) Well…..that’s not nice. And to think, I supported the XFL

8) kobe

9) Yeah you’re right Kobe…that was a lie

10) This week the Boy’s High School 6th & 7th Regional Tourney draw was decided


12) Good Luck young men and do the city proud!

13) Shout out to CSZ’s Justin Renck whose Holy Cross team had a great season and made some noise this year. It’s a building block for the future and next season they will make Regionals

14) #Salute

15) My brother from another mother Terrance Farley’s (@VilleBlessed43) PRP team is still in the hunt for a state crown and we found out last week his Center Lamontrey Harris won 6th region Player of the Year. I know T has worked very hard with him since he joined the PRP staff this year. Congrats and good luck…until you play my alma-mater that is. lol

16) #GoDragons


17) This week started off as a decent week in Cardinal Athletics. It was almost a tale of 2 months. Here’s what happened at the end of February…

18) On Tuesday the Baseball team won 6-0 over Eastern Illinois

19) The Men’s team whipped Temple 88-66 on Thursday

20) On Friday: Women’s Tennis beat EKU 6-1

21) Men’s Baseball defeated Toledo 6-2

22) Men’s Tennis beat Northwestern 5-2

23) Lastly on Friday the Men’s Track and Field team were in 1st in the AAC Championships after day 1 while the Women were 2nd….

24) Great week…until the Calendar turned to March Saturday as a different kind of March madness ensued


25) UL Baseball loses 6-2 to #17 IU on Saturday

26) Even though there was a very valiant effort by Montrezl and the Basketball Cards, late mistakes and lack of focus lead to a 72-66 loss to #21 Memphis team

27) The Men’s track team finished 2nd and women finished 5th

28) Sunday Men’s Tennis fell 5-2 to #2 Oklahoma

29) Can we go back to February?

30) There were a few bright spots on Saturday though

31) @UofLBaseball did follow the loss to IU with a 8-2 win over Toledo and Women’s Lacrosse upset #18 Denver and the #3 Women’s basketball team slapped Cincy 75-51

32) I guess we can’t win everything…

33) Wait….we can’t win everything?

34) I would hate to cheer for a team who thought they should win everything

35) smiley

36) I had a very interesting text convo today:

37) Me: What’s up man….Yall gonna get much snow?

38) Anonymous: We may have been swept by a non tourney team but you all got swept by a bubble team.

39) Me: What? You must have got your convos mixed up, I asked about the weather

40) Anonymous: Memphis won’t even make the NCAA Tourney

41) Me: So that’s a no on the snow?

42) Needless to say reality escapes some people….FYI this is the same guy who texted me after I tweeted out great win by UL tonight after the Temple game and said “Must suck to celebrate beating a team that has less than 12 wins” yeah karma sucks bro

43) I still refuse to treat him the way he treats me because I have friends and family who are rational that do cheer for uk and any statement I made would bunch them into that group

44) Speaking of one of my friends


46) SMH

47) I have it on good authority Corey used that same razor later in the evening

48) The new Women’s Basketball AP Poll came out today and the Cards remained steady at #3 (full poll here)

49) The Women have a huge Basketball game tonight vs #1 UConn. Good luck to the Women’s Basketball team. The score is currently 43-31 at the half

50) The Men’s AP Poll come out today and the Cards drop to 11 (full poll here)

51) The Men’s coaches Poll come out today and the Cards fell to 9 (full poll here)

52) Don’t forget to tune into the hottest Louisville sports show on the radio @TalkinNOIZ serving it up live from the Wendy’s studios. Hosted by Lloyd Spence, TalkinNOIZ comes on from 12:06-1 on 1080 am on the radio or access it from your iHeart app. CSZ’s own Steve Rummage is on every Monday and Thursday and the rest of us sprinkle in from time to time.

53) Russ is attacking the record books at UofL read the full story here

54) If the AAC Tourney started today, Steve shows us what that would look like here

55) Next week I will have much, much more….Thanks for all your prayers and concerns regarding my mom.

Go Cards!

You can find the previous 15 Episodes of 55 by typing 55 in the CardinalSportszone.com search bar and clicking search

P.S.-Old Chicago Pizza is awesome!

P.S.S.-Congrats to my guy Raashaan on killing it on his road to completing his goals



P.S.S.S.S.- Everytime I feel down about Memphis I just go back to this….

Works every time….

Shoni Schimmel talks about her final season here

*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

Men’s Basketball AP & Coaches Polls 2-10-14

AP Poll

AP Top 25
1 Syracuse (65) 23-0 1,625
2 Arizona 23-1 1,525
3 Florida 21-2 1,477
4 Wichita State 25-0 1,445
5 San Diego State 21-1 1,373
6 Villanova 21-2 1,288
7 Kansas 18-5 1,234
8 Duke 19-5 1,130
9 Michigan State 20-4 1,025
10 Cincinnati 22-3 970
11 Iowa State 18-4 925
12 Saint Louis 22-2 908
13 Louisville 19-4 866
14 Kentucky 18-5 769
15 Michigan 17-6 702
16 Iowa 18-6 686
17 Virginia 19-5 608
18 Creighton 19-4 552
19 Texas 18-5 417
20 Memphis 18-5 333
21 Wisconsin 19-5 242
22 Ohio State 19-5 214
23 Southern Methodist 19-5 205
24 Connecticut 18-5 194
25 Pittsburgh 20-4 175
  • Others receiving votes: Oklahoma 99, Gonzaga 44, UCLA 43, New Mexico 23, Oklahoma State 10, George Washington 6, Southern Miss 6, Stephen F. Austin 3, Kansas State 1, North Carolina 1, Arizona State 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Oklahoma State 19, Oklahoma 21, Gonzaga 23

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UofL Women’s Basketball Poll – 11/18/13


Here is the AP Top 25 Women’s Basketball Poll for this Monday, November 18th, The ESPN Coaches Poll will be released tomorrow:

AP Top 25
1 Connecticut (36) 4-0 900
2 Duke 3-0 864
3 Tennessee 4-0 796
4 Louisville 4-0 780
5 Notre Dame 3-0 740
6 Stanford 3-1 730
7 Kentucky 4-0 699
8 Maryland 2-1 630
9 Baylor 2-0 616
10 Oklahoma 3-1 515
11 Nebraska 3-0 472
12 North Carolina 2-1 457
13 Texas A&M 3-0 445
14 Penn State 2-1 428
15 LSU 2-1 331
16 Colorado 2-0 316
17 California 2-2 298
18 Purdue 3-0 278
19 South Carolina 4-0 252
20 Oklahoma State 3-0 239
21 Michigan State 2-1 214
22 Iowa State 2-0 171
23 Georgia 3-0 157
24 Gonzaga 2-1 104
25 DePaul 2-0 76
  • Others receiving votes: Iowa 38, Dayton 37, Georgia Tech 26, Marquette 24, George Washington 16, Texas 15, Middle Tennessee 9, Vanderbilt 8, Ohio State 6, Florida State 4, UCLA 3, West Virginia 3, Saint Mary’s 1, James Madison 1, Rutgers 1
  • Dropped from rankings: Dayton 23

Men’s Basketball Polls 11/18/13


Here are both the AP & Coaches Poll for the week starting 11/18: The Cards stay at 3rd in the AP and ris eto 2nd in the Coaches Poll. Click on more for full Polls.

Go Cards!

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