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55 (Season 3 Episode 2)

55 season 3

This week on 55………..

We talk the downs and downs of Louisville Football so far. We talk LiveWith55 and the Cardinal Sports Zone with your host Steve Rummage (He makes me say that). We talk Black out game this week in what may be a must win? We will see. We go over all of the sports UofL has to offer in TWICA. Does Mike Rutherford make a photo appearance this week? Probably or I wouldn’t have teased it.

Without further adieu, here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..


-I am still in love with the new logo. Got shirts made with them on it too! Shout out to Ray Calhoun for the connect!

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CSZ Podcast Info!

CSZ Profile Picture


FINALLY!! (The Rock Voice) Ok maybe not that extreme, but we are excited to announce that will we now venture into the realm of the podcast! The Cardinal Sports Zone Podcast will debut this Monday, March 2nd at noon.

Justin, Jeremy, and myself are all avid sports talk listeners and enjoy all the shows from 93.9 The Ville to the podcast put on by our friends over at The Crunch Zone. Quite frankly, we just want to throw our two cents in. We also see the serious need for something “Louisville” to listen to in the mid day hours. (I mean I know CardNation how much we all enjoy KSR……………..yea me neither). We hope to solve both of these problems with this podcast.

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New Logo for CSZ!

CSZ Profile Picture

On July 1, 2014, the University of Louisville will enter a new era as they will officially enter the ACC. There will be plenty of change around the different programs, and a certain change will be plenty of new logos around campus that show “ACC.”

With all the change that is to come, we here at Cardinal Sports Zone have also decided to make a change, sort of like a fresh start. We have decided to get a new logo. You will see this on the website, our Twitter profile, our Facebook page, Instagram page, and anywhere else that you would find CSZ. A special shoutout to Tim Haag for making this awesome new design for us. You may know Tim as @UofLBirdsNest.

Along with the logo change, we have changed up a couple things on the site to make it even better for you. Our men’s basketball and football recruiting pages will be something for you to check in with pretty often. For the men’s basketball page, we will keep an updated list of the commits as well as recruits to watch. We won’t list every single player that the Cards make contact with, but just keep it simple with the ones that we believe have a real chance of ending up here. The football page will show the commits for 2015, transfers, other recruits to watch, and class rankings according to the four major recruiting sites.

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Justin Renck: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Justin Renck:

I am not sure how many people will read this today, kind of some other things going on! But that’s ok, it still needs to be written.

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Paige Sherrard: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Paige Sherrard:

My journey to become a female Sports Reporter came out of nowhere. I was at my last Sigma Kappa Sorority Formal when one of the sorority advisors informed me of an opportunity to compete for a spot on a CN 2 sports show. The show was called KSTV… Matt Jones was the host. I knew of Matt Jones from his Twitter arguments with UofL fans and his hatred of UofL. His anti Louisville tweets were enough to motivate me to not only attend the KSTV Casting Call but to win the spot on the show. I wanted the chance to call out Matt Jones.

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Jeremy Wahman: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Jeremy Wahman:

Wow a year has passed by already. It seems like just the other day that me Justin and Steve wanted to start our own site and break away from site we were working with. What was a mere idea turned into the movement we affectionately call CSZ.

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