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55 (Episode 7)


This week…..on 55…..

We celebrated our birthday at CSZ (got 0 cake) and watched the Cards dominate their bowl game after falling a little flat during the basketball game. I really hope you guys love this feature. I really do do  (hehe) this for you guys. If it’s a hit then awesome and if only 10 people see it (yeah right) then so be it. But alas, it is the time of the week I love, 55 time. As we say goodbye to 2013: The Year Of The Card and say hello to 2014, YOTC pt 2. Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week.

1) CardinalSportszone.com turned 2 years old on Wednesday. Once again I couldn’t begin to tell Steve, Justin, & Daryl what this site means to me and how proud I am to call them teammates…..what a way to go out…..sorry Teddy flashbacks

2) 1 more year! 1 more year!

3) Hopefully CardinalSportszone.com will have many, many more years

4) I am gonna tackle football first. Saturday evening the Cards disposed of the Miami Hurricanes 36-9. Teddy Bridgewater threw three touchdown passes and ran for another score on Saturday night in the Russell Athletic Bowl. He threw for a career high 447 yards


5) Teddy come back…..



7) He gone

8) I digress

9) Junior wideout DeVante Parker had 9 catches for 142 yards and a TD. His 12th TD of the season ties Ibn Green’s 1998 mark and puts him just 5 away from Ibn’s career mark

10) DeVante come back…..

11) Kicker John Wallace outscored Miami by himself, threw a punch and laid the wood in a very eventful game for the kicker

12) Switching gears this also happened Saturday:

13) OK back to football

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CardNation Speaks: The Finale (CSZ Version)


This week is the week we all have been waiting for……College Football. The feeling in the air, the sound of the big hits and the adrenaline rush from big plays are all things I have been anticipating since I left New Orleans. This week I sat down and thought to myself, do people want to see the same stories on all the blogs or do they want to see something different, their story? I started to email, text and DM some of the most knowledgeable members of CardNation I know. One by one they answered back and it made for some really good stories. Today I thought I would try something different for the series but yet the same really. People forget at times that some of the biggest fans of the University of Louisville are us, the members of CSZ. So to cap off the series we will bring you the thoughts Justin ( @JRVille25 ), Steve ( @Stiz_CSZ ), Paige ( @PaigeS_502 ), Daryl ( @Darylfoust4 ) and myself ( @Jeremy_CSZ ). We hope you have enjoyed this series as much as we have.

Thanks CardNation & Enjoy!

Go Cards!

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