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LiveWith55: 12/23/15 Marques Maybin, Steve Rummage, Bobby Buchanan, Daryl Foust


 Check out this weeks episode of LiveWith55! Tonight we talked to Marques Maybin, Steve Rummage, Bobby Buchanan, Daryl Foust, went over TWICA, a kind gesture by Rick Pitino plus much more on LiveWith55!



LiveWith55: 12/23/15 Marques Maybin, Steve Rummage, Bobby Buchanan, Daryl Foust


If you want to listen to the LiveWith55 podcast do the following:

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TweetCap CSZ Question Of The Day

93.9 The Ville

First off I would like to begin by saying one thing. I am not sure if @ULHotHot has the term TweetCap trademarked. If so, I apologize but only a little. Glad to get that off of my chest. All jokes aside my guy from the freezing cold tundra from the Dakotas (I think) had or stole a great idea that I will borrow or thief from him today. On the CardinalSportsZone show this morning on ESPN 93.9 The Ville, we had what we thought was a decent question that get a few answers. It was way more than a few. I bring to you the results of the question of the day: What are your best/worst moments from UofL Athletics in 2015? Here are your responses:


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LiveWith55 11/25/15 Brian Goodman, Saint Louis & Rivalry Week!


 Check out this weeks episode of LiveWith55! Tonight we will go into the Cards matchup against Saint Louis Saturday, Football against the Cats and rivalry week plus much more on LiveWith55!



If you want to listen to the LiveWith55 podcast do the following:

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TWEETCAP: LiveWIth55 Question Of The Night 11/4/15

55 season 3

Here is the Tweetcap for tonight’s episode of LiveWith55! The question of the night was: Name your top 5 Defensive Backs of all time at the University of Louisville. Here are some responses!

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Delayed With 55?



It was a night full of debauchery and shenanigans on last nights episode of LiveWith55. I wanted you guys to have a great product so I erased last nights episode of LiveWith55 and did a short run down this morning in a segment I like to call DelayedWith55. So click on the link, listen to the show and accept my sincerest apologies. This episode is much better as it does not involve callers calling in to go the funk off. You get the picture. Enjoy!




Baseball Highlights Vs UNC From ACC Tournament


The Cards will play Clemson tonight at approximately 5:45. Stay tuned to @CardSportsZone on Twitter for exact time once announced.

Go Cards!

Live With 55: Daryl Foust and Steven Rummage



Tune in for this weeks episode of Live With 55 with my squad Daryl Foust and Steven Rummage


CardinalSportsZone Podcast 4/24/15: Lee, Willard, P.R. & More!

CSZLogoSkyline white 2

If you didn’t or couldn’t listen to the CardinalSportsZone podcast live today, it’s available here! Tons of Basketball news. Damian Lee, Ralph Willard & P.R. are just a few. Did you hear about CSZ & 93.9? Plus much more. We have a podcast tab where all episodes will be kept. You can also favorite in your browser. The CardinalSportsZone podcast is available on iTunes! Click on the badge below to subscribe today! Call in to the show on Monday’s and Friday’s at our regular time of noon at (914) 338-0180.

As always we hope you enjoy todays episode of the CardinalSportsZone Podcast:



If you want to listen to the CardinalSportsZone podcast do the following:

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All Sports Discussion (ACC) Podcast 2/15/15

Last night I joined my buddy Matthew (@hokiesmash) and surprise co-host Will Ojanen () on the @AllSportsDACC podcast as I was officially welcomed into the ACC blogosphere. We talk about first year of Football, what to expect next season in football and even what I think about our new home for all sports and who I think will win the ACC Tournament. Follow Matthew, Will and All Sports Discussion ACC at the above handles for great ACC input and conversations. It’s episode 80 on iTunes and below is a direct link. Enjoy!


-Don’t forget if you are on Twitter, follow myself (@Jeremy_CSZ), Steve (@Stiz_CSZ), Justin (@JustinRenck), our PTP’er Daryl (@DarylFoust4) and itself at @CardSportsZone.


55 (Episode 9)


This week…..on 55…..

Once again I figured on having a pretty uneventful week. Name a new coach, get our recruits lined up and on board with the new staff and carry on. Boy was I wrong. In this weeks 55 I have so much info I may not be able to put a lot of pictures in, or joke on Shawn during the monologue. (Sorry Pal) From Old friends to new ones and commitments given and taken away, this has been quite the week. So sit down and buckle up because this week’s episode is sure to take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

So once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This is….55

1) Poona Ford de-committed

2) Chris Nelson de-committed

3) BOTH are now considering Texas

4) Thanks Charlie…..glad you are not cut like that

5) Charlie Strong

6) Sorry Charlie……

7) George Rushing de-committed from the Cards also as well as Isaiah Ford….hopefully both can find their way back home to the ‘Ville

8) It has been rumored that current Purdue U (PU for short)  RB Dalyn Dawkins may be trying to find his way back home. It was a shame that Charlie didn’t recruit the in-state kids more than he did. More on this later…

9) He stated in an interview after being hired at Texas that he was glad to be in a state that has talent to recruit….or something along those lines. Classy move Chuck

10) Almost as classy as what he says during the following interview…..


12) Yep you heard him right, he was job hunting before our bowl game….SMH Read the rest of this entry

CSZ Forecast: UCONN

crystal ball2

Last week the Cards had a bye week and after a grueling time for us fans since our last game @ USF, tonight we get UCONN. The overall series is tied 2-2. UL average points vs UCONN away is 26.5 and UCONN is averaging 24.75 in this series at home. The line for tonight is 28 with the over/under is at under 49.5. Here is what CSZ thinks the final score will be and how Heisman hopeful Teddy Bridgewater will fair against UCONN:

Daryl (@Darylfoust4): 378 yards 4 TD 39-10 UL win

Jeremy (@Jeremy_CSZ): 437 yards 4 TD 55-3 UL win

Justin (@JRVille25): 323 yards 3 TD 38-0 UL win

Steve (@Stiz_CSZ): 410 yards 4 TD 48-7 UL win

Go Cards!

P.S. This is how excited I was earlier since we hadn’t played forever:

zconvoNo I wasn’t serious….lol

Video Highlights From Today’s Win Over FIU


Photographer Steve Rummage took some great videos today for the site during the Cards 44-7 win over EKU. We wanted to share them with you….


CardNation Speaks: 2013 Opener (Part 1)


One thing that I try to do with the members of CardNation is stay interactive. I follow everyone back on Twitter, answer every question and talk to everyone no matter what time of the day I get hit with a random DM on twitter. I feel like that’s important, and a part of what sets us apart from a majority of the other sites out there. Today I started reading your thoughts about it being game week and what I wanted to do this week was so simple, get your thoughts. So I DM’d several people that I converse with the most and asked for their thoughts about the game this week and what their favorite things about gameday was. I hope you guys enjoy reading what everyone thought. I will be releasing these every day this week so DM me if you want to be a part of it. First up: @TurtleBITW, @Damon_L1C4, @Beast502Mode, & @NotWhatchaThink

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