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Toughest schedule in the ACC? One ESPN writer says Louisville

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/ writers Andrea Adelson and Matt Fortuna each chose an ACC team that they feel has the toughest football schedule in 2015 (among ACC teams of course). Andrea chose the Miami Hurricanes, who I wish we played every season by the way. Matt went with Louisville, and the first part of the schedule is the main factor.

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What “SVP and Russillo” Has Meant to Me

I feel like most of my best posts on here are when I get deep into thoughts and opinion or feelings on a certain topic. Passing along information or posting a simple video is fine, but these types mean a lot more to me, and if you take the time to read it, then I appreciate it. Another thing about these kinds of posts for me is that I never can think of an appropriate intro, so I just ramble off something, like this, and say that there is no order of content in mind. Whatever comes into my head is how it will be written out, and hopefully it makes sense when it’s all said and done. I don’t want it to be too rehearsed. Just want to let my heart do the typing and see where it takes me. So here we go…

“SVP and Russillo” will be ending this afternoon. Briefly, if you don’t know, that is Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo’s radio show on ESPN. Why is this ending up on a blog about UofL sports? Well for one, it does circle around and tie together with something UofL related for me personally. And two, this is my forum and platform to get things out, so sometimes there are these posts that may seem random. But this one means a lot.

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Best Players by Their Jersey Numbers? Louisville has Two

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

The staff at came up with a pretty unique post. They took every jersey number from 1-99 and put together a list of the best player at each number for this coming season. For example, #9 probably would have been DeVante Parker in the 2014 version of this kind of post, meaning that DeVante was the best #9 in the entire country.

*A panel of reporters covering every Power 5 conference nominated players for each number then voted on the best.*

For this year, the Cards got two players on the list, both of the defensive side of the ball.

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Two UofL Football Games Make ESPN’s List of ACC Games to Watch in 2015

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/’s Jared Shanker posted his top 10 ACC games that they (I assume the ACC bloggers with ESPN) are most looking forward to in 2015. Of the 10 games, the Louisville Cardinals are playing in two of those: the season opener against the Auburn Tigers and the home matchup against the Clemson Tigers. Needless to say, the early season could be exciting for the Cards. Here is what he had to say about those two games.

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ESPN’s College Football Too-Early Top 25: Louisville 25th; Auburn 4th

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Is it ever too early to have a college football poll? Probably, but that’s OK. It gives us something to talk about with 4 months to go before Louisville and Auburn kickoff in the Georgia Dome on September 5.

In ESPN’s too-early top 25, Mark Schlabach has the Cards ranked 25th. He has this to say…

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ESPN’s Andrea Adelson Talks ACC Quarterbacks for 2015

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

ESPN blogger Andrea Adelson says that “this could be the year of the quarterback in the ACC” since so many teams have starters returning. She also says that some teams will have a bit of intrigue at the quarterback spot this spring. Obviously, the Louisville Cardinals are one of the teams with some intrigue.

Here is her full article to get you caught up on the rest of the ACC teams and their quarterback spots. This is what she had to say about Louisville:

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Grantham Turns Down Raiders and Gets Paid at Louisville

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Not only did Todd Grantham avoid having to coach football for the Oakland Raiders, he now gets to stay at Louisville and make more money. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

The following is from Jeremy Fowler’s article on

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Still no time set for UofL-UK Football

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

This is news that was announced yesterday, but some people may have not heard it yet. Normally, the kickoff time for Louisville vs Kentucky football would have been announced yesterday. However, ESPN has put the game on a “six-day hold” before deciding on a time.

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Could Louisville vs Notre Dame get College Gameday in South Bend??

Louisville football will travel to South Bend on November 22 to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This game is one CardNation has had circled since it was announced a little over a year ago (which shows by the 400 dollar South Bend hotels). Why you ask? Well:

1. Rudy

2. Touchdown Jesus

3. At approximately 4 hours, it is a fairly easy trip

4. And last but not least, we just flat out do not like them (see last 7 years of basketball)

With all that being said, November 22nd is sure to be an incredible atmosphere and there is only one thing that could make it even better……..College Gameday!

As it stands right now, outside of this game, the College Football landscape looks quite bland that weekend. The other top 25 games that week are as follows:

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Louisville WR Commit has the #1 play on ESPN SportsCenter Top 10

2015 Louisville commit Dahu Green had the #1 play on SportsCenter’s top 10 today with his incredible one handed catch. After LJ Scott’s leaping touchdown last year this will be the second year in a row a Louisville commit has had the #1 play on the top 10. Green will be a play maker for Petrino and this isn’t the last time he will leave us amazed.

The Stemmys (My Midweek Awards)

red carpet 2


In this week’s edition of The Stemmys we touch on recruiting, Louisville Football and fantasy football!

The “Who’d you say can’t recruit?!” Award: Bobby Petrino

All we have heard is how Bobby isn’t getting it done on the recruiting trail. Well he shut that door this week with an emphatic SLAM!! Just this week alone Petrino landed former 4 star All-American WR Paul Harris and went into Bama country to steal 4 star LB Amonte Caban. The Cards now have the #27 class according to Still say Bobby can’t recruit……….I’ll wait.

The Next Level Moment Award: Jeff Walz landing Asia Durr

This week Louisville Womens Basketball Coach Jeff Walz took the next step to winning a National Title when he landed the Nations #1 player Asia Durr. Walz has had some very talented teams while at Louisville but always seemed to be missing that one piece. Now Walz has that piece and the #1 recruiting class in the Nation. Ah I can see the Banner now.

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ESPN Contributor Makes FEARLESS Predictions

AP Photo/Garry Jones

AP Photo/Garry Jones


David Hale of was asked to make some fearless predictions this week. He came up with his top 10 for the ACC. To many outside of Louisville, Will Gardner will be a shock and an absolute treat to watch. His full story can be seen here. Here’s my fearless prediction for Will, 3500 yards passing. It would put him in 6th place all-time for a single season right behind my old teammate Chris Redman’s Sr campaign of 3,647. That’s about as fearless as I can get this season. It also may be due to the fact we are so close to football I can taste it and am being really generous. On that note Dom Brown will rush for 2000 yards and Lozo will have 21 sacks. OK…I have calmed down a little but I will stick with my Gardner prediction. Gardner will be magnificent this year. I Can’t wait to utter the words…The Gardner did it!

Go Cards!


Bobby Petrino going through the ESPN “Car Wash” today

Photo: WDRB

Photo: WDRB

Bobby Petrino and 6 other ACC coaches will appear on ESPN today and go through what they call the “car wash.” Basically that means they will appear on nearly every show ESPN has to offer, from SportsCenter to their talk radio shows.

Petrino will be on SportsCenter at 10:20 and 11:20 a.m. ET this morning. Other coaches there today are Jimbo Fisher (FSU), Larry Fedora (UNC), Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech), Mike London (Virginia), Paul Chryst (Pittsburgh), and Scott Shafer (Syracuse).

ESPN’s Football Power Index projects Louisville to go 7-5 this season



ESPN’s Football Power Index, which you can read about here, projects the Louisville Cardinals to have an average season in 2014. They say the Cards will go 7-5. Sure, it’s a winning record, but looking at the schedule, I would think that 7-5 would be viewed as a disappointment among most Louisville fans.

Here is what they say about the Cards:

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ESPN says Louisville basketball will be a top Defensive team in 2015


There is no doubt the Cards will be a serious threat to make it to Indianapolis this season and most of that confidence comes from their ability to play defense. ESPN’s Dana O’Neil says the Cardinals will be one of the best defensive teams in the nation this season along with Arizona and Virginia.

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NBA Execs. say Pitino prepares kids for NBA better than Cal

Rick Pitino 2

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman interviewed “NBA Personnel” on which College coaches they believe prepare players the best for then NBA and our own Coach Pitino’s name was on that list. Now it isn’t shocking at all to see Rick’s name show up on that list but what may be surprising to our pals to the east is who he is ahead of. Pitino came in at #9 just ahead of John Calipari at #10.

1. Billy Donovan (Florida)
2. Ben Howland
3. John Beilein (Michigan)
4. Tom Izzo (Michigan State)
5. Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State)
6. Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)
7. Bill Self (Kansas)
8. Buzz Williams (Virginia Tech)
9. Rick Pitino (Louisville) 
10. John Calipari  (Kentucky)
11. Sean Miller (Arizona)
12. Tony Bennett (Virginia)

Also to no one’s surprise at #1 is the Rick Pitino disciple Billy Donovan. Look are we saying Pitino is a better coach than Cal???………Well yea that’s pretty much what I am saying. So come on with the head to head record all you want but at the end of the day Rick Pitino not only makes his guys better players but better men and I will take that any day of the week. #L1C4


Russ Smith a possible first rounder??

russ title

Sounds like ESPN Draft Insider is finding out what we all already knew……Russ Smith is good. Last year Russ was a possible late first rounder but chose to come back and work on the things the NBA told him he needed to improve on. Not only did Russ work on those things but he got noticeably better at EVERY thing, yet somehow began slipping down the draft boards as the season went on. Now at the pre draft workouts coaches and GM’s are getting an up close look at just how quick Russ really is and apparently they like what they see. Chad Ford wrote the following in his recent “Draft Rumors”:

Louisville’s Russ Smith is riding on a high since being one of the lone standouts in a two-day league-wide workout the NBA scheduled in L.A. right after the draft lottery.

He’s since gone on to work out with the Celtics, Suns, Thunder and Heat and seems to be moving into the discussion as a possible late first-round pick.

“Everyone knows Russ is one of the quickest players in this draft and he can obviously put the ball in the basket,” one GM said. “But I think he’s been showing off that when he wants to be, he can be a guy who can really play point guard. He seems like a perfect change-of-pace guard who can score and speed 

Where Russ will end up is unknown but I, like many, have no doubt Russ Smith will be a name we will hear much more about in the coming years.

The Draft is Thursday June 26th on ESPN.


Video: Teddy Bridgewater full interview on SportsCenter

Teddy Bridgewater was all over the ESPN studios on Thursday afternoon. Here is his full interview on SportsCenter.

ESPN Reports: Louisville Signs New Deal with Adidas


This morning an e-mail when out that said there would be a “significant announcement” that would affect all 23 sports at UofL. The press conference is scheduled at 2:00. This got the whole twitter world talking about what it could be. The natural idea was that it was about Louisville either staying with Adidas or some people thought they may be making the switch to Nike. This seemed weird since there was an Adidas rep on campus and tweeting out pictures of how he was excited to be around the football team and the campus. But people just had their own hopes I guess.

ESPN is reporting that Louisville has signed a 5-year, $40 million shoe and apparel deal to stay with Adidas.


McMurphy 2



Gruden’s QB Camp Schedule – Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater’s episode of “Gruden’s QB Camp” on ESPN will debut this Saturday morning. Here is the full schedule of when it will air across the networks. There are 18 chances to watch it. So yes, I expect you to see it all 18 times. Do it!

Enjoy this preview…

Sat, Apr 12 9:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPN2
Thu, Apr 17 11:30 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPN2
Tue, Apr 22 9:00 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPN
Thu, Apr 24 5:00 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
11:30 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Fri, Apr 25 12:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
3:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
6:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
9:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Thu, May 1 9:00 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Sun, May 4 9:30 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPN2
Tue, May 6 4:30 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Wed, May 7 9:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNEWS
8:30 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPN Classic
Mon, May 12 9:00 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Mon, May 19 8:00 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Tue, May 20 9:30 AM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU
Wed, May 21 8:00 PM SportsCenter Special: Gruden’s QB Camp – Teddy Bridgewater ESPNU

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