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At open football practice, don’t fall into the trap

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Over the next couple of days, and including today and yesterday, fans are able to go out and watch the Louisville Cardinals football practices. If you choose to attend any of these practices, I just ask that you don’t fall into the trap. What in the world am I talking about?

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CSZ and 93.9 The Ville broadcasting football media day Saturday

93.9 The Ville

The University of Louisville will hold their annual football media day on Saturday morning. Bobby Petrino will have a press conference and speak about the team and give updates from the first couple days of fall practice as well as preview the season. Garrick McGee and Todd Grantham will also probably get a chance to speak about their respective sides of the football. Wouldn’t you like to keep up with the coverage of this and even listen in live? Well tomorrow, you can…

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Jawon “Passes” on Alabama and Auburn; Picks Louisville



Full disclosure: that title was sort of Steve’s idea…

Big-time quarterback recruit Jawon Pass has made his decision, and that is to commit to the Louisville Cardinals. In the end, he chose Louisville over Auburn and a strong, late push from Alabama. I repeat: Louisville beat out Auburn and Alabama for a football recruit from Columbus, Georgia. Weird, huh?

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My prediction on where Jawon Pass will decide today

Photo: Justin King/

Photo: Justin King/

Jawon Pass will make his decision today at 4:00 p.m. ET on where he will play his college football. He will be choosing between Louisville, Auburn, and Alabama. Normally when you see a list like that, you are just happy that Louisville is mentioned with the big boys of college football. But this time, the Cards have a legit chance to go down and get a recruit right from their territory.

I have said for a while that Jawon Pass is a name that I would get tired of hearing when it came to his recruitment. Now that it is the day he will announce, I can’t get enough of it. And most of that “me being tired of it” was due to the fact that it seemed like every time there was a new “top 5” or “these two schools are in the lead” with him, the list was different. But it was mainly reporters that were putting these lists out that were constantly changing, not necessarily Jawon himself. So I wasn’t tired of Jawon Pass. I was just tired of hearing about the recruitment.

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Mother of Jawon Pass gives insight into his recruitment

Photo: 247 Sports

Photo: 247 Sports

If you follow football recruiting, then by now you know who Jawon Pass is. And you know that he is down to three schools: Louisville, Auburn, and Alabama. Pass is set to announce his decision on July 16.

Steve Jones of the Courier Journal posted a very insightful article on Friday afternoon about Pass and his recruitment. He has quotes from one very important person: Jawon’s mother.

Kershena Thomas seems to think that Louisville could have an advantage already on campus, and that is Jawon’s brother Khane, who is a freshman safety on the football team.

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Endzone to Endzone with Garrick McGee

Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Another cool new video segment from UofL. The access that the football team now allows is wonderful.

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Garrick McGee Turns Down Opportunity at Oklahoma to Stay at Louisville

Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Offensive Coordinator Garrick McGee made a big statement on Thursday evening about the future of the program. He turned down an opportunity to interview for the vacant Offensive Coordinator position at Oklahoma. Why is that big news? McGee is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and played quarterback at Oklahoma.

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Get Excited: “The Show in the State” comes to PJCS this Saturday

Kentucky football

Photo: John Clay


If you are a Louisville football season ticket holder, the time you are waiting for all season has come. You had to suffer through bad home games like Miami and Florida State, but it was all worth it. Getting wins over ACC opponents like NC State and Wake Forest were just to pass the time. Any game you went to, it was just an event to hold us all over. It was all leading to this week. You know, when “the show in town, in the state” finally visits Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Oh yes folks, we are blessed that Kentucky football is coming to put the show on display in front of our very eyes.

Don’t know what I am referring to? Back in April of this year, UK Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown had this to say after mentioning that there were no pro teams in the area. “The other team doesn’t want to hear that, but it’s it. We’re the show in town, in the state.” Good to know.

Let’s take a look at how the state (Commonwealth) of Kentucky has been represented by “The Show” this season. They are our leaders, so for the sake of all of us, surely it has gone well…

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Garrick McGee and Todd Grantham Preview Clemson

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Louisville’s offensive and defensive coordinators, Garrick McGee an Todd Grantham (respectively), met with the media over the last couple of days to discuss the upcoming game against Clemson. They also talked about their own team a little bit. The links to the videos are provided, as well as summaries of key notes they talked about.

Garrick McGee

Click here to watch video

-Practice was good. The kids were spirited. Not everything was perfect but it’s like that on Tuesdays because you are installing a new game plan, playing against a new defensive structure, but the spirit was there.

-Clemson has a really good defensive scheme. They have powerful guys in the middle. They have one of the top pash rushers in the country (Vic Beasley). They have three really good linebackers. They have length at safety. “I think #20 is 6’4.” So they present plenty of challenges for us.

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Following the UVA Loss, Cards Have “a really great practice”

Photo: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like it is taking forever for the next game to get here. Anytime your team loses, you just want them to get back on the field as soon as possible to get the nasty taste of defeat out of your mouth. Florida International just happens to be that unfortunate team that has to play the Cards on Saturday. Although there is nothing they can do to get the win back at Virginia, you can bet that Bobby Petrino and the Louisville Cardinals will come out and play like they are trying to win two games on Saturday, not just one.

According to quarterback Will Gardner, and offensive coordinator Garrick McGee, Tuesday’s practice, the first since that loss, was a solid start to the week of preparation for FIU. “We had a really great practice,” Gardner said. “The guys were flying around making plays. I was very accurate. Things were going great today. The offensive line was finishing blocks. It was a great practice out there today.”

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Running Back from New Orleans has a great Louisville visit

Photo: 247 Sports

Photo: 247 Sports

Myles Washington, a running back from New Orleans (John Curtis High School) visited UofL on Tuesday and came away very impressed. “The visit was great,” Washington told CSZ. “They (Louisville) are definitely at the top.” Although Washington is only rated as a 2-star player, that is thought to be a little misleading because he plays two positions. In high school, he plays running back and quarterback. If he played only running back, he may be considered a 3-star.

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55 (Episode 12)


This week…..on 55…..

Additions, Subtractions, Super Bowl & JC Penneys? Yeah I try to cover it all. From people going crazy on me to signing day to the omission of a certain someone, it’s here. A powerful and swift campaign swept twitter last Tuesday and you know what? It worked. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …….55

That is a pic of my Doss Jersey in case you were wondering, if you weren’t then I challenge your existence

1) This

Breno Scruggs

2) Louisville First, Cards FOREVER….never forget

3) Hopefully some of the recruits out there who are still deciding pay attention to this

4) Speaking of recruits

5) Trumaine Washington

6) That’s how you show love guys! Click here for more on Trumaine

7) LuKayus Mcneil (click here for more)

8) Charles Standberry (click here for more) No tweets from today

9)  Quincy McKinney

10) So for all of you guys that doubted coach P, we just jumped up into the top 35-40 when some of ya’ll said we would be 70th

11) shaq

12) I tried to tell them Shaq

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Football staff announced at UCF game (Video)

At halftime of the basketball game against UCF, the football team was brought out and the new coaching staff was announced. The ovations were great, and it doesn’t hurt that the Cards had some recruits in the house to witness it as well.

Video was posted on by Steve Ludden and Howie Lindsey.

Petrino’s staff is complete!

Bobby Petrino

One of the most important things when a new coach is brought in is who he will bring with him. The coaching staff he hires is a huge part of what kind of success that will hopefully follow. Bobby Petrino seems to have put together a great staff here at the University of Louisville. While we were all pretty attached to the former staff, this one seems  to be solid as well.

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Meet New UofL OC: Coach McGee



Garrick McGee, a key component in Arkansas’ offensive success during head coach Bobby Petrino’s tenure at Arkansas, is joining the University of Louisville’s football staff as the assistant head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Petrino announced Monday.

McGee, who served recently as the UAB head coach for the last two seasons, was the offensive coordinator in 2010-11 for Petrino at Arkansas.

Before re-uniting with Petrino, McGee was a finalist for the 2011 prestigious Broyles Award that is presented to the nation’s top assistant coach.

An innovative coach and regarded as one of the nation’s finest offensive minds, McGee was responsible for Arkansas becoming one of the country’s most prolific offenses in school history, scoring 30 or more points 19 times in 36 games. As the offensive coordinator in 2010, the Razorbacks went 10-3 and earned the school’s first BCS appearance in program history as the season culminated with a loss to Ohio State at the Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

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55 (Episode 9)


This week…..on 55…..

Once again I figured on having a pretty uneventful week. Name a new coach, get our recruits lined up and on board with the new staff and carry on. Boy was I wrong. In this weeks 55 I have so much info I may not be able to put a lot of pictures in, or joke on Shawn during the monologue. (Sorry Pal) From Old friends to new ones and commitments given and taken away, this has been quite the week. So sit down and buckle up because this week’s episode is sure to take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

So once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This is….55

1) Poona Ford de-committed

2) Chris Nelson de-committed

3) BOTH are now considering Texas

4) Thanks Charlie…..glad you are not cut like that

5) Charlie Strong

6) Sorry Charlie……

7) George Rushing de-committed from the Cards also as well as Isaiah Ford….hopefully both can find their way back home to the ‘Ville

8) It has been rumored that current Purdue U (PU for short)  RB Dalyn Dawkins may be trying to find his way back home. It was a shame that Charlie didn’t recruit the in-state kids more than he did. More on this later…

9) He stated in an interview after being hired at Texas that he was glad to be in a state that has talent to recruit….or something along those lines. Classy move Chuck

10) Almost as classy as what he says during the following interview…..


12) Yep you heard him right, he was job hunting before our bowl game….SMH Read the rest of this entry

UofL Football Coaching Staff’s Twitter Accounts


Here are the Twitter handles for the Football staff at the University of Louisville:

* All links will take you to their pages

HC- Bobby Petrino: @CoachPetrinoUL

OC- Garrick McGee: @GarrickMcGee

WR- Lamar Thomas: @LamarCoachT

OL- Chris Klenakis: @FBCoachK

DB- Terrell Buckley @27TBuck

DC- Todd Grantham: @CoachTGUGA

As we find more we will add them to this list!

Follow us at @CardSportsZone & Louisville Football at @UofLFootball

Go Cards!



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