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Friday evening updates on the Charlie Strong situation

Charlie Strong

My goal here is to make sure we do not post every single rumor that is out there, that is not what we are about. But it is also important to keep you posted on the things that we are hearing that are credible. So that is what we will do. Like I have said before, many people are not on social media or can not check it all day long, so people can’t keep up all the time. So here are some of the latest in this whole situation…

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New name surfaces in the Texas head coaching search


In earlier’s post where we brought you up to speed on the Charlie Strong-Texas saga, I mentioned that it is likely down to Strong and Baylor’s Art Briles for the job. Now a new name is in the mix. There could actually be plenty of other names in there, but not that are really known. James Franklin (Vanderbilt) and Jimbo Fisher (Florida State) are also names you may hear. The latest is UCLA’s Jim Mora. The more candidates we know about, the better as far as I’m concerned.


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