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Poll results: Your favorite UofL QB of all time

In a very unscientific poll, we asked you who your favorite UofL QB of all time is.There was a clear winner, and that really is not a surprise. I personally feel that if we reached more of the fanbase, the others would have gotten more votes than they did. Since most of these votes probably came from twitter users, you have to think that they may not even remember guys like Browning Nagle or Jeff Brohm. So while it is no shock that Teddy won this, I just think it’s also one of those generation things or even “prisoner of the moment.”

I couldn’t even vote right away because I just could not decide. I ended up going with Brian Brohm, who was the QB when I was a student at UofL. Going to games as a student at that time were so much fun. You pretty much expected the Cards to dominate and for the game to be in hand by halftime. Seeing a hometown guy that was my age come to UofL and do what he did makes him stand out for me. My next two (in no order) would be Teddy Bridgewater and Stefan LeFors. Here are the results. Thanks for voting!

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Who is your favorite QB all-time at UofL?


We want to know who your favorite QB of all-time is at UofL. This isn’t asking who you think the best is, but who is your favorite? So while one QB may have better numbers, maybe you liked watching another one play more; you liked how he played the game.

The Best of the XFL!!



As a wrestling fan I have to hand it to Vince McMahon. He is a brilliant business man and has had countless great ideas, the XFL however was not one of those ideas. But a few days ago when CSZ’s own Justin Renck made this XFL reference:

It brought everything back. So here is the greatest moments from the X………F………..L!!!!!! (And this isn’t a trick there are actually moments)

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CSZ Countdown to Kickoff: 11 Days!

The Countdown to Kickoff is now down to just 11 days! Yesterday we featured Brian Brohm, and today we feature his older brother, Jeff Brohm!

Jeff Brohm: (1989-1993)

Awards: Kentucky “Mr.Football” award (1988), ’93 Liberty Bowl Champion (MVP), Voted team MVP in 1992 and 1993.

Career: Ranks among UofL’s all-time passing leaders: 7th in passing yards (5,451), 5th in touchdown passes (38), 8th in completions (402), 6th in total offense (6,430), 6th in completion percentage (.562).

One of his most famous games was the 1993 Liberty Bowl in which he completed 19 of 29 passes for 197 yards and a touchdown in a 18 - 7 victory over Michigan State. Brohm played the game with two steel pins and one steel plate in the index finger of his throwing hand.


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