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Cards Are Super! Beat Cats 4-1



CardsTV Video: Postgame News Conference with Dan McDonnell | Postgame News Conference with Louisville Players

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Matched against long-time rival Kentucky for the first time outside the regular season, the top-seeded Louisville baseball team continued its trend of postseason success with a 4-1 win in Sunday night’s NCAA Regional title game at Jim Patterson Stadium.

In a game delayed nearly four hours due to lightning and rain, the Cardinals (48-15) plated three runs in a pivotal seventh inning to win its fourth NCAA Regional in the last eight years under the direction of head coach Dan McDonnell. With the victory, Louisville will host an NCAA Super Regional for the second time in school history when the winner of the Alabama-Kennesaw State matchup in Monday’s finale at the Tallahassee Regional (noon ET) visits Jim Patterson Stadium. The best-of-three series will begin either Friday or Saturday with the complete schedule to be released by the NCAA on Tuesday.

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Regional Championship Today!


Today at approx. 4pm on ESPNU, the baseball Cards will take the field against either Kansas or Uk. The Cards defeated Kansas 6-3 in the regional game yesterday and by doing so earn a berth to the finals. Kentucky however has had the Cards number this season winning 8-3 in Lexington and beating the Cards at home 4-2. I believe Kansas will get it going late and win. The Cards will not be facing either teams ace as they were both used yesterday. If the winner of KU/uk defeats the Cards tonight, there will be a final game tomorrow night at 7 at Jim Patterson Stadium. Tickets are cheap so go fill up this magnificent ballpark.

Baseball 4

For the Cards to defeat Kansas tonight they will need to execute on defense better. The Cards seemed to struggle yesterday a little with errors, mistakes which loaded the bases at least three times for Kansas yesterday. Even though most think we would have won by more if Kidston was taken out, he improved to 8-0 with the win and showed great resolve despite his mistakes. No offense to the Kansas team, I have friends who follow them for media purposes, but if they were a decent hitting team we would have lost yesterday. For the Cards to beat uk tonight they will have to rely on keeping the ball in the park. Whereas UL is a great small-ball team, uk is a great long-ball team. The Cards gave up 0 HR’s yesterday so that will be key to repeat again tonight. Win or lose the Cards should be ok as Funkhouser would take the mound tomorrow night if the cards are beaten. The Cards will host Super Regional action if they win this regional. Stay tuned to CSZ for times and dates as they become available.

Go Cards!

Did the Cards really get a bad draw?

aac uofl


Shock. That’s what most of CardNation including myself felt when Louisville was announced the 4 seed in the Midwest bracket. A bracket that will go down as one of the all time hardest including 3 of last years final four (Louisville, Wichita St., and Michigan) and the Cards hated rival Uk. Every analyst on ESPN and CBS last night went out of their way to talk about the difficulty of this bracket BUT after the dust settled and the shock wore off I have come to a conclusion……the Cards got a pretty good draw.

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I Told You kentucky Would Still Be Ranked But It’s Not Why You Think…..


That is the closest you will ever see me get to putting up anything with the word kentucky when referencing the basketball team. I despise them with all that I am but I also won’t sit here and slander them. Unlike some in this city, I really am not cut like that. (Sorry Charlie) I got on Twitter this morning and tried to tell the uk fan friends I had not to worry and the UL fan friends I had not to gloat because uk would still be in the Top 25 today and they would sit at 25:

There’s proof. But you say…Jeremy you hate uk, why would you say that? It’s just this simple. There are only about 23-25 quality teams in the country this year and everyone else lost also this week. The gap between 26 and 27 is huge. Almost as big as the gap between 5 and 6 in the AAC. Don’t believe me, here are the stats for the lowest ranked team in the country every week this season:

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CSZ Predicts: uk


It’s uk game week and of course the anticipation is never greater than for the day when we get to play uk and have a shot to destroy them in any sport. The people in Vegas have this contest being fairly close with the line ranging between 13-15.5 points depending on which site you look at. Well they forgot to ask our opinion, lol. Had they asked they would realize that this contest is going to be no contest at all. I will admit, in the heat of the moment, walking back to the car after EKU, I felt like it would be much closer than I do now. Several things have changed since Saturday. For one I have had time to sort everything out. For two, I heard tons of kentucky fans state they were going to win by 7-10 points. They are a cute bunch. Well here are CSZ staff members predictions, enjoy!
Go Cards! (Click on more for predictions)

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Current Odds For UL/uk 9-12-13


It’s UL/uk game week, so every morning I will update you on the betting odds for this weekends Governors Cup matchup. The spread opened Sunday with Louisville + 7.5. The spread has been updated on multiple sites but the odds show it will be a closer game than most expected it to be. Here are the current odds as of 8:15 A.M. on Tuesday September 12th 2013

Go Cards!

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By The Numbers: UL/uk


OK well I am a big numbers guy when it comes to anything, sports included. I decided to break down the wins and losses, PPG, etc. for The Battle For The Governors Cup this Saturday at noon.

  • 11-14: This is the all-time series record going into this weekend. 4-6 at home for UL and 7-8 away
  • 565/682: These are the amount of points that UL/uk have scored in this series. An average of 22.6 ppg for UL and 27.2 ppg for uk. A mere 4.6 ppg differential which is even more impressive seeing that UL was shutout the first 6 times the two schools played between 1912-1924
  • 22.4/28.7: This represents the ppg when the game is held in Lexington with UL’s numbers being first and uk’s second, almost a full TD better points wise. UL is -3 ppg vs uk in Louisville
  • Record in September: There have been 15 out of the 25 games in the month of September with the overall record at 9-6. In Louisville the Cards outscore uk 32.2-27 in the month of September. In Lexington the Cards outscore the cats once again 29.3-25.7. The Cards scoring more points in Lexington vs the Cats in September
  • 2-1 Record vs uk since Coach Charlie Strong came to Louisville with a 72-54 advantage in points scored (24-18 avg)

Well I hope you have enjoyed my breakdown by the numbers for this game as I enjoyed bringing it to you. Lets hope that the Cards widen the September margin a little more and even this series up at 8 a piece overall in commonwealth stadium. Good luck to our young men and Go Cards!



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