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Quick Facts About the UNC Tar Heels

North Carolina

Just a few quick notes about the Tar Heels before the Cards take the court today in Chapel Hill in what should be a very exciting game.

-North Carolina enters the game with a record of 11-4 and 1-1 in the ACC. They lost on Monday at home to Notre Dame 71-70.

-Their other 3 losses came to Butler (74-66), Iowa (60-55), and Kentucky (84-70).

-They have 3 wins over ranked opponents: #22 UCLA (78-56), #18 Florida (75-64), and #12 Ohio State (82-74).

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Roy Williams and Kennedy Meeks Preview Louisville

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Roy Williams and sophomore forward Kennedy Meeks met with the media to preview the Louisville game. They both talked about Montrezl and his energy, and Roy Williams used “harassment” to describe Louisville’s defense.

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Rick Pitino Previews North Carolina



Full transcript of Rick Pitino’s press conference previewing the North Carolina Tar Heels, courtesy of Russ Brown and posted on

Click here to watch the press conference. 

Opening statement: When you get into league play, every game takes on a different style and certainly this will be a totally different style from the Clemson game. There’ll be a lot more paying attention to transition baskets, rebounding, controling your turnovers. This should be a very exciting game for both teams.

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A few Louisville vs North Carolina Classic full games

Since the Cards will head to Chapel Hill tomorrow lets take a look back a couple classic Louisville/UNC games.

1999 at Freedom Hall “The Run” 

The amazing run by the Cards starts around the 39:45 mark

1986 Sweet Sixteen “Cards beat UNC on their way to a National Championship”

Louisville Starters: Pervis Ellison, Jeff Hall, Milt Wagner, Herb Crook, Billy Thompson

North Carolina Starters: Brad Daughtery, Kenny Smith, Jeff Lebo, Joe Wolf, Steve Hale

2008 Elite 8


ACC Football Schedule and Standings: Week 8


The Cards are off this Saturday because of their game next Thursday against Florida State. There are still some other good games this weekend to pay attention to in the ACC division races. The Coastal is obviously all jumbled up as 1 game separates all 7 teams. Boston College needs to get back to their winning ways, so hosting Wake Forest should help that. Can Virginia get back on track against UNC and show that the first half of the season wasn’t a fluke?

And it will be good to see if Clemson can go on the road and play in a loud environment…

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ACC Football Schedule and Standings: Week 8


Week 8 for the ACC got started on Thursday night as Pittsburgh beat Virginia Tech 21-16 in a Coastal matchup. Obviously, the biggest game involving an ACC team is not a conference game, and that is Florida State vs Notre Dame. Other than that, there are still some good games that should put some separation between teams in the conference. Here is the schedule, followed by the standings.


Pittsburgh (4-3, 2-1) def Virginia Tech (4-3, 1-2) 21-16.

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ACC Football Schedule and Standings: Week 7


Here is the schedule of games today in the ACC. Obviously, Louisville at Clemson is the game of the week, but there are some other good games as well.

Syracuse (2-3, 0-1) vs (1) Florida State (5-0, 3-0)   12:00   ESPN

Miami (3-3, 1-2) vs Cincinnati (2-2, 0-1)   12:00   GamePlan/ESPN3

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 6


Week 6 is full of ACC Conference games, so things will be exciting today. Duke and Boston College both have a bye, but everyone else plays and they are all conference games. Louisville got the week started with their 28-6 win over Syracuse on Friday night. Here is the schedule of games for this week, along with the standings.


Louisville (5-1, 3-1) def Syracuse (2-3, 0-1) 28-6


North Carolina (2-2, 0-1) vs Virginia Tech (3-2, 0-1)   12:30   GamePlan/ESPN3

Clemson (2-2, 1-1) vs NC State (4-1, 0-1)   3:30   ESPNU

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 4


Listed below is the schedule of college football games for ACC teams in Week 4. The highlight of the day is clearly (1) Florida State vs (22) Clemson tonight. If you haven’t heard, quarterback Jameis Winston will not play at all in the game. There are some other big non-conference games that would be big wins for the ACC as Miami plays (24) Nebraska, Virginia faces (21) BYU, and Pittsburgh plays Iowa.

Right now, the only ACC teams that are ranked are Florida State and Clemson. However, there are 7 ACC teams that are on the “others receiving votes” part of the rankings. So this is a big week for the conference when it comes to national perception.

  • Others receiving votes: North Carolina 82, Duke 55, Mississippi State 55, Virginia Tech 54, Penn State 51, East Carolina 44, TCU 42, Pittsburgh 40, Florida 31, Marshall 28, Boston College 22, West Virginia 14, Washington 14, Cincinnati 10, Virginia 6, Arkansas 3, Arizona 3, North Dakota State 3, Louisville 2

Virginia Tech (2-1) vs Georgia Tech (3-0)   12:00   ESPN

Pittsburgh (3-0) vs Iowa (2-1)   12:00   ESPNU

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 2


There aren’t too many exciting games (on paper) in the ACC today, or in college football for that matter. There are a couple of ranked games around the country, but honestly, it’s college football. So of course it’s still exciting! The ACC should have a pretty good day today, and carrying the flag for the conference will be Virginia Tech as they try to take down Ohio State.

There are some other games of interest to me. I’d like to see Virginia have a win since we play them next week. After the performance last week, Wake Forest needs a win anytime they can get one, so hopefully today is it for them. Troy usually has a good team, so Duke could be challenged. I would like to see Miami have a dominant game, anything to make our win look even better! San Diego State is usually a solid program, so North Carolina could have a decent game on their hands. Then obviously the big one with Virginia Tech and Ohio State. I guess you could say I am very wrapped up in this whole ACC thing. College football is fun. Oh, and Go Cards!

Here is the full schedule of games for the ACC. It looks like it is ESPN3 day for the conference.

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Sporting News ranks Louisville Basketball in the Top 10



This years College Basketball preseason edition of Sporting News ranks the Cards at #7. Sporting News also has 3 other ACC teams (Duke, UNC, and Virginia) in the top 10. IMO anywhere between 7-12 is a fair ranking for Louisville this season. Regardless of ranking there is no doubt that this will be one of the best conferences we have seen in awhile. #ACC

Predicted 2014 ACC Football Standings


The official media predictions will be released on Monday, but I figured I would go ahead and give my predictions for how I think the standings will be in the ACC this season. This prediction will mean about as much as the media one that comes out tomorrow, which is not much at all. The games have to be played on the field, so whatever we predict is just good for conversation and debate. Pretty soon I will post my game-by-game prediction for the Cards, but for now, here are my predicted standings…


1) Florida State

2) Louisville

3) Clemson

4) Syracuse

5) North Carolina State

6) Boston College

7) Wake Forest

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It’s July 1: The Louisville Cardinals are in the ACC!

Louisville ACC

It is finally here! July 1, 2014. The University of Louisville is an official member of the Atlantic Coast Conference! Not the Big East. Not the American Athletic Conference. This is the ACC! Back in November of 2012, it was announced that this move would happen. The date seemed so far away. We would have to endure a season in the American Athletic Conference, but we did it. The schedules were less than stellar, but we made it. Now we enter a whole new ballpark.

In basketball, Louisville joins what could possibly be the best basketball conference ever assembled. The Big East had some awesome years and was consistently the best basketball conference. This version of the ACC could be even better. With Louisville, you will also have Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Virginia, and more.

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Chris Jones and Montrezl Harrell’s stats against their hometown teams

Chris Jones

Chris Jones has been getting a lot of heat on social media about the Memphis game, and probably rightfully so. He didn’t play very well and he forced the issue, a LOT. He took bad shots, drove 1 on 3, and dribbled too much trying to create on his own. But he isn’t the only player on our team to play bad against his hometown team. Earlier in the season, Montrezl Harrell didn’t exactly play great against North Carolina.

We have guys that play with a lot of emotion, and that emotion has gotten the best of them a few times this season. Hopefully if we run into these teams again this season, they play more for the name on the front of the jersey and don’t try to do too much on their own. Getting the win is more important.

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Rick Pitino and Roy Williams in a commercial together

I am not sure I remember seeing this, maybe I just blocked it out of my mind. But here are 4 grown men dancing in short shorts (I won’t call them underwear) and socks.

Louisville vs UNC: Comparing the Numbers

#3 Louisville (5-0) vs #24 North Carolina (3-1)

Cardinal Head   North Carolina

Series vs. North Carolina

UNC leads 8-3
Date ……………………….. UL-UNC
Jan. 3, 1929 (H) ….. 27-19
Mar. 25, 1972 (N)* .. 91-105
Dec. 30, 1972 (N)^ . 86-89
Feb. 27, 1977 (A)…. 89-96
Dec. 29, 1980 (A)~ . 64-86
Mar. 20, 1986 (N)# .. 94-79
Mar. 23, 1997 (N)+ .. 74-97
Dec. 3, 1997 (N)@ .. 72-81
Dec. 17, 1998 (A)…. 72-77
Dec. 23, 1999 (H)…. 97-80
Mar. 29, 2008 (N) …. 73-83

* NCAA Finals (Los Angeles,CA)
^ Rainbow Classic (Honolulu, HI)
~ Winston Tire Classic (Los Angeles)
# NCAA West Regional (Houston,TX)
+ NCAA East Regional (Syracuse, NY)
@Great Eight Basketball Classic
(Chicago, IL)

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