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Future UL/ND Football Dates Announced


Today Notre Dame announced its future scheduling concerning ACC opponents through 2025. It was revealed that even though we were expecting a 2017 visit to Papa Johns, that we will not host the Irish until 2019 in the opening game of the season. That makes up for it a little. It was also announced that we will head back to South Bend in 2020 and the Irish will head back to the oven in 2023. That sounds so far away but sadly it isn’t. The first meeting with the Irish however is this season in South Bend on the 22nd of November. Glad to hear we will keep them in a regular rotation.

Go Cards!


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ESPN Ranks Nations Top Basketball/Football Tandems

Rick Pitino 2 Bobby Petrino

ESPN released a list of their top Basketball/Football tandems in college sports. Being an all-around athletics program is something we take a lot of pride in at the University of Louisville. Basketball team are coming off of a National Championship a few years ago and the football team coming off of multiple bowl victories. I think we are ranked a few spots too low but am happy overall with the perception just a few days into the Petrino era. Louisville was ranked the 5th best program for the 2 sports. Check out the full list below!

Go Cards!

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55 (Episode 6)


This week…..on 55…..

We prepare for what is a very special week here at CSZ, our two year anniversary on Wednesday. We have went through highs and lows, team members and a little adversity. One thing that hasn’t changed is the core of this group and that we are awesome. We added rising star Daryl Foust in mid 2013 and expect a huge 2014 out of her. We have a lot of things to be proud of at CSZ and I’m proud we made it to 2014. I promise that we will continue to entertain you and that I will continue to write 55 until I have nothing left to say……..Sorry waiting for pigs to fly. Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week.

P.S….Expect excellence

1) On Saturday students at FIU dressed in crew wear and shouted Teddy sucks before tipoff……

2) They know this is basketball…

3) and that Teddy doesn’t suck….

4) And that they are not Miami?

5) #littlebrothermuch?

6) prolly not…heres the photo though

7) fiu bb

8) yeah I don’t see Gilligan but I do see the Skipper

9) Card fans, I implore you to go check out our guy Lloyd Spence on @TalkinNoiz. The crew from CSZ are on every Thursday in our attempt to bring the NOIZ. Justin and Steve both represented for us last week. Steve will be on for the Monday, December 30th show to talk Russell Athletic and how the Basketball team fared in Lexington….Can’t wait….I hate that I immediately thought about Bart Scott

10) #StillBitter

11) Shoni Schimmel rose to the occasion on Saturday leading the way against No. 11 Colorado and wound up with a season-high 30 points, including 13 on 16 free throws, in No. 7 Louisville’s 69-62 win over the Buffaloes.

12) You guys, Coach Walz said we had something special here at the ‘Ville and I believe him

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No Shave Till…….


In a way I’m hoping my beard doesn’t end up looking this long, but in a way I do. Let me back up for a second though. It all started at 8pm on February 9th. I was going to shave and decided I would just do it before I went to bed that night since I had to work early the next morning. I figured the game would be over about 11 then I could shower and then go to bed. I figured wrong. That was the infamous 5 OT game vs Notre Dame. The game ended up lasting till sometime after 1 a.m. I angrily shaved, showered, and then went to sleep. About two weeks later I went to shave again and realized that we hadn’t lost since I shaved. Crap. Superstitions, once realized, torture the souls of the former athletes who use to practice them faithfully everyday. So at that time I decided I wasn’t going to shave until we lost again in basketball. Two months and 3 days later I got to shave.

So imagine my horror once I realized two things this week. 1) The Red Sox had advanced to the ALCS and most importantly 2) The Football Cards were undefeated. That’s why this picture above popped in my head. Here’s why I am superstitious as far as Louisville Football is concerned. Last year I shaved, without thinking of the ramifications, and went to Steve’s house to watch the Syracuse game. One torn ACL and loss later I was a believer. That’s enough to make a superstitious person feel stronger about superstition.

Superstition In sports is a long standing tradition. The superstitions can range from Chris Bosh wearing the same socks every game to some players wearing the same undies (Yuck) to our very own Mr. Bridgewater and his Bazooka Bubble Gum in each sock. It’s really insane. But as long as you are winning you don’t care. So I will grow my beard proudly for the Red and Black of CardNation. If we just so happen to be undefeated in basketball in January after our Bowl game, then please pray for me for I will keep growing until we lose. And I have never wanted to look like a member of the duck dynasty…..God Bless and Go Cards!

Rob Jones: Notre Dame, Big 12, and more…

By Rob Jones:
Conference realignment has reared it’s ugly head again this summer. This time it’s Notre Dame jumping to the ACC, joining the mass exodus of teams leaving the Big East for supposed greener ($$) pastures in other leagues. Most major college fans are safe in the conference carousal – their teams are already well established in traditional leagues. However, that is not the case for a supporter of the Louisville Cardinals.

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