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Pat Forde Goes Kanye On Cal


Pat Forde is one of my favorite journalists of all time. I read the Forde Yard dash regularly and enjoyed it almost every time. Something got in his crawl today and the only thing I can say is *Mic Drop*. I am not sure why this has happened but it has happened. I myself do not condone the trashing of Kentucky and you won’t see anything in my name talking about them in a negative way. I read this however and felt like I should share with all of my readers. Here is the transcript of what he wrote:

You made your bed John Calipari, now lie in it:

by Pat Forde

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Jurich to stay at Louisville



For  the past few weeks we have heard rumblings that Texas would throw the check book at Louisville AD Tom Jurich to take the same position at the University of Texas. Well according to Yahoo ‘s Pat Forde Tom Jurich will stay right here in Louisville. Late last night Forde released an article that stated from a source “He wants to stay with [Louisville president] Jim Ramsey,”. We all know what Jurich means to this University and this is just another sign of his total Loyalty to the city of Louisville. It sounds like Jurich has built his Empire here in the Ville and it looks like he’s not ready to leave anytime soon.


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