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Quick Facts About the UNC Tar Heels

North Carolina

Just a few quick notes about the Tar Heels before the Cards take the court today in Chapel Hill in what should be a very exciting game.

-North Carolina enters the game with a record of 11-4 and 1-1 in the ACC. They lost on Monday at home to Notre Dame 71-70.

-Their other 3 losses came to Butler (74-66), Iowa (60-55), and Kentucky (84-70).

-They have 3 wins over ranked opponents: #22 UCLA (78-56), #18 Florida (75-64), and #12 Ohio State (82-74).

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Roy Williams and Kennedy Meeks Preview Louisville

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Roy Williams and sophomore forward Kennedy Meeks met with the media to preview the Louisville game. They both talked about Montrezl and his energy, and Roy Williams used “harassment” to describe Louisville’s defense.

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The “Hall of Famers” (Krzyzewski, Pitino, Williams and Boeheim) Video

On top of being the best basketball league in America the ACC will without a doubt have the best coaches. Part of this is do to the 4 Hall of Fame coaches at the top Krzyzewski (Duke), Pitino (Louisville), Williams (UNC) and Boeheim (Syracuse). The ACC Digital Network recently got all four guys together to do a few shorts they called “The Hall of Famers”:

Rick Pitino and Roy Williams in a commercial together

I am not sure I remember seeing this, maybe I just blocked it out of my mind. But here are 4 grown men dancing in short shorts (I won’t call them underwear) and socks.

Louisville vs UNC: Comparing the Numbers

#3 Louisville (5-0) vs #24 North Carolina (3-1)

Cardinal Head   North Carolina

Series vs. North Carolina

UNC leads 8-3
Date ……………………….. UL-UNC
Jan. 3, 1929 (H) ….. 27-19
Mar. 25, 1972 (N)* .. 91-105
Dec. 30, 1972 (N)^ . 86-89
Feb. 27, 1977 (A)…. 89-96
Dec. 29, 1980 (A)~ . 64-86
Mar. 20, 1986 (N)# .. 94-79
Mar. 23, 1997 (N)+ .. 74-97
Dec. 3, 1997 (N)@ .. 72-81
Dec. 17, 1998 (A)…. 72-77
Dec. 23, 1999 (H)…. 97-80
Mar. 29, 2008 (N) …. 73-83

* NCAA Finals (Los Angeles,CA)
^ Rainbow Classic (Honolulu, HI)
~ Winston Tire Classic (Los Angeles)
# NCAA West Regional (Houston,TX)
+ NCAA East Regional (Syracuse, NY)
@Great Eight Basketball Classic
(Chicago, IL)

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