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Cardinal Sports Zone radio show: 10/31/15

93.9 The Ville

On today’s episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone, we talked Wake Forest/Louisville for 38 minutes without a break! We also went over tomorrow’s season opener for the Men’s Basketball team vs Bellarmine and Steve may or may not have called out an individual player. (he did) Justin talked Halloween costumes from his past and Jeremy laid the smacketh down on Social Media. Check it out!

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55 (Season 3 Episode 2)

55 season 3

This week on 55………..

We talk the downs and downs of Louisville Football so far. We talk LiveWith55 and the Cardinal Sports Zone with your host Steve Rummage (He makes me say that). We talk Black out game this week in what may be a must win? We will see. We go over all of the sports UofL has to offer in TWICA. Does Mike Rutherford make a photo appearance this week? Probably or I wouldn’t have teased it.

Without further adieu, here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..


-I am still in love with the new logo. Got shirts made with them on it too! Shout out to Ray Calhoun for the connect!

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Cardinal Sports Zone radio show: 6/20/15

93.9 The Ville

Well it finally happened! Cardinal Sports Zone hit the airwaves this past Saturday morning on 93.9 The Ville. Myself and Steve Rummage got the show rolling and it was definitely an adventurous debut. For the first 30-40 seconds of this show, Steve is hard to hear because we didn’t realize his microphone wasn’t working.

When he slid over and started to use mine, that meant we only had one to use, and moving it back and forth caused a squeek, so we tried to not move it too much. After a while, we got two mics working and the back-and-forth was way better and the flow was smoother. There had to be some kind of story or drama happen, and that was it. It could have been worse.

Peyton Siva

Steve and I were joined in studio by Peyton Siva, which was awesome. We talk about the 2013 National Championship team, how important team chemistry is, and more with Peyton. We also dive into a little bit of football, and I close the show by talking about a real life situation that is easily the most important post that has ever been published on this website.

Click the play button below, enjoy, and listen in on Saturday mornings from 10-11 a.m. on 93.9 The Ville!

55…Kinda 12/22/14


What’s going on CardNation? I know what you are thinking. Mannnnnnnnn it’s been a long time since we got an edition of 55. Well in a few weeks the 2015 season of 55 will be up and rolling. Every year I choose to work a seasonal job for some extra Xmas cash. I liked the place I worked last year so much I decided to grace them with my presence (not presents) once again. I have worked an astonishing 25 straight days without a day off and all of those but one were 10 hour shifts. It will be a nice Xmas in the Wahman house this year to say the least. I will get my shoutouts to the crew at Fanatics and then into some business in this edition of 55…kinda. Shout-outs to my crew at Fanatics (AKA NFL/ Jess, Leah, Tyler, Renaaaado. White James (his nickname he gave himself), Lucky Charms, Cody, R Kelly, Alonzo, Momma J, Misty, Debbie, Elaine, Penny, Nathan, Aaron, Rhonda and Mustachio. I think that’s all. If I forgot you then please remind me tomorrow at work and I will pretend to care. Without further adieu, here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..kinda. This video is for my buddy E Sosa…….

ahhh, now we can begin,

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55 (Episode 13)


This week…..on 55…..

We talk 2014 Football signing class, emoticons and emoji, The valiant effort of the Women’s Basketball team (Not Lady Cards, been trying to spread the word coach) to a surprise for the loyal readers of 55, and so much more. Here’s a little backstory on this week’s 55 pic. The above picture is a speed limit sign from the frigid snow engulfed areas of Northern Wisconsin. Their motto is drive under 55 and you may stay alive. I wish I was kidding, I am not at all. We are doing our next #CardFam Lunch this Sunday at noon at BW3’s on Dixie, all are welcome, just DM me and let me know for head count purposes. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …….55

1) I am starting a promotion for my loyal and wonderful supporters of the #55movement (Just made that up). Starting next Monday I will let you guys write a portion of 55. Just tweet me #First15 and I will let you write the first 15 lines of 55. It’s that simple. Shoutout to @TurtleBITW for getting my brain turning and coming up with this idea. Everyone will get to do it. I will randomize the order. That easy.



3) I did NOT get the idea from this book

4) Speaking of

5) I posed a question on Twitter last night about whether or not dudes should send other dudes smiley faces or tongue sticking out faces or emojis or emoticons in general. I said RT for Yes and Fav for No. I had a few speak on it instead of following Twitter survey etiquette but here is the question and results.


7) No RT and all favorites…



9) Haha indeed

10) I had a friend tell me I needed emoji for dummies….But “he” uses them and knew the name of the book….

11) >__<

12) Moving forward

13) Today Greg Brown, an NFL coaching veteran and former collegiate defensive coordinator, has joined the University of Louisville football’s coaching staff as the safeties coach and recruiting coordinator. Brown spent 15 years in the NFL before going to Alabama in 2013 as secondary coach under Nick Saban.

14) Kelsi Jones was named the inaugural AAC Player of the Week as UofL Softball started the season with a tough 3-2 record on the weekend. It doesn’t get any easier this weekend heading to Jacksonville with games against #17 Mizzou, #36 Notre Dame & #39 North Carolina. Good Luck girls!

15) On Sunday the Women’s Tennis team annihilated Conference foe Cincy 7-0 at home. The Cards are on a 3 match winning streak and will head to Wisconsin Friday.

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2015 Guard Antonio Blakeney To Visit


The 2014 recruiting class for men’s basketball at Louisville is in my opinion one of the best in a while. So it is important for Coach Pitino to keep up the momentum going into the 2015 class. On Thursday that momentum will continue. 2015 Guard Antonio Blakeney from Orlando comes in for his official visit. He is 6-4 and 170 pounds. His game is reminiscent of Jeremy Lamb’s, formerly of UCONN. Florida is the other team in this to watch in this recruiting battle according to CSZ’s recruiting analyst Steve Rummage. You can follow him on twitter at @blakeney96. He also looks at home with the word Cardinal on his jersey. Here are some videos to familiarize you with Mr Blakeney.


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