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My thoughts on the Charlie Strong saga

Cardinal Head

Like most of my opinionated posts, this one will just be whatever comes to mind, and hopefully it ends up making sense. But who knows? This one could go all over the place.

First off, I would like to thank Charlie Strong. This program was near rock bottom when you took over, and you brought us back to being relevant again in a very short time. In your first season, you went to a bowl game after the team just went 4-8 the year before. We knew we were in for a good time from there. One of the best games I have ever been to was the Sugar Bowl. Teddy Bridgewater is one of the best players I have ever witnessed in person. So in your 4 years here, I saw some great things. And for those things, I say thank you.

Now that I have done that…

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Charlie Strong accepts Texas head coaching job

Charlie Strong Texas

Well it is official: Charlie Strong will be the next head coach at the University of Texas. Tom Jurich flew back from Colorado tonight to meet with Strong at his (Strong’s) home. Strong informed him that he has accepted the job at Texas.

In his 4 seasons at Louisville, Strong compiled a record of 37-15 and won the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Russell Athletic Bowl.

I will have a more opinionated post on this later on, but just wanted to get the official word out there. As always, and no matter what, Go Cards!

Friday evening updates on the Charlie Strong situation

Charlie Strong

My goal here is to make sure we do not post every single rumor that is out there, that is not what we are about. But it is also important to keep you posted on the things that we are hearing that are credible. So that is what we will do. Like I have said before, many people are not on social media or can not check it all day long, so people can’t keep up all the time. So here are some of the latest in this whole situation…

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New name surfaces in the Texas head coaching search


In earlier’s post where we brought you up to speed on the Charlie Strong-Texas saga, I mentioned that it is likely down to Strong and Baylor’s Art Briles for the job. Now a new name is in the mix. There could actually be plenty of other names in there, but not that are really known. James Franklin (Vanderbilt) and Jimbo Fisher (Florida State) are also names you may hear. The latest is UCLA’s Jim Mora. The more candidates we know about, the better as far as I’m concerned.

Bringing you up to speed on the Charlie Strong-Texas saga

Charlie Strong

If you are on twitter a lot during your day, you have probably been keeping up with everything going on with Charlie Strong and the Texas job opening. So you will probably know all of this. However we know that a lot of readers either are not on social media or just do not keep up as much as some, so this is mainly for them.

While UofL has not come out and released an official statement (because there hasn’t been reason to), all of these things have been reported by multiple media outlets. So we believe them to be true. There are always crazy rumors when it comes to this stuff, so we will leave those out and just let you know what has been (likely) happening.

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Charlie Strong and Texas: not a good fit

Charlie Strong

I have been out and away from the computer all day today, but I have been able to keep up with most of the news regarding UofL sports. So apparently Vegas set the odds for the next head coach of the Texas Longhorns, and Charlie Strong was the favorite at 2-1, which are great odds. Las Vegas is full of money and casinos for a reason, the odds-makers are usually right, and the betting public is usually wrong. For me on this one, there is no way I would bet on Charlie Strong going to Texas.

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