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Rick Pitino Talks Notre Dame, Wayne Blackshear, Underhanded Free Throws, and More

Photo: Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

Photo: Chris O’Meara/Associated Press

Video here

Opening statement

Well there are times that this season has gone by quick, and times it has gone by slow. It seems like the last month has gone by at the snap of a finger. Now we’re faced with two really difficult games to get to a double bye. Our fate is in our hands, and we’ve got two very difficult teams to go against. One team is, percentage wise, the best offensive team in the country. The other team is the best, well one of the premier defensive teams in the country. So certainly we have our hands full. But I think our guys are up for the challenge. We’ve got to do a lot of things well to have any chance of beating either one of those teams.

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ACC Standings and Schedule for the Weekend 2/27/15


With just three regular season games left, the Louisville Cardinals are looking to keep one of those top 4 spots in the ACC standings, which would earn them a double-bye in the ACC Tournament. Here are the standings entering the weekend and the schedule of games for Saturday and Sunday. When looking at the standings, keep in mind that Syracuse will not be playing in any post-season tournament this year, and that includes the ACC Tournament.

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Highlights: Louisville at Virginia

Or lowlights. Whatever you think.

“Beat Virginia” to the tune of “Meet Virginia”



This little gem found its way on twitter today. I thought I had tweeted something clever with my “Beat Virginia” tweet that would remind people of Train’s “Meet Virginia.” Turns out, Mary Robinson put a little more thought into this than I did. If you need a reminder of the original song from Train, the video is below.

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Transcript: Rick Pitino Previews Virginia

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Here is the full transcript (Courier-Journal) from Rick Pitino’s press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Opening statement: If you look at what they’ve accomplished this year. They way they’ve played on the road has been amazing. Apparently they’ve got one of the best arenas in the ACC and I’m looking forward to seeing it. This is a great basketball team that we have to play twice. Certainly, we’re going to have to really execute to come away with a victory.

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ACC Football Schedule and Standings: Week 8


The Cards are off this Saturday because of their game next Thursday against Florida State. There are still some other good games this weekend to pay attention to in the ACC division races. The Coastal is obviously all jumbled up as 1 game separates all 7 teams. Boston College needs to get back to their winning ways, so hosting Wake Forest should help that. Can Virginia get back on track against UNC and show that the first half of the season wasn’t a fluke?

And it will be good to see if Clemson can go on the road and play in a loud environment…

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ACC Football Schedule and Standings: Week 8


Week 8 for the ACC got started on Thursday night as Pittsburgh beat Virginia Tech 21-16 in a Coastal matchup. Obviously, the biggest game involving an ACC team is not a conference game, and that is Florida State vs Notre Dame. Other than that, there are still some good games that should put some separation between teams in the conference. Here is the schedule, followed by the standings.


Pittsburgh (4-3, 2-1) def Virginia Tech (4-3, 1-2) 21-16.

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 6


Week 6 is full of ACC Conference games, so things will be exciting today. Duke and Boston College both have a bye, but everyone else plays and they are all conference games. Louisville got the week started with their 28-6 win over Syracuse on Friday night. Here is the schedule of games for this week, along with the standings.


Louisville (5-1, 3-1) def Syracuse (2-3, 0-1) 28-6


North Carolina (2-2, 0-1) vs Virginia Tech (3-2, 0-1)   12:30   GamePlan/ESPN3

Clemson (2-2, 1-1) vs NC State (4-1, 0-1)   3:30   ESPNU

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 4


Listed below is the schedule of college football games for ACC teams in Week 4. The highlight of the day is clearly (1) Florida State vs (22) Clemson tonight. If you haven’t heard, quarterback Jameis Winston will not play at all in the game. There are some other big non-conference games that would be big wins for the ACC as Miami plays (24) Nebraska, Virginia faces (21) BYU, and Pittsburgh plays Iowa.

Right now, the only ACC teams that are ranked are Florida State and Clemson. However, there are 7 ACC teams that are on the “others receiving votes” part of the rankings. So this is a big week for the conference when it comes to national perception.

  • Others receiving votes: North Carolina 82, Duke 55, Mississippi State 55, Virginia Tech 54, Penn State 51, East Carolina 44, TCU 42, Pittsburgh 40, Florida 31, Marshall 28, Boston College 22, West Virginia 14, Washington 14, Cincinnati 10, Virginia 6, Arkansas 3, Arizona 3, North Dakota State 3, Louisville 2

Virginia Tech (2-1) vs Georgia Tech (3-0)   12:00   ESPN

Pittsburgh (3-0) vs Iowa (2-1)   12:00   ESPNU

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Justin Time for the Weekend: 9/12/04

Justin Time

This week’s edition of Justin Time for the Weekend may be a little shorter than usual. Of course I did not get this done ahead of time, so it is about 6:45 a.m. on Friday as I type this. But the first topic I cover will explain why this post will likely be a little less content than normal. I hope everyone has a great weekend and it is highlighted by a Louisville victory on Saturday in our second ACC football game.

Heading to Virginia

That’s right. In about an hour or so, I will be hitting the road and heading towards Charlottesville, Virginia to see the Cards in their first ACC road game. I am hoping I am able to make one road trip a year to check out all of the ACC schools. Not sure I will make it to Syracuse for a football game in the Carrier Dome, because blah. I have a lot of friends going to South Bend for the Notre Dame game, which will be amazing I’m sure. But I can’t make it up there this year, so that one would be a while before I could get back. But it will be nice to be able to check Virginia off the list. I hear it is a beautiful campus and town.

Virginia was picked to finish last or at least close to last in nearly every ACC projection that I saw. Now whether they will or not remains to be seen. But that was at least the perception of them heading into the season. In saying that, I am way more excited to see us play Virginia than someone like Temple, SMU, Houston, Memphis, and other teams in our former conference. The middle of the pack and lower tier teams of the ACC are just way more exciting to me than what we are used to. Not to mention, this is just a big game in general as the Cards will try to start out 2-0 in the conference, with the next conference game being against Wake Forest at home.

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Opponent Breakdown: Virginia Cavaliers

Virginia Logo

Special to from Andrew Ramspacher.

The following breakdown of the Virginia Cavaliers was sent to me by Andrew Ramspacher, who is the beat writer for the team for the Daily Progress in Charlottesville. Who better to get information from than the guy who covers the team daily? Here you go!

UVa Offense

As of three weeks ago, this was clearly going to be Greyson Lambert’s team. The redshirt sophomore quarterback had been with the first team since day one of spring ball, was named co-captian in April and appeared on the cover of the media guide. He would take over from the brutal David Watford experiment (eight touchdowns, 15 interceptions as the starter in 2013) and was destined to break the on-going QB carousel that defined the Mike London era.

But then came the 2014 season opener in which Lambert was intercepted twice for touchdowns in the second quarter and the UVa staff threw in little-known Matt Johns. All Johns did was immediately lead a touchdown drive and nearly rally the Cavaliers to an upset of the then-No. 7 Bruins.

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Depth Charts for Louisville and Virginia

The depth charts for both the Louisville Cardinals and Virginia Cavaliers are listed below. The first thing that sticks out about Louisville’s, and it isn’t a surprise, is Michael Dyer listed as the backup running back. Hopefully this means he is finally healthy. He showed flashes of what he could do in the first game last season and then this spring, but that’s it. Other than that, he has been hampered by injuries. A healthy Michael Dyer gives the Cards a huge weapon for ACC play.

There aren’t really any other surprises on the rest of the depth chart, which is good. Let’s keep continuity and stay healthy. And when you see someone listed as a backup and not a starter, it really isn’t a big deal. We know the main guys who will get to play, whether they start or not.

With Virginia, they will go with two quarterbacks during the game, as they have in the first two games this season.

Louisville Cardinals

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/



11 Will Gardner 6-5 226 So.
7 Reggie Bonnafon 6-3 206 Fr.
12 Brett Nelson 6-4 220 Sr.

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Virginia Head Coach Previews Louisville

Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

On Monday, Virginia head coach Mike London met with the media for his weekly press conference. He talked about the upcoming game against the Cards as well as the state of his own team, and has the full transcript, which you can read below.

COACH LONDON:  We’ll start with a brief comment about Louisville, our ACC opponent this week.  I’ve had a chance to meet Coach Petrino over the last couple of head coaches meetings.  I’ve known him over the years and his coaching accolades and things that he brings to his team.  Their team is playing very well.  This will be a great challenge for us.  We’re excited about the challenge as these guys come into Charlottesville.  So I’ll take any questions.

Q. You guys are second in the country in turnovers forced through two weeks. What does it say about the players?  What’s it say about the schemes that you guys have been able to bring in two years ago, basically, alter everything sort of two years ago. Was there a missing piece of this defense, and now two years later you’re tops in the country two weeks into the season? 
COACH LONDON:  It’s been a mindset, a concentrated mindset on turnovers and how it changes the game.  Obviously we had success last week with the seven turnovers and if you look back – has led to about 31 points.  I don’t think we had that all of last season.  The guys defensively are doing a pretty good job with Eli, and Max Valles coming off the edge and some of the other things that are happening, they’re causing havoc.  And the strip sack, cause fumble, the interceptions, all those things that have been geared towards playing better defense.  The players have bought into that.  We have to continue that.  We have to continue.  It’s great that we had it in two games, but we need to do it particularly this game because this team we’re playing is a very good team.  But the mindset defensively has been to create turnovers and give yourself a chance to win.

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ACC Football Schedule: Week 2


There aren’t too many exciting games (on paper) in the ACC today, or in college football for that matter. There are a couple of ranked games around the country, but honestly, it’s college football. So of course it’s still exciting! The ACC should have a pretty good day today, and carrying the flag for the conference will be Virginia Tech as they try to take down Ohio State.

There are some other games of interest to me. I’d like to see Virginia have a win since we play them next week. After the performance last week, Wake Forest needs a win anytime they can get one, so hopefully today is it for them. Troy usually has a good team, so Duke could be challenged. I would like to see Miami have a dominant game, anything to make our win look even better! San Diego State is usually a solid program, so North Carolina could have a decent game on their hands. Then obviously the big one with Virginia Tech and Ohio State. I guess you could say I am very wrapped up in this whole ACC thing. College football is fun. Oh, and Go Cards!

Here is the full schedule of games for the ACC. It looks like it is ESPN3 day for the conference.

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Sporting News ranks Louisville Basketball in the Top 10



This years College Basketball preseason edition of Sporting News ranks the Cards at #7. Sporting News also has 3 other ACC teams (Duke, UNC, and Virginia) in the top 10. IMO anywhere between 7-12 is a fair ranking for Louisville this season. Regardless of ranking there is no doubt that this will be one of the best conferences we have seen in awhile. #ACC

Predicted 2014 ACC Football Standings


The official media predictions will be released on Monday, but I figured I would go ahead and give my predictions for how I think the standings will be in the ACC this season. This prediction will mean about as much as the media one that comes out tomorrow, which is not much at all. The games have to be played on the field, so whatever we predict is just good for conversation and debate. Pretty soon I will post my game-by-game prediction for the Cards, but for now, here are my predicted standings…


1) Florida State

2) Louisville

3) Clemson

4) Syracuse

5) North Carolina State

6) Boston College

7) Wake Forest

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It’s July 1: The Louisville Cardinals are in the ACC!

Louisville ACC

It is finally here! July 1, 2014. The University of Louisville is an official member of the Atlantic Coast Conference! Not the Big East. Not the American Athletic Conference. This is the ACC! Back in November of 2012, it was announced that this move would happen. The date seemed so far away. We would have to endure a season in the American Athletic Conference, but we did it. The schedules were less than stellar, but we made it. Now we enter a whole new ballpark.

In basketball, Louisville joins what could possibly be the best basketball conference ever assembled. The Big East had some awesome years and was consistently the best basketball conference. This version of the ACC could be even better. With Louisville, you will also have Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Virginia, and more.

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Athlon Predicts Louisville to go 8-4 in 2014

Photo: AP/Alex Menendez

Photo: AP/Alex Menendez

Athlon released their predictions for the conference finishes earlier in June, and here is what they predicted for the ACC in 2014. They have the Cards finishing 3rd in the Atlantic Division with a record of 8-4 overall and 5-3 in the ACC. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a solid first year in the ACC to me.

2014 ACC Predictions

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3-star WR names his Top 8; Louisville in the mix

Photo: Sefton Ipock

Photo: Sefton Ipock

On Monday evening, Tavin Richardson tweeted out his top 8 schools. Richardson is a 6’3 and 200 lb wide receiver from Duncan, South Carolina and is listed as a 3-star prospect on the four major recruiting sites. Here is the tweet.

Richardson talked with CSZ Monday night about his list and what he likes about Louisville. He visited the Cards June 3rd on an unofficial visit and came away impressed. “The facilities, the campus, the offense they run, and how I can come in and play early,” Richardson told CSZ. Of the schools in his top 8, he has been to Louisville, Kentucky, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. He plans to still make trips to Florida, UCF, and attend a football game at Nebraska. As of right now, he doesn’t know where he will take any of his official visits.

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Half of 2014 football schedule is set



Some of the most exciting announcements made during the summer are the kickoff times for Louisville football games. Anything involving football has added excitement this season because of the ACC. Things get started right away with the season opener against Miami. I don’t remember Louisville ever playing a team with such history and prestige in the season opener, especially during the even years.

So far, three of the Cards’ six home games have been set. Good news is, none are at noon. Even better news, one of those games is Murray State. So even that game is in the evening. Enough with the chit chat. Here is one half of the 2014 Louisville Cardinals football schedule!

Monday September 1 (Labor Day) vs Miami   8:00 p.m.   ESPN

Saturday September 6 vs Murray State   7:00 p.m.

Saturday September 13 @ Virginia   12:30 p.m.   ACC Network

Friday October 3 @ Syracuse   7:00 p.m.   ESPN

Thursday October 30 vs Florida State   7:30 p.m.   ESPN

Saturday November 22 @ Notre Dame   3:30 p.m.   NBC


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