Justin Renck: CSZ: It’s a movement

This blog should be pretty easy for me to write. I have had so much fun with this website and since we started with the twitter name, so I figured I would just talk about that. By the way, Jeremy loves the “It’s a Movement” slogan, so he gets credit for that title. We started the twitter name in mid November in hopes of building up our followers by the time we launched our website, whenever that would be. We got over 100 followers in the first week, and have stayed on a pace of 50 more per week since then. That has been a great way to get information out, and hopefully those of you who follow us have enjoyed it. We also created a facebook page and can reach other people on there who don’t have twitter. So we are trying to reach people any way we can.

When we tried to think of the best time to launch a site, of course we wanted to do it right away because we were excited, but we also wanted to take our time and do it the right way, and that is what we did. Looking at the schedule, we saw the week after Christmas would possibly have a bowl game,  of course the Big East opener against Georgetown, and the big one against Kentucky. So we figured we would dive right in and go with one of the busiest and most exciting weeks that we could.

We launched on Christmas day and our big things we had posted were our Cardinal Rewind with Larry O’Bannon and all of our recruiting info. I didn’t expect much on Christmas day, but we had over 600 views, and I was very excited for that. The next 4 days we had less than 300 views, but I was still happy. The fact that anyone was viewing our work felt really good. Well, now I am starting to get expectations! The day before the UK game when we were posting all of the interviews from former players, we hit 1,500 views, and things started to feel like this could go somewhere. We dropped off on the day of the UK game, which is understandable, because I didn’t even want to view the site or anything else to do with sports after that game. Since then, we have been over 1,000 each day, which is 5 days in a row. Not only that, but on Wednesday we hit 2,400 views! I wasn’t going to be greedy and expect that again for 2 days in a row. So what did we do yesterday? We hit the 3,000 mark with 3,001 for the day! (As I am typing this around 10 in the morning, we are already around 850 for today)

I don’t mean to just throw stats and numbers at you, just trying to show how quickly we are growing since day 1. Our team really comes together well. With Jeremy’s connections of players and former players, Steve’s recruiting insider scoop, and my writing ability, passion for UofL sports, and being able to put everything together, our teamwork has been great. I am very excited about our 4th member we are bringing on board. This person will take us to the next level, but I will save that for Monday.

This site has been very time consuming, and I have loved every minute of it. All times throughout the day, I am either checking twitter, looking at our site stats, or thinking of the next thing that needs to be posted. The site seems to always be on my mind because I want to make it the best. I always welcome feedback on what you think can be done to improve it, because in no way do I have everything figured out.

So I just wanted to post this and share that I have had a lot of fun to this point with the site, twitter, and facebook. It is getting better everyday, and it feels like we are about to take off. So hop on board, get in the “zone”, or whatever cliche you want to use. Hopefully you enjoy what we are doing. Go Cards!!!


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