Justin Renck: What the UofL-UK game means to me

That whole blog you see posted below this one, well that was what I had originally written for this “what it means to me” blog. Then I realized, those are pretty much just game summaries. They aren’t really saying what this game really meas to me. I didn’t want to just delete them, so I just bumped them down. So, let’s try this again. This rivalry, to me, means:

It means red and blue. Growing up, when you pick your favorite team, that is your favorite color. No questions asked. You don’t even like the other color.

It means coaches who don’t like each other, and they aren’t shy about it, which is awesome. They clearly aren’t friends, and they take jabs at each other in the media. Calipari wants a National Title like Pitino, and Pitino doesn’t like that Cal is having success at UK because he wishes he would have never left in the first place.  Rivalry material? Absolutely!

It means Samaki Walker getting a triple-double as a freshman, with one of those stats being blocks!

It means Patrick Sparks getting the ball in the corner, walking twice, and still getting to shoot free throws.

It means Edgar Sosa delivering the dagger to UK with an NBA range 3.

It means DeMarcus Thuggins dropping elbows on Swopshire, and UofL getting called for the technical.

It means Calipari running his mouth to Reginald Delk during the game, saying he “messed with the wrong guy.”

It means people making personal attacks on one another on facebook or twitter just because they cheer for the other team. It can get nasty for sure.

It means people saying “we” and “you”, like that person is actually going to play that day, and they will beat “you” easily.

It means people coming out of the woodwork, claiming to be fans, and wearing a red or blue shirt for the day, just to pick a side. Worst part is, those people usually talk the most trash!

It means we have the best rivalry in college basketball. We play once a year, all bragging rights on the line. We won’t meet again unless it’s in the NCAA tournament. No re-match in the regular season or conference tournament. How lame would that be? “We beat you!” “Oh yea?! Well we beat you too, in the same season!”

It means our state is the best and I absolutely love it. I have been living in Auburn, AL for 3 1/2 years, and will be back to Louisville for good soon. I see how football is life down here, and how basketball is, well…they just don’t get it. Even if there are UK fans I can’t stand, or the team that I can’t stand, it makes it a lot of fun when people care as much as we all do, and when the teams are as good as they are.

So, in a word, this rivalry is “special”. Go Cards!


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