The Stemmys (My Midweek Awards)

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In this week’s edition of The Stemmys we touch on recruiting, Louisville Football and fantasy football!

The “Who’d you say can’t recruit?!” Award: Bobby Petrino

All we have heard is how Bobby isn’t getting it done on the recruiting trail. Well he shut that door this week with an emphatic SLAM!! Just this week alone Petrino landed former 4 star All-American WR Paul Harris and went into Bama country to steal 4 star LB Amonte Caban. The Cards now have the #27 class according to Still say Bobby can’t recruit……….I’ll wait.

The Next Level Moment Award: Jeff Walz landing Asia Durr

This week Louisville Womens Basketball Coach Jeff Walz took the next step to winning a National Title when he landed the Nations #1 player Asia Durr. Walz has had some very talented teams while at Louisville but always seemed to be missing that one piece. Now Walz has that piece and the #1 recruiting class in the Nation. Ah I can see the Banner now.

The phone blow up moment of the week Award: Antonio Blakeney Commits to Louisville

17 missed calls/text in a church board meeting can only mean one thing! 5 star SG Antonio Blakeney has picked the Cards! Ok I admit it when I seen the news I excused myself to the bathroom to make a few calls but come on this was huge. Pitino finished off what looks to be the best class he has landed while at Louisville with a bang. The Cards will possibly bring in 4 5 star players to go along with a team that could easily be top 20 with out them. How does that fat Italian say it again…oh yea “I like my team”!

Funniest moment of the week Award: Cal look alike during the Murray St. Game

In what was one of the funnier moments I have seen in awhile this guy popped up on Louisville’s kiss cam:


Everyone took a deep breath and a double take before going on to boo him. #Rivalry

The “I’m not touching that with a 10 foot pole” Award: Ray Rice situation.

The award should speak for itself. Carrying right along..

My Fantasy pat on the back Award: Cordarrelle Patterson

I told everyone in my fantasy league I got the sleeper of the year with the Vikings WR. 128 all purpose yards and a TD later Steve is a genius! Yes, I lost the game but hey it’s progress right?

I just don’t get it Award: Louisville vs Virginia spread

The line at this moment sets at 3. I’m sorry I just don’t see it. The Cards are going to go into Virginia and absolutely beat the breaks off the Cavs. Yes I know they hung with UCLA but so did Memphis. Yes I know they have forced 9 TO’s on the season but 7 were from Richmond. Richmond out gained Virginia by over 100 yards can we please just stop this. Cards win 38-10

Future is bright Award: Reggie Bonnafon and LJ Scott

RB LJ Scott was named ACC Rookie of the Week after rushing for 126 yards and a TD. Not to be out done Freshman QB Reggie Bonnafon came in for Will Gardner and went 8-11 112 yards and 3 total TD’s. Needless to say we are in good hands for a long time!

Welcome Back!! Award: Michael Dyer

All signs point to the former #1 RB in the country making his first in game appearance for the Cards this weekend. We have all been waiting for the old Mike Dyer to show up and I have the feeling we wont have to wait very long.

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/






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