CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week: Clemson Game 2015


A new tradition has started this season. The Red Rage Tailgate and Cardinal Sports Zone are awarding a trophy at each home game to what we see as the Tailgate of the Week. When this idea started, it was assumed that it would go to a UofL tailgate every single time, no questions asked.

When I got to Old Cardinal Stadium yesterday, I had a talk with the guys from the Red Rage, and we decided that this week’s winner was without a doubt a group of Clemson fans that were right next to us. These fine folks are the Cox family: Johnny, Marsha, Bob, Nancy, Brian, and Neil. And a few of us Louisville fans of course.

Clemson tailgate

They arrived at Old Cardinal Stadium around 10:00 a.m., had an amazing setup, and even helped some Louisville fans set up THEIR tailgate when they arrived. They pretty much hosted a tailgate for home fans even though they were on the road.

It isn’t just about how many coolers you have or how much food you cook. Hospitality goes a long way. These Clemson folks get that. If this is to be a UofL award from here on out, step it up!

Clemson tailgate 7 Clemson tailgate 5 Clemson tailgate 4

Bob Cox & Johnny Cox
Bob Cox & Johnny Cox

Clemson tailgate 2 Clemson tailgate 6

Just a friendly game of flipcup: Louisville vs Clemson style
Just a friendly game of flipcup: Louisville vs Clemson style

2 Replies to “CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week: Clemson Game 2015”

  1. As Clemson fans, my wife and I made the trip to Louisville. Being Clemson’s first trip to Louisville, we wanted to see the stadium and city. We took the Louisville Slugger tour and spent the afternoon at Churchill Downs. It was an awesome time. The highlight of the trip was definitely the way we were treated by Cardinals fans. We met several nice Cards fans last year at Clemson and heard several compliments about the way they were treated. Cardinal fans definitely returned the favor this season. We really felt welcomed.

    I am glad Louisville is in the ACC–especially to replace Maryland. It is good to have another school where fans understand football and treat each other as human beings. I know Louisville is better than your record indicates at this point. I wish the Cardinals the best of luck over the rest of the season!

    I look forward to future competitive games between Clemson and Louisville in this new football rivalry. Thank you all for being such good hosts.

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