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The ‘Final Four’ Your Information


As my summer series comes to a close, I reflect on it up to this point. Did it accomplish everything it was supposed to? What was the point exactly? The purpose of this series was an experience for myself as well as to entertain the CSZ faithful, the Cardnation and those who follow my work. When I started, I had no real game plan; just a spin off of Jeremy’s 55 hiatus (which will return Labor Day and game day in the Ville). It kind of seems like I took my own hiatus since my last post. And some have noticed.

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4 Your Info; a Renaissance


A rebirth for the University of Louisville, if you will.


I wanted to wait until after the baseball game to post again. I just hoped it would have been next week. I would’ve anyways now that I think about it… It’s been too long. I just wish I had better news to share. Hello again, Cardnation. Dan McDonnell and the Cards baseball team are headed home and safely out of the tornado alley of Nebraska.. no trophies seatbelted in for the ride after a second consecutive Omaha appearance.

Freakin Texas.


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Four Your Information; New Beginnings


This is my second day off of only two days in the past 4 months. I’m trying to recover from what the hell I just experienced. I took a leap over Christmas ‘break’ when I saw an ad for the Derby Festival looking for an intern for the 2014 season and completed my junior year with the credit hours to be a student and a half. Umm yeah. We all think we’re pretty busy, right? No, no, no. A moment of silence for my finals, please.
President Obama Nominates Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim As World Bank President
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4 Your Info; I’m blue da da dee da deh dum


Four your information, this is the trial.

I wanted to start a series this summer. Sort of a challenge. But really, this is no challenge. This is what I like to do; Talk sh*t. That’s what it says on my resume anyways. Just kidding. Maybe not. Okay, definitely not.


This is a spin-off idea I had after Jeremy’s 55 series. 55 being his favorite number, mine 4 because of David Padgett. I chose number 4 as my number in softball at the Male High School. I was sooooo in-like with David Padgett in high school. So I wanted to publish this series over the summer when my semester and internship with the Derby Festival are officially over. Perhaps a bi-weekly series. Like a pay-check. More like a reality check. So this should be a lot of fun and I hope #Cardnation will enjoy. I’ll start off with a kicker. Like all football games do…

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The Dream Team: Daryl’s starting 5

Fans’ Starting 5

Jeremy’s Starting 5

Steve’s Starting 5

Justin’s Starting 5

Point Guard

Now this wasn’t an easy choice for me. I’ve always been a ‘guard kind of gal’…if that’s a thing. This is who run’s the offense, my favorite aspect of the game. Some of my first cognitive memories following Cardinal basketball were lead by THE Reece Gaines. One word… Tennessee. I recall being on a field trip in from Audubon in the SAC at UofL (yes I was one of those annoying school kids causing extra lunch traffic…if you can imagine…) and our group ran into Reece Gaines on campus. I followed the elementary crowd asking for autographs not realizing at the time the significance of this run-in. Lo and behold, 15 years later I’d buy the man a shot of Patron at a Wicks Wednesday event after his return to Louisville to coach at Bellarmine.

While it has been recorded that even Dwayne Wade called Reece the best college player he had ever faced, my choice at the PG position in the Pitino era is without a doubt the one and only, Peyton Siva. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s my class’ point guard. Meaning him and I entered college the same year, a very important time in both of our lives. He, of course, finished before me… but whatever, man. I like to think that I watched Siva grow as a player his entire career at Louisville while I, myself, was searching for an identity in my own realm. For years I watched ‘fans’ bash the man’s game when he would turn the ball over in a critical moment or miss the potential game winning shot. But what do we expect from fans in a ‘microwave society’, as Coach P puts it. I never lost faith in Peyton and despite size difference favoring Reece, I’m looking at the guys’ hands. Peyton wears five titles… Big East Tournament Champion and MVP 2012 & 2013 and NCAA National Champion.

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Dang it, Bobby


Are you serious, Tom Jurich?

I imagine his response goes somewhat along the lines of…. “As a motorcycle wreck, Daryl”.

Of course I was reluctant to the idea of bringing back a former coach of ours. I thought it was just a far fetched joking desire from a broken-hearted Cardnation. I figured we were ready to keep progressing forward with the train that Charlie Strong abruptly jumped off of. And yes, as @the_redbird7 termed it, I’m still ‘smad’ at Charlie for bailing. For the second time in the past year I feel like the girl that got dumped. Once, yes I actually got dumped by my boyfriend of four years and the second time by my football coach of four years.  Almost immediately we saw Coach flaunt his new ‘Texas girlfriend’ on the internet. Didn’t you ever watch Spongebob, Charlie?!

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UofL vs UK position battles: Power Forwards


All this week we will be breaking down the match-ups at each position for the Louisville vs Kentucky basketball game for this Saturday December 28. Today we continue with the power forward position.

Point Guard position battle

Shooting Guard position battle

Small Forward position battle



Montrezl Harrell

Season average:

PointsL: 12.5

AssistsL: 1.1

ReboundsL: 8.3

StealsL: 1.2

TurnoversL: 1.3

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Why I love our bowl matchup


Well Cardnation…the stage is set for Orlando and the Russell Athletic Bowl Committee is eager to have the Cards visit. No, it’s not the prestigious BCS bowl we had hoped for our returning Sugar Bowl champs but let’s consider the following. Look at the enemy; UCF ruined our chances of heading back to a BCS and they’ll be heading to the west side of the country to face Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl.  Athlon Sports ranks the matchup with the Miami Hurricanes to be the 9th best ‘must see’ game of all 35 bowls. UCF’s bowl game ranks just one spot ahead of the Cards and I am convinced that’s primarily because of the BCS Fiesta name. But I want to congratulate UCF on their first BCS appearance. I don’t want to be ‘that critic’ towards the Knights like the Cards received last season when they were selected to play Florida.  Now that that’s over with…. Let’s move on to the good stuff.

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