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Current ACC Bowl Affiliations

These are the ACC’s bowl affiliations for this season. Just giving you an idea of what bowls we can go to if these stay the same. Orange Miami, FL $17,000,000 1/1/13 8:30pm ESPN BCS vs. BCS (ACC tie-in) Chick-fil-A Atlanta, GA $3,967,500 ACC; $2,932,500 SEC 12/31/12 7:30pm ESPN ACC #2 vs. SEC #5 Russell Athletics…

Louisville is in the ACC!!!

                      By Justin Renck: FINALLY!!! It is a celebration and also a sigh of relief! The sigh of relief is because of what we are getting out of, and the celebration is because of what we are getting into! Now I am not going to get into too many facts like TV ratings, conference…

Wrist-gate 2012

By Justin Renck: Well it has not been the best weekend if you are a UofL fan (which I assume you are if you are reading this). Of course I am talking about football and men’s basketball, not all of our sports (Volleyball hosting NCAA and Men’s Soccer victory were great of course).

Weekend Wrap Up

Cardinal Basketball team falls to Duke 76-71 Recap UofL vs Duke lived up to the hype of a Top 5 Matchup Newest CBS Bowl Projections still have the Cards in the BCS 2013 Basketball Commit Chris Jones goes for 49 points and 75 ft Game Winner Gorgui Dieng will have his wrist evaluated today. Brake…