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ACC Has Two Playoff Contenders


Andrea Adelson is at it again. She talks about what it will take to get 2 ACC teams in the 4 team playoff. She talks about Louisville, Clemson and Florida State. Who does she think will make it and how does it have to play out to get two ACC teams in the four team playoff… Read the rest of this entry

Lamar Jackson Fulfills Wish Of Local Teen Battling Cancer


Photo: Matt Stone  @mattstonephotog

If you don’t follow or read Andre Adelson then you are really missing out. In my opinion she is the best. I have not met her but I will one day. This story is one that makes you remember that there is more to life than just sports and that sports can be used as a tool for the betterment of the world. I’m proud of Lamar and all my Cardinal family. I pray for this young lady,  her friends and her family. If you only read one story today, please read this story… Read the rest of this entry

ESPN Experts Pick The Game


So I thought I would pass this along. After letting Andrea Adelson know that she was my soul friend at gameday, she has broken my heart. I thought about making a snarky comment about how I should have put experts in parentheses but because of Double A, I didn’t. I stumbled upon this list of experts who picked the game between the University of Louisville Cardinals & the Clemson Tigers. David Hale picked us to beat Marshall 1 million to 6 (or something like that) so I’m not sure how to take him. But the rest agreed, the favorite is going down. If it makes you feel better I have the Cards winning 34-17. Here’s the “experts” picks. I almost made it all of the way through.



Twitter Explodes With Louisville Love


This picture was taken as Lamar Jackson & Louisville high-stepped into the fore front of the College Football landscape. Yeah I know Lamar had “The Hurdle” but that was against the Orange. Sorry Syracuse buds. Lamar and company completely decimated the #2 team in the country and everybody noticed. Even a uk fan compliment….It was a surreal day.


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Lamar Heisman Train Is Full Steam Ahead


Photo: Jeffrey M. Nunn

Andrea Adelson is the best staff writer at ESPN. If you read her work you would agree. Thankfully she covers the ACC and we as Louisville fans get to enjoy her work. You are really going to love this piece….

You can follow Andrea on Twitter.

What Does @UofLFootball Have To Do To Win The ACC?




From time to time here, in addition to the contributors opinion pieces, I will post storied I find on the internet that interest me. I am a complex sports fan so I feel if things interest me, they will interest you. More times than not I am right. (Humble Brag) Today I came across a good story from Andrea Adelson (most of her stuff is) about what UofL Football needs to do to take the next step. I hope you enjoy!

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Michael Dyer: 2nd best “backup” in the ACC?

Photo: USA Today Sports

Photo: USA Today Sports

Andrea Adelson and the rest of the ACC bloggers for have been counting down the best backups in the conference for the upcoming season. At #2, they highlighted Louisville running back Michael Dyer. Here is what they said about Dyer. I give you my thoughts afterwards…

Projected role in 2014: Backup to Dominique Brown. The Cardinals are deep at running back, with Brown, Dyer, Corvin Lamb and Brandon Radcliff returning — along with the addition of freshman L.J. Scott, who had an outstanding spring. Though coach Bobby Petrino has said he wants Brown to get 20-25 carries a game, the depth here will help the Cards. Especially since Petrino is known for getting multiple backs involved in the offense. In three previous head coaching stops, Petrino has had two backs with over 100 carries five times. During his first run at Louisville, Petrino had three backs with 75 or more carries three out of his four seasons. There is ample opportunity for the ball to go around, especially with the skill and versatility at the position. 

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ESPN’s Andrea Adelson: Everything is different in Louisville

Garry Jones/AP

Garry Jones/AP’s Andrea Adelson was recently in Louisville to take in spring practice and talk to head coach Bobby Petrino. In her article, she talks about how different things are now with Petrino and staff back in charge. At the bottom of this post, there is a link to the original post on that also has the video interview with Petrino. Here is some of Adelson’s article…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – It is hard to miss the giant poster of Teddy Bridgewater hanging in the lobby of the Louisville football complex, celebrating the Cardinals’ momentous win over Florida in the Allstate Sugar Bowl two years ago.

Bridgewater’s rise was concurrent to the football program’s latest ascent to national prominence, but the truth is he was the most notable player on a defensive-minded football team led by a defensive-minded coach who stressed a physical, ball-control style of football that did not always showcase its talented quarterback.

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ESPN Article Says Petrino Faces Many Challenges in His First Season Back at UofL



This article was posted Monday morning on by Andrea Adelson. She talks about the many challenges that Bobby Petrino will face in his first season back at UofL where he will have to replace a lot of really good players.

By Andrea Adelson:

There are universal challenges every first-year coach must face, whether he is a veteran or a newbie: getting to know new players, implementing schemes, setting a foundation, making sure there is buy-in across the locker room.

Then there is the challenge facing Bobby Petrino at Louisville. As he embarks on his second stint with the Cardinals, he has to go through all these getting-to-know you moments while also:

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