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ESPN’s HUGE New Developments From Outside The Lines This Morning


Those were better times for the University of Louisville, no doubt. Myself, Steve Rummage and Jon Hancock were doing an episode of the critically acclaimed (Let’s roll with it) Cardinal Pulse. It was a video podcast and it was glorious. We did our show from Cluckers on campus at Cardinal Towne. The bracket was revealed, we all picked Louisville to win per usual and it was a great day and a great month. Fast forward to today. No I didn’t insert the picture to bring anyone down but to raise everyone’s spirits. We won the National Championship! Of course with that being said, here we are at Selection Sunday with no shot to be selected. Like the kid in your class that has convinced himself he didn’t want to go to the prom anyway. Breath in and breath out.

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Selection Sunday Edition Of The Cardinal Pulse

By: Jeremy Wahman

 1111111Selection Sunday Show

March 17th, 2013

Cluckers at Cardinal Towne

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