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Study says that UofL has the best fans in College Basketball



A study has been released that says what we already know: the Louisville Cardinals have the best fans in college basketball. It is just pretty cool to see actual studies that prove these kind of things.

The following comes from the website that released the study. I am ok with the order. Everyone in the Top 10 is probably where they should be, right? I know whenever I think of college basketball’s best fans, Texas definitely is near the top of my list.

Our rankings are based on a statistical analysis of self-reported revenue data.  We create a statistical model of revenue as a function of team quality (winning percentage, NCAA tournament qualification, etc…) and market potential (conference affiliation, median income, area population, number of students, etc…) and then compare the model’s prediction to the self-reported revenues.  Yes, we get that this self-reported revenue data can be a bit quirky, but it’s what the schools choose to report.

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