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UofL Basketball Media Day 2016 (Video)


(Photo Cred: Scott Utterback)

(Photo Cred: Scott Utterback)

Here are videos from UofL Men’s Basketball Media Day. Enjoy!

Donovan Mitchell

Quentin Snider

V.J. King

Mango Mathiang

SI Releases It’s Breakout Sophomore List for College Basketball 2016-17 Season



Sports illustrated released it’s breakout Sophomore list for the upcoming college basketball season. Even though Luke Winn called Louisville “Sophomore Breakout U” there is only one Cardinal on this list of five breakout players. Luke explains that there is a reason why some players didn’t make the list. The Breakout Sophomore Formula—now in its eighth season on!—identifies scoring potential in players who didn’t put up significant points as freshmen, yet had promising advanced-statistical profiles. The formula strives to avoid too-obvious selections, and therefore its 2016–17 picks are restricted to players that averaged single-digit points last season and played not much more than 20 minutes per game. Check out the full article below to see who made the list.  Read the rest of this entry

The Bright Side Of The Rivalry

Damion Lee Donovan Mitchell

The rivalry can bring out the best of us. The rivalry can bring out the worst of us. You just never know what’s gonna happen or be said when we start rivalring (not a word) . One thing you never expect is respect. When you think Donovan Mitchell you do think respect. That’s why the following message from him to a certain cat should not be a surprise:

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Cardinal Sports Zone 5-21-16 WIth Guest @TheRed_Rage

93.9 The Ville


We hope you didn’t miss TODAY’S episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone show on ESPN 93.9 The Ville. Your host Steven Rummage & the social media guru Jeremy were there to talk all things Cards! We brought in Dave from the Red Rage and told some great stories about tailgates past. Dave proposed #SlumberPartyTailgate and it took off. We asked you what was your favorite home game at PJCS of all time. You answered in a resounding manner.  Click below for today’s podcast!

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Awesome Pic From D-Mitch

Sometimes you just see cool things on the net. This was one of those times. I just wanted to share. Go Cards!

Blessed by the man above 🙏🏾💯🏀

A photo posted by Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) on

Coach P Breaks Down The Team


Our guy Jeff Greer talked to Coach Pitino and Rick broke down the team. It was great. He also gave insight on to what we will do with the extra scholarship.

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Damion Lee At The NCAA Tourney (Pics)


Damion Lee Donovan Mitchell

Both Damion Lee and Donovan Mitchell attended last nights game between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Villanova Wildcats. Damion was there to support a couple of his friends that he met while he was at Drexel University Kris Jenkins & Phil Booth. I have seen multiple pictures floating around so I thought I would put them in one place for you. Enjoy!

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I Got Your Back: Crums Revenge Video



If you have ever watched a Crums Revenge video you know it can get you in your feelings, make a grown man cry or have you so excited you about pee your pants. Wait, just me on the last on? Carry on. If you have NEVER watched a Crums Revenge video it is probably one of the following reasons:

  1. You hate kids & love to kick puppies
  2. You are a uk fan
  3. You didn’t have a strong adult figure growing up
  4. Maybe you have just never seen one.

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ACC Dunk Of The Year Winner: Donovan Mitchell



If you watched Donovan Mitchell at any point before he got to Louisville then you knew he could dunk. You knew he was creative and you knew he had raw talent. This season may have not been super productive for the UofL Freshman but he had a highlight reels worth of dunks this season. He was featured in a ton od Dunkuary episodes on Youtube for the ACC Digital Network. They did a dunks of the year episode and guess who won? Oh yeah, I already told you…my bad. Maybe you will be surprised by which one won it, I was. Enjoy!

Dunking Donovan Mitchell! (Highlight Reel)



One of the most exciting athletes to come to the Ville in awhile is Donovan Mitchell. He wowed peopled in dunk competitions before he got to Louisville. We’ve had those guys before that did not pan out. Donovan is different. Alvin Sims, Marques Maybin, Twill could all dunk creatively. Chane and Trezl were just power dunkers, nothing wrong with that. I believe that Donovan could be the best dunker of all-time. Yes I know that is high praise but he is a great combination of creative and power. We were named the Dr’s of dunk for a reason. It’s in our DNA, it’s a legacy. Our guys at the ACC Digital Network created a compilation of dunks of just Donovan Mitchell that I think you will really like!

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The New Doctors Of Dunk (Video)


Since the beginning of time (or the 60’s) there has been one thing that can get a crowd going, It’s the slam dunk. Even when it was banned from college basketball from 67-76 due to the unfairness of it, they created a slam dunk contest because it was so beloved. It can cause a wide variety of results. It can facilitate a comeback all the way to putting the icing on the cake. At the University of Louisville it has been a beloved staple of our program. From the Doctors of Dunk to Alvin Sims to Montrezl Harrell to the dunking bird logo even, it shows that it is engrained into our DNA. Donovan Mitchell IS the next in a long line of dunkers and there is no doubt. Our good friends at the ACC Digital Network created their latest installment of Dunkuary last night featuring the Louisville Cardinals that was titled “The New Doctors Of Dunk” and it does not disappoint.

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Louisville vs. Syracuse Recap (Plus Dunk Videos)


The Louisville Cardinals bounced back from a 2 game skid to defeat the surging Orange, 72-58. Trey Lewis capped a 22-9 run to close the first half with a 3 pointer at the buzzer, giving the Cards a 28-27 lead at halftime. Louisville then made its first 12 out of 18 field goals to start the second half and never looked back. Big nights were had by Damion Lee who scored 15 points, and Chinanu Onuaku who finished with 13 points and 15 rebounds. Trevor Cooney scored 19 points and Michael Gbinije chipped in 13 as well. But the big story of the night was the dunk contest between Donovan Mitchell and Jaylen Johnson. Those two electrified the crowd on numerous occasions, throwing down several alley-oops as if they were angry at the rim. They provided the added spark that got the crowd and the team going, once that happened there was no stopping them.

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Coach Pitino Looking Ahead To Next Year?

AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser

AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser

Today was the ACC Basketball Teleconference and here are a few takes from it:

  •  Coach said ” I would like to use the final six games to get more playing time for Donovan Mitchell, Anas Mahmoud and Deng Adel for next season.
  • Rick Pitino said that his players were handling themselves well and relying on their team’s chemistry to carry their spirits through a tough time.
  • “The guys played really hard the last two games, but you can see it’s weighing on them a little bit, emotionally, that they aren’t going to play in the tournament,we’re just trying to keep our perspective, keep working hard.”

Just a few nuggets for you. Seems like coach already has a battle plan for next year. Does this mean Rick believes he will be back? I for one hope so. The Cards (19-6, 8-4 ACC) play Syracuse (18-8, 8-5 ACC) Wednesday night at 7PM on ESPN.

Go Cards!

Highlights: Louisville defeats North Carolina 71-65

That was fun.

Pitino, Lee, Lewis, and Mitchell UNC postgame

Enjoy the postgame comments from Rick Pitino, Damion Lee, Trey Lewis, and Donovan Mitchell after Louisville’s 71-65 win over North Carolina.

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Rick Pitino previews UNC in latest blog

Rick Pitino UNC3

Photo: Tim Haag/

Start your week off with a quick preview of North Carolina from Rick Pitino in his latest blog. He also recaps the loss to Virginia if you would like to check out the full post, but for me, it’s time to move on to tonight’s game. Here is what Pitino says about the Tar Heels and about the Cards moving forward.

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Starting line up: justifying January 

Louisville basketball

Photo: Instagram

Oh it’s cold, so cold #cardnation.. It usually is this time of the year. But of course I want to talk about basketball. Louisville basketball in January tends to leave me scratching my head. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the stunner yesterday and mentally prepare myself, and hopefully you #cardnation, for the next storm arriving downtown tomorrow out of North Carolina.

Brainstorming for this post, these guys were listed as the ones I believe have made the biggest jump into their respective classes this far into the season. That being said, notta single one-a them logged a stat that impressed me or the critics yesterday. I’m not going to list said lack of numbers for my 4 guys because you know and I know that’s not them, and their potential ceiling has me feeling some type of way. Like I said, January is cold for Louisville… And I’m glad that’s over. These are the guys that absolutely have to leap into February or we are toast in conference play of the Atlantic coast.

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Pitino, Mitchell, Adel, and Lewis Virginia postgame

Rick Pitino, Les Jones

AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

Here are the videos of Rick Pitino, Donovan Mitchell, Deng Adel, and Trey Lewis following the loss against Virginia. The transcript for Rick Pitino’s comments are also below. He says he saw this day coming. Let’s just have a warning of it next time so we don’t get so amped up. Thanks.

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Rick Pitino talks about the win over Virginia Tech

Damion Lee

AP Photo/Don Petersen

Louisville went on the road Wednesday night and got the 91-83 win over Virginia Tech. Here is what Coach Pitino had to say after the game.

Opening statement

(Virginia Tech Buzz Williams) would make a great pro coach. I’m not trying to get rid of him. But he’d make a great pro coach because he puts you in pick-and-roll isolations that hurt Virginia, that hurt us. They hurt everybody with it. That’s the professional game. To use 15, 16 seconds of the clock puts you in situations that are very difficult to guard. So he does a lot of great things with the pick-and-roll. We had to win this game on offense tonight.

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Highlights: Louisville defeats Virginia Tech 91-83