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Nunnsense | Highlights Of The ‘18 – ‘19 Louisville Football Schedule

Louisville white helmet

Ky Derby week is over and now it’s time to get back to all things Louisville. For me, it’s time to start looking ahead to football season. Yes, we still have all summer but football season will be here before you know it.  That’s why I want to go ahead and take a quick look at the highlights of the football schedule. Read the rest of this entry

College Football Games To Watch – Week 2

Football Close Up on Field

Here are this weeks Games To Watch!


Florida Atlantic vs (9) Wisconsin – Wisconsin favored by 32     TV – Big 10 Network

Cincinnati vs (8) Michigan – Michigan favored by 34     TV – ABC

(17) Louisville vs North Carolina – Louisville favored by 9.    TV – ESPN

(21) South Florida vs Connecticut – USF favored by 17.5 – Postponed due to weather

Charlotte vs  vs (19) Kansas State – KSU favored by 34.    TV – Big 12 Network


Fresno State vs (1) Alabama – Alabama favored by 43.5     TV – ESPN2

Pittsburgh vs (4) Penn State – Penn State favored by 20.5     TV – ABC

(16) Miami vs Arkansas State – Miami favored by 14.5     Postponed due to weather

Delaware vs (18) Virginia Tech – No line           TV – ACCDN

(23) TCU vs Arkansas – TCU favored by 3.5     TV – CBS


Indiana State vs (25) Tennessee – No line        TV – SEC network


Louisiana Monroe vs (10) Florida State – FSU favored by 33.5 Postponed due to weather

(13) Auburn vs (3) Clemson – Clemson favored by 4.5     TV – ESPN


(5) Oklahoma vs (2) Ohio State – Ohio State favored by 7     TV – ABC

Chattanooga vs (12) LSU – No line      TV – SEC network

(15) Georgia vs (24) Notre Dame – Notre Dame favored by 4.5      TV – NBC

Northern Colorado vs (22) Florida – Postponed due to weather


Montana vs (7) Washington –  No line     TV-  Big 12 network


(14) Stanford vs (6) USC – USC favored by 6     TV – Fox


Boise State vs (20) Washington State – Washington St favored by 10     TV – ESPN





Nunnsense: 2017 Louisville Football Game By Game Predictions



Last year I wrote that I believed Louisville could win 11 games but I kept my prediction at 10-2 because I feared that one unexplainable loss. Well after a 9-1 start, I felt 11 wins was a definite. I was a firm believer that Louisville would beat an over hyped Houston team. I was wrong. I don’t think I was alone in believing that there was no way that the team 65 miles east of us could come into our house and win. I was wrong again.


This preseason is very similar to last years. Las Vegas has set our win total at 9.5 again this year. There is a lot of hype again also. I believe the difference this year is that this team is better than last years team and the schedule is not as tough. The key to the season is the first 3 games. If Louisville can go 3-0 then 11 wins seems more likely. A loss to UNC and Clemson could mean a 8 or 9 win season. Another factor that I think people are forgetting is that this is Bobby Petrino’s 4th season. In case you forgot what that means, let me remind you. In Petrino’s 4th year at Louisville the first time around,  Louisville went 12-1 and finished 6th in the country. In his 4th year at Arkansas, they were 11-2 and finished 5th in the country. So if my beliefs are correct, then it’s reasonable to predict that Louisville will go over the projected 9.5 win total set by Las Vegas. While I also believe there is a small chance that Louisville can run the table, I won’t predict that because I don’t want to be the hot take guy. I honestly believe that this team has a very good shot to be 11-1 but I fear that one game that nobody can explain what happened, so I’ll predict a 10-2 season although below I will predict 11 wins because I don’t know where the second loss will come from and I don’t want there to be a second loss.

Here are my game by game predictions,  Read the rest of this entry