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2017 ACC Football Schedule Released


Mark your calendars, CardNation.

The 2017 ACC football schedule was released today, meaning we finally get to find out when we play our conference games for the 2017 football season.

September 2: Purdue
September 9: at North Carolina
September 16: Clemson
September 23: Kent State
September 30: Murray State
October 5: at NC State
October 14: Boston College
October 21: at Florida State
October 28: at Wake Forest
November 4: BYE
November 11: Virginia
November 18: Syracuse
November 25: at Kentucky


Friday Night Oven Lights


Louisville can lay claim to being the first to do a few things. We all know Louisville Basketball in the 80’s were the first invent and execute the “High Five”. We know that the first pizza John Schnatter ever baked was in a broom closet here in Louisville. The first coach to lead 3 schools to the Final Four and also the first coach to win championships at two different schools is currently calling plays on Main St. here in Louisville.  The first person to say he was the G.O.A.T and actually back it up was born and raised here.

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Duke’s Coach Says Louisville Has Weapons Of Completeness



Duke’s coach, David Cutcliffe, is very impressed with Louisville. He told ESPN’s David Hale “I’ve coached against at least 10 national champions, and I have never seen anyone with the weapons and completeness of this Louisville team.” I am curious to hear his post game comments on Friday night after we drop 90 on Duke

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BucketHatism: BYE Week


**The court was closed in observance of the BYE week.**

While sitting around the house trying to get excited about the first Cardinal-less football week since August 27th, the BHK jotted notes down. I admit, these notes veered away from football at times but I blame the disappointing games that I saw this week.  Here are some things I jotted down from the last 8 days without Cardinal football:


  • I thought Sunday was hard after the Clemson game, try last week.  I know people may call me crazy but I seriously think we pissed off the programming director at ESPN back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  I say this because ESPN replayed the Clemson game damn near every night last week. It was like getting punched in the face every night just as your nose was healing. And I get that it was a great game and we are still the talk of College Football, but that game will be a game I will probably never watch again. I put it up there with the NCAA tourney game against that team down the road in 2014. Burn the tape.

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Louisville vs. Clemson Part 2?


Heather Dinich and Ryan McGee of ESPN talk about a rematch of Louisville vs. Clemson as part of the college football playoffs in this short animated video feature. It’s worth a minute of your time.

BucketHatism: Clemson


“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

Good day folks. The BHK is back in the throne of my old Louisville home after a great weekend in the valley of Death referred to as Clemson.  I became so annoyed with hearing other people recap their trip to  Clemson from 2014 that I had to book my stay for our return trip.  On Friday morning, myself and the Bucket Hat Queen loaded up the rental, attached the car flags, and headed South. Being from Wellford, South Carolina (moved to Louisville at 11 years of age) it was nice to go back home and visit family and old friends.  Here are a plethora of notes that I will now present to the court:

  • Driving through the North Carolina mountains and trying to throw up L’s at every passing car is both dangerous and acceptable at the same time. I strongly advise against it……(not really)
  • I booked my hotel months ago but then changed to a different hotel across the street for reasons I still don’t know.  Turns out the first hotel I booked was where the team was staying, and the majority of Card fans.  Nonetheless the staff at Courtyard Greenville-Spartanburg Airport was very nice. We even got a history lesson on Bojangles origins from the clerk.
  • Speaking of Bojangles, it was well worth the wait. I know some people don’t see what the fuss about but I was brought up on it and once the last franchise left Louisville there was a void in my stomach. Within an hour of checking in, void was filled.
  • Ran into a South Carolina Gamecock fan at Ingle’s who was trying his best to act like a UK fan meaning he was failing at every attempt to discredit Clemson. While checking out all we heard was ” They are not the good,  they barely beat Auburn, the barely won at Georgia Tech, their offense is….blah blah blah.  Finally after admitting to being a South Carolina fan I told him “I said the same about you guys when you played UK last week”.  He finished ringing me up in record time……

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The Clemson Experience


After Louisville made its inaugural trip to Death Valley in 2014, all I heard about was what a great experience it was and how nice everyone was. The epic stories made it seem like it was some sort of college football heaven. I just had to see what it was all about. I planned on making the return trip long before we knew it was going to be a top 5 matchup.

As we pulled into Clemson the first thing we heard was someone yelling ” go back to Kentucky.” I was so pleased to hear that because I needed the Clemson fans to not be as hospitable as advertised. Well, that was the last negative remark I heard for 2 days.

After hours of tailgating, where every Clemson fan felt the need to welcome us and tell us good luck, we decided to hop on the shuttle to the stadium. Turns out the shuttle we boarded drops you off at the library. We must have looked lost after departing the shuttle because this beautiful young co-ed walked up to our group of six decked out in Cardinal gear and asked in the sweetest souther draw, ” Y’all need some help?” She pointed us in the right direction and wished us luck.

We stopped at the student union to get a bite to eat before entering the stadium. The counter worked greeted us with ” welcome to Clemson, what can I get for you today?” I was thinking you could get me a barf bag because I am getting sick of all this fake friendliness. Nobody can be this nice. Especially a whole community other than Chick-Fil-A workers.

Clemson fans, I hate you! I needed you to be hostile. I needed you to be offensive towards me and my Cardinal gear to prove that we were a threat. To prove that you took us seriously. I needed your southern hospitality and friendliness to be a facade. I needed it to be a front for the true evil and hatred for us. I so wanted you to be Darth Vader dressed in an Easter Bunny costume. I though bringing the third ranked team to your house would bring out your true colors. Apparently, those are your true colors and I respect you. Thank you for a great time. We look forward to hosting you in our house next year.

Cardinal Sports Zone 5-14-16 On 93.9 The Ville

93.9 The Ville












We hope you didn’t miss TODAY’S episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone show on ESPN 93.9 The Ville. Your host Steven Rummage & the social media guru Jeremy were there to talk all things Cards! Today we talked at length about Nanu and his upcoming decision. Did he change overnight? We talk about that. Also A ton of love for the UofL Baseball team as the guys talk about the trip to Omaha! We went over all of this and also talked about Marcus Lee’s soul and UL-uk Football opening line: Is it right? Click below for today’s podcast!

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Is Bobby Petrino Building An Offense Around Lamar?

(Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

(Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Well it is well after midnight on the night that the 2016 Men’s basketball season so unfairly ended. I will try to contain myself and save that for another post. As I sit here thumbing through Twitter and planning out my schedule for the next few months I can’t help but to get excited for Spring. I go to almost every University of Louisville Baseball game and will be in attendance at the YUM for the Lady Cards if we get that far but Spring is in the air. Spring practice leads to the Spring game. The Spring game leads to summer. Summer leads to the beginning of the 2016 College Football season. How will we handle a season without a QB controversy? Will we have yet another QB controversy. How will Jawon pan out? Those are the questions on my mind. I seen an article by the Courier-Journals Steve Jones that got me excited as well. Is CBP building a team around Lamar Jackson? I would have to say the answer is yes. Did you see the WR core he just signed? I will say now that they have the potential to be the best group of all time. That’s high praise but just I feel. I will share with you the article below and you tell me how you feel. I am somehow ready for Football about 4 months too early

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Future UL/ND Football Dates Announced


Today Notre Dame announced its future scheduling concerning ACC opponents through 2025. It was revealed that even though we were expecting a 2017 visit to Papa Johns, that we will not host the Irish until 2019 in the opening game of the season. That makes up for it a little. It was also announced that we will head back to South Bend in 2020 and the Irish will head back to the oven in 2023. That sounds so far away but sadly it isn’t. The first meeting with the Irish however is this season in South Bend on the 22nd of November. Glad to hear we will keep them in a regular rotation.

Go Cards!


Recruiting Rumors

crystal ball

– As seen here earlier on CSZ, Poona Ford decommitted from Louisville this morning. Despite Twitter rumors, Poona was wavering on his commitment status before Charlie left. This was no surprise and no coach would have been able to solidify this commitment but Charlie.

– It was rumored that Daniel Gresham, former Texas commit, was all but lost once Charlie left but the following tweet gave us hope:

 dgresh2fresh     ‏@DanielGresham33     Protected Tweets            12h

I’m kinda getting excited about Petrino

So there is that…..

– Also with the coaching changes going on around the country, don’t be shocked to see a few guys come back home

– I was told this morning by a reliable source that both Damarcus Smith & Ace Wales will be applying for hardship transfers so they can come home. You got the feeling that neither ever wanted to be anywhere else but Teddy coming forced D.S. out and late with his commitment screwed Ace. interesting to see where this goes.

– Last but not least there is at least one SEC guy who is pondering coming home….Can’t say who but they would be a great get

Go Cards!

Coaches Poll 11/24/13


1. Alabama (11-0) (1544 points) (56 first-place votes)

2. Florida State (11-0) (1488) (6)

3. Ohio State (11-0) (1428)

4. Clemson (10-1) (1289)

5. Auburn (10-1) (1268)

6. Missouri (10-1) (1243)

7. Oklahoma State (10-1) (1225)

8. Baylor (9-1) (1009)

9. South Carolina (9-2) (1003)

10. Stanford (9-2) (981)

11. Michigan State (10-1) (962)

12. Oregon (9-2) (777)

13. Fresno State (10-0) (687)

14. Wisconsin (9-2) (661)

15. LSU (8-3) (646)

16. Louisville (10-1) (603)

17. Oklahoma (9-2) (581)

18. Arizona State (9-2) (574)

19. Central Florida (9-1) (512)

20. Northern Illinois (11-0) (459)

21. Texas A&M (8-3) (410)

22. UCLA (8-3) (257)

23. Southern California (9-3) (210)

24. Duke (9-2) (203)

25. Cincinnati (9-2) (47)

Dropped out: No. 23 Minnesota (8-3, lost to then No. 17 Wisconsin 20-7).

Others receiving votes: Notre Dame (8-3) 17; Minnesota (8-3) 12; Texas (7-3) 12; East Carolina (9-2) 11; Georgia (7-4) 8; Nebraska (8-3) 7; Louisiana-Lafayette (8-2) 6; Miami (Fla.) (8-3) 6; Arizona (7-4) 2; Vanderbilt (7-4) 2.

Sights And Sounds: UCF


The Cards fell to UCF last night 38-35. The Offense was led by Teddy Bridgewater who finished 29-38 for 341 yards and 2 TD, Dominique Brown added 88 yards and 2 TD and James Quick got his first collegiate TD off of a 30 yard fumble recovery that took place on a UCF punt attempt. Devante and Eli were the 2 TD recipients. Preston Brown had 12 tackles and Calvin Pryor added 11 tackles and 1 INT.  Below are some videos and pictures we got from the game, enjoy and remember that the season isn’t over!

Go Cards!

(Don’t forget to check out our facebook page photo gallery for more pictures)

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Louisville Signs Home And Home for 2015 And 2016 In Football


Whereas we don’t know who will take Marshall’s spot in 2014, we found out that there will indeed be decent replacement in rotation in 2015 & 2016. It was announced today that The University of Houston agreed to a home and home with Louisville playing first in Louisville in 2015, then in Houston in 2016.

“We’ve been committed to scheduling quality opponents that reward our fans and provide great competition for our team. When you look at the success sustained by Louisville, we feel like we’ve covered those two factors,” said Mack Rhoades, UH vice president for intercollegiate athletics. “We’ve had great competition with Louisville in the past as evident by the series record, and we look forward to keeping the spirited rivalry alive.”

Go Cards!

Cardinal Athletics: Weekend In Review


Here is what happened the weekend of Friday October 4th through Sunday October 6th around CardNation:

On Friday October 4th:

*In Field Hockey Pels’ Goal in OT Lifts No. 17 Field Hockey to a 2-1 Win over No. 18 Temple

*In Volleyball, Senior outside hitter Emily Juhl had 10 kills and a block to lead the University of Louisville to a 25-19, 25-14, 25-17 sweep of The American Conference foe SMU Friday night in Dallas.

*In Mens Golf, The first day of the seventh annual Brickyard Collegiate golf tournament, Robin Sciot-Siegrist fired a 3-under-par 69 as the University of Louisville Men’s Golf team fired a 1-over par 289. The Cardinals are in fifth place just seven shots behind second-ranked Georgia Tech.

*In Men’s Tennis, The University of Louisville Men’s Tennis team picked up two singles wins and a doubles victory on the first day of Notre Dame’s Bobby Bayliss Invitational. Freshmen Felipe Frias and Eric Bonfre won their singles matches with Frias defeating Western Michigan’s Stephen Payne 3-6,, 6-4, 6-1 and Bonfre topping Cleveland State’s Matt Kuelker 6-2, 6-3. Frias teamed with junior Chris Simich o beat Notre Dame’s Dougie Barnard and Eddy Covalschi 8-5 in doubles.

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Coaches Poll 10-6-13


Rank Team Record Points First Place Votes Previous Rank


5-0 1544 57 1


5-0 1486 4 2


5-0 1356 1 4

Ohio St.

6-0 1356 0 3


5-0 1327 0 5

                Florida St.                

5-0 1188 0 8


4-1 1130 0 6


5-0 1105 0 7

                Texas A&M                

4-1 1067 0 9


5-0 964 0 10


5-1 953 0 11

                South Carolina                

4-1 833 0 12


4-0 807 0 13


5-0 747 0 14


4-0 698 0 16


5-0 591 0 17


4-1 574 0 19


4-1 393 0 15


4-1 366 0 18

                Oklahoma St.                

4-1 350 0 20

                Texas Tech                

5-0 336 0 22

                Fresno St.                

5-0 325 0 21

                Northern Illinois                

5-0 169 0 23


4-1 125 0 25

                Virginia Tech                

5-1 97 0 NR
Schools Dropped Out
Others Receiving Votes
Missouri (5-0) 86; Notre Dame (4-2) 58; Wisconsin (3-2) 29; Michigan State (4-1) 16; Auburn (4-1) 11; Central Florida (4-1) 11; Oregon State (4-1) 8; Rutgers (4-1) 8; Arizona (3-1) 4; Arizona State (3-2) 4; Ball State (5-1) 3; Brigham Young (3-2) 2.

Current Odds For UL/uk 9-11-13


It’s UL/uk game week, so every morning I will update you on the betting odds for this weekends Governors Cup matchup. The spread opened Sunday with Louisville + 7.5. The spread has been updated on multiple sites but the odds show it will be a closer game than most expected it to be. Here are the current odds as of 9:0 A.M. on Tuesday September 11th 2013

Go Cards!

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Current Odds For UL/uk


It’s UL/uk game week, so every morning I will update you on the betting odds for this weekends Governors Cup matchup. The spread opened Sunday with Louisville + 7.5. I am not a betting person so I had to get clarification on if this meant points, Touchdowns or season victories….Then I thought well the points is just ridiculous. But I was wrong. The spread has been updated on multiple sites but the odds show it will be a closer game than most expected it to be. Here are the current odds.

Go Cards!

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AP Top 25 Sept 3


The first AP Top 25 poll of the season has been released and this is what the top 10 looks like:


The Cards move up one spot   from #9 to #8. If you notice the Cards almost caught up to “Johnny Football” at #7, maybe we will get the respect to move up as the season goes, I hope so.

To see full poll go to link below:

Go Cards!

UofL/uk Football Game Moved


Well the news coming out today is that starting next season, the Battle for the Bluegrass will be moved to the final game of the season. Reasons given were scarce but is believed to be a direct result of a request by the ACC and SEC conferences. When asked about it Louisville AD Tom Jurich said he was disappointed in the move.

Go Cards!