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This Thursday could have been Russ Smith vs Louisville (his former team)



I think we are all finished believing the notion that the selection committee doesn’t look for story-lines when making the brackets. I haven’t even looked at a bracket yet, other than when they show up on TV, because for some reason I usually wait until I fill mine out on Tuesday or Wednesday to even look at them. This could be why I never do well. Anyways, even without looking, I do know that Dayton plays Ohio State, so that is a story right there.

For Louisville, there are plenty of story-lines just in their region. In the first game you have Pitino vs Masiello. Then there is a potential Sweet 16 match-up against Kentucky or Wichita State. Remember who the last team was that beat Wichita? On the bottom half of the bracket there are potential match-ups with Duke or Michigan. So Pitino vs Coach K in a rematch of last year’s Regional Final and of course Michigan would be a rematch of the National Championship.

This post is about the story-line that almost was, and thankfully never happened. Take yourself back 3 years ago. Louisville entered the NCAA Tournament and before you know it, Morehead State hit a buzzer beater and Louisville was out of the NCAA Tournament. As is usually the case in the offseason, a Pitino assistant coach got a head coaching job as Steve Masiello was named head coach at Manhattan. The thing that some people may forget is, he almost took a couple Cardinals with him. One was George Goode. The other? Russ Smith.

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