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CSZ News & Notes 2/3/14

Joe Namath

Joe Namath because…well why not?

There has been a lot going on in Louisville sports lately, highlighted by football commitments every 5 minutes (seems like it). So I figured I would get you all caught up here on what has been going on. Consider this your one-stop shop for recent Louisville news. But come back and check out the site later if you want to of course. There will be a lot of links in this post so if you haven’t been able to keep up with news lately, it is all laid out for you.

*National Signing Day is this Wednesday February 5. We will keep you updated on what players become official members of the Louisville football team. Always an exciting day. The day of the fax machine!


*Some people started to get worried about this year’s football recruiting class. Some of us laughed at those people, and for good reason. Petrino and his staff have been getting commitments left and right lately, and here they are (as of now)…

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55 (Episode 12)


This week…..on 55…..

Additions, Subtractions, Super Bowl & JC Penneys? Yeah I try to cover it all. From people going crazy on me to signing day to the omission of a certain someone, it’s here. A powerful and swift campaign swept twitter last Tuesday and you know what? It worked. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …….55

That is a pic of my Doss Jersey in case you were wondering, if you weren’t then I challenge your existence

1) This

Breno Scruggs

2) Louisville First, Cards FOREVER….never forget

3) Hopefully some of the recruits out there who are still deciding pay attention to this

4) Speaking of recruits

5) Trumaine Washington

6) That’s how you show love guys! Click here for more on Trumaine

7) LuKayus Mcneil (click here for more)

8) Charles Standberry (click here for more) No tweets from today

9)  Quincy McKinney

10) So for all of you guys that doubted coach P, we just jumped up into the top 35-40 when some of ya’ll said we would be 70th

11) shaq

12) I tried to tell them Shaq

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George Rushing down to Wisconsin and TCU; eliminates Louisville

George Rushing

George Rushing

If you have followed the George Rushing recruitment, you probably have a headache. Rushing was committed to Louisville when Charlie Strong was here. When Bobby Petrino was hired, Rushing decommitted. Petrino and his staff kept recruiting Rushing and he started to favor the Cards again. In fact, it seemed solid a couple weeks ago that Rushing would end up as apart of the class for Louisville again.

Rushing will announce his decision tonight, and it was thought to be down to Louisville, Wisconsin, and TCU. But now it seems that Louisville has been eliminated and Rushing will decide between the Badgers and Horned Frogs. All signs point to Rushing choosing Wisconsin. We wish him nothing but the best.

Football recruits tweet during their weekend visit to UofL 1-24-14


Here is what the recruits were tweeting about while on Louisville’s campus this weekend. There were 10 total visitors. National Signing Day is Wednesday February 5.

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Football visitors list for 1-24-14

Bobby Petrino 2

Coach Petrino and his staff are hosting another group of recruits this weekend. These “official visit” weekends are huge for the staff since the coaching change and because National Signing Day is just a couple of weeks away. They have to lock down the guys who were committed to the previous staff as well as impress the targets. Here is the list of visitors this weekend for the Cards.

2014 Commits

Desean Blair Desean Blair– 4* wide receiver from Jacksonville, FL.   6’4   185 lbs

*According to our own post here, Blair said that Nebraska was his favorite after visiting them last weekend. However, after Coach Petrino visited his school this week, the Cards pulled even, making this weekend a big one for the Cards with Blair. 

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson– 4* safety from Hialeah, FL.   6’2   190 lbs

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55 (Episode 9)


This week…..on 55…..

Once again I figured on having a pretty uneventful week. Name a new coach, get our recruits lined up and on board with the new staff and carry on. Boy was I wrong. In this weeks 55 I have so much info I may not be able to put a lot of pictures in, or joke on Shawn during the monologue. (Sorry Pal) From Old friends to new ones and commitments given and taken away, this has been quite the week. So sit down and buckle up because this week’s episode is sure to take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

So once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This is….55

1) Poona Ford de-committed

2) Chris Nelson de-committed

3) BOTH are now considering Texas

4) Thanks Charlie…..glad you are not cut like that

5) Charlie Strong

6) Sorry Charlie……

7) George Rushing de-committed from the Cards also as well as Isaiah Ford….hopefully both can find their way back home to the ‘Ville

8) It has been rumored that current Purdue U (PU for short)  RB Dalyn Dawkins may be trying to find his way back home. It was a shame that Charlie didn’t recruit the in-state kids more than he did. More on this later…

9) He stated in an interview after being hired at Texas that he was glad to be in a state that has talent to recruit….or something along those lines. Classy move Chuck

10) Almost as classy as what he says during the following interview…..


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Louisville commits meeting up at the bowl game


One of the reasons that this game is so big for Louisville is the location. To have a bowl game in Florida is awesome when you recruit that state so much. You can have recruits come watch your team in person without having to bring them up for an official visit. So it is like a bonus visit for those guys. Louisville will have a few commits from the class of 2014 in attendance, as well as a former commit who flipped to Miami.

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George Rushing still a solid Louisville commit

George Rushing

There have been some recent rumblings about 2014 WR commit George Rushing possibly decommitting from the Cards. He has even been asked about that himself from “a lot of people.” Rushing went on to say “Yeah everybody keeps asking. Do people think I’m going to decommit? Because I have no such plans. I love the ‘Ville and what they’re doing. Go Cards!”

Rushing is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and attended the Louisville-USF game on Saturday in Tampa. He was on an unofficial visit to USF and wanted to check out the Cards in person.

It certainly sounds like Rushing wants to be a Card.

Here are his highlights from his most recent game this past weekend. He had 3 catches for 91 yards. His school (Cardinal Gibbons) is now 7-1 on the season.

UofL football commits make All-Star game

George Rushing

George Rushing

Year in and year out, some of the best high school football players in the country come from the state of Florida. So when you are selected for an All-Star game in that state, that says a lot about the kind of talent you have. The Louisville Cardinals have 3 players committed for the class of 2014 that will play in the Nike Miami-Dade vs Broward football All-Star game.

Wide receiver George Rushing (Cardinal Gibbons High School) and defensive end Rashawn Shaw (Fort Pierce Central High School) will play on Team Florida, and safety Michael Johnson (Champagnat Catholic of Hialeah) will play on the Miami-Dade team. Rushing said that “I feel honored. I can’t wait to play in the game…I’m honored to played with two of my future teammates. It should be fun and competitive.”

The game will be played in Miramar, FL on December 28.

Some 2014 UofL commits had big games Friday night!


The Cards may be on the bye week, but there are still things to be excited about on this Saturday, and one of those is the future of Cardinal football! This post is all about seeing how a few 2014 UofL commits did in their games on Friday night. These guys put up some big numbers! And another important stat: all of their teams won! It is a big thing if you can recruit kids that are used to winning.

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Louisville WR commit has a big preseason game

George Rushing 2

Louisville commit George Rushing had a pretty good game Friday night to say the least. His Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL) team faced Miami Belen Jesuit in their kickoff classic game, which is a preseason game. Rushing’s team lost 28-27, but led 27-14 going into the 4th quarter when the coach took the starters out of the game. After all, their regular season starts next week, not this week like Kentucky high schools.

Rushing finished with 3 catches for 137 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also had 2 tackles. Here is a highlight video of him from last night. I love the TDs, but I think my favorite one is when the opposing QB hands the ball off and starts to celebrate…you will see!

Cards now have 20 commits for 2014

2014 UofL Football Commits (verbal)


20 commits

Team recruiting rankings (June 28 5:30 p.m.)

Rivals: 9th

Scout: 19th

ESPN: 20th (not updated yet)

247 Sports: 17th

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Football: Updated look at the 17 commits for 2014

2014 UofL Football Commits (verbal)


17 commits

Team recruiting rankings (June 27 10:30 a.m.)

Rivals: 14th

Scout: 21st

ESPN: 20th

247 Sports: 18th

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Classic Conversation between UofL WR Commits



I’m not sure if there has ever been a conversation that oozed CardSwag more than the one you are about to read! CardNation I give you 2014 WR Commits DeSean Blair and George Rushing:

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Football: 2014 commits and rankings (May 22)

Currently the Cards have 14 verbal commits for the class of 2014. Of those 14 players, 8 are from the state of Florida. Coach Strong and staff continue to be a big time presence in the sunshine state when it comes to recruiting. Here is the list of commits so far, as well as their ranking on certain sites. Go Cards!

2014 UofL Football Commits (verbal)


Team recruiting rankings (May 22, 10:00 p.m.)

Rivals: 8th

Scout: 20th

ESPN: 18th

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2014 WR commit George Rushing talks with CSZ

George Rushing

George Rushing

Wide Receiver

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Cardinal Gibbons HS)

6’1   180 lbs

Some other offers: Ole Miss, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Southern Miss, and more.

Twitter: @GR_CloudChaser1

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