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Louisville-Florida State Basketball Fight 1/12/85

Need some motivation for today? Check this one out!

Full Game: Louisville vs Duke 1986 National Championship



To get yourself ready for the big game tomorrow between Louisville and Duke, here is a little throwback game for ya. It’s the full game between the Cards and Blue Devils in the 1986 National Championship. Check out guys like Pervis Ellison, Milt Wagner, and Billy Thompson for the Cards. And then Jay Bilas and Johnny Dawkins for the Blue Devils. The box score is also listed below.

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Russ Smith now #8 Career Scoring Leader in UofL History

Russ Smith

Russ Smith began Thursday night’s game against Temple as the 10th all-time leading scorer in UofL men’s basketball history. He entered the game with 1,707 total points. After scoring 24 points against the Owls, he passed up Herbert Crook (1,723) and Charlie Tyra (1,728). Smith now has 1,731 points. What is most impressive about this? Russ scored a total of 38 points his freshman year! 

Career Scoring Leaders

1. Darrell Griffith – 2,333

2. DeJuan Wheat – 2,183

3. Pervis Ellison – 2,143

4. Reece Gaines – 1,945

5. Milt Wagner – 1,836

6. Derek Smith – 1,826

7. LaBradford Smith -1,806

8. Russ Smith – 1,731

9. Charlie Tyra – 1,728

10. Herbert Crook – 1,723