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College Football Coaches Poll 9-5-17


1 Alabama 1-0
2 Ohio State 1-0
3 Clemson 1-0
4 Penn State 1-0
5 Southern California 1-0
6 Oklahoma 1-0
7 Washington 1-0
8 Michigan 1-0
9 Florida State 0-1
10 Oklahoma State 1-0

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Top Stories For 9-4-17

Here are the top stories at for yesterday September 4th, 2017. Enjoy!

Louisville vs. Purdue Photo Gallery

J’aire Alexander Injury Update

Lamar Jackson Got The Opportunity He Was Waiting For And He Excelled

Lamar & Louisville Defense Turns Lucas Oil Into Windianapolis

Everything You Need to Know: Louisville v. Purdue

UofL Bookstore To Host Donovan Mitchell Autograph Session

University of Louisville Football Press Conference (Purdue & UNC)

UofL Baseball Makes SportsCenter Top 10

UofL Athletics Sends Supplies To Harvey Victims

Justin Thomas Wins Dell Tech Championship

Cardinal Forever, Adam Engel, The Human Highlight Reel

Card Fam: A Member of Our Flock Needs Our Help

Louisville Vs Purdue: Full Game Video

Russ Smith Is Not Giving Up On NBA Dream

Lamar Jackson’s Purdue Post Game Comments

Heisman Watch: Week 1

Coach Petrino Post Game Presser Notes

Lamar Jackson for Heisman… Again

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Top Stories For 9-3-17

After a record day for CSZ where we broke the story of Jaire Alexander’s injury extent, return timetable & Jeff Nunn’s monster photo gallery, Here are yesterday’s top stories at!

Louisville vs. Purdue Photo Gallery

J’aire Alexander Injury Update

Lamar & Louisville Defense Turns Lucas Oil Into Windianapolis

Lamar Jackson for Heisman… Again

Coach Petrino Post Game Presser Notes

Heisman Watch: Week 1

Lamar Jackson’s Purdue Post Game Comments

Top Stories For 9-2-17

Russ Smith Is Not Giving Up On NBA Dream

Video: Lamar Jackson Highlights vs Purdue

Louisville Vs Purdue: Full Game Video

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Top Stories For 9-2-17

Here are the top stories from yesterday, September 2nd, 2017:

Lamar & Louisville Defense Turns Lucas Oil Into Windianapolis

Louisville Uniforms – Game 1

Recruiting Notebook: Romeo, Brown, Days, Simons, Ramey Update

Nunnsense: Playoffs Or Bust?

Why The Chicago Bulls Should Take A Chance On Russ Smith

Anfernee Simons Stock Continues To Rise!!

What UofL Football Means To Me (Katie Goben)

Photo Gallery: Volleyball Upsets #24 WKU in Cardinal Classic

The Barbour Shop: Season’s Greetings

2017 UofL Football Position Breakdowns

The Front Paige: The Dawn of a New Era

My Life & My Team: What Louisville Football Means To Me

Matt Leinart Talks With Lamar Jackson

What’s Left To Prove For Lamar Jackson??

CSZ Staff Makes Their 2017 Season Predictions

CSZ Staff Makes Prediction for the Purdue Game (The Worst)

Make Sure To Check Out The Official Stats Website For Lamar Jackson

College Football Games To Watch – Week 1

UofL Men’s Basketball Announces Exhibition Against Simmons College

Video: Teddy Bridgewater Delivers Inspiring Sideline Interview

2017 UofL Football Depth Chart

Look What You Made Him Do

Lamar & Louisville Defense Turns Lucas Oil Into Windianapolis


I can finally breathe. We pull out a win vs a team we should’ve destroyed and it is all due to overconfidence imo. The things we did wrong are very fixable. They’ve been working all summer so why do they need to be fixed? You might say. Playing against another team is different from playing against your own in practice. I sat down to write this story and I was like crap, i am not good at breakdowns, that’s Mitch &JK thing. Since my entire team went to Indianapolis for the game & are probably passed out somewhere I decide to give it a shot. I would not call it a recap though but I will call it a summary. Here are my takeaways (Honorary Tax Boy) from tonight’s game…

  • Lamar picked up where he left off amassing 485 yards & 2TD
  • Center struggled hearing count but all in all not a bad night from the O-Line
  • You can work on the penalties we had, most were due to inexperience
  • There was no rushing game except from Lamar BUT he made the right decisions/reads on when to hand off or keep
  • Lamar’s accuracy looks improved
  • Special teams were a few blocks away from blowing this game open, that too can be worked on
  • 1-0 is 1-0
  • The Tax Boys came to collect on that a** tonight, Should’ve called them the IRS instead

  • Defense Wins Championships
  • Hopefully J’aire is out a week max and is back for Clemson
  • D-Line got little to no penetration (giggety) until Purdue fatigued, this needs to change
  • Need to secure the ball better. The turnovers were preventable and this game could’ve, should’ve been out of hand
  • Dez is gonna be a star. They keep doubling Jaylen & Dez gonna make them pay…
  • For the love of God Louisville Twitter stop overreacting, that is what use to set us apart from uk fans. Use to…..
  • WR made a few erroes but looked like they were seeing the ball well and making effortless catches. As a former TE I like to see that.
  • We marched into a difficult city & Stadium for us to win in and turned Indianapolis into Windianapolis

That is all for my account of tonight’s game. Thanks for reading.

Go Cards, Beat The Tar Heels

P.S.-Don’t Forget to check CSZ tomorrow for Photo Galleries from the staff! Jeff Nunn was on the field for this one.

Click on more below for Stats

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CSZ Staff Makes Their 2017 Season Predictions



2017 Season Predictions

Justin: 10-2. I can understand the argument for 11-1, 10-2 or even 9-3. Louisville has the talent for yet another big season, but for them to succeed and reach double-digit wins, they have to do three things; shore up the turnover problems, find a work-horse running back and have a top 30 defense (at least). If Louisville wants to take the next step, they cannot play down to their competition (ex: games against Wake Forest and Virginia).

For now, I think 10-2 is the safe prediction. Lamar will remind everyone why he is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, and perhaps win it again. Louisville, for once, will finish their home slate undefeated but fall short twice on the road (@ Florida State and either NC State or Kentucky).

Shawn: 11-1 with close wins v. Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest and Virginia. Close loss at FSU. Every other game we should have a good chance to see Jawon Pass play.

Jeremy: 12-1 with NY6 bowl victory against Ohio State. Just outside of the playoff.

Mitch: 11-1 with a CFP berth.

Higgy: 12-0, it’s an omen Bobby always does best in his fourth year.

Katie: 11-1, I believe it will be a close game at GSU. I think the loss to FSU keeps us out of the playoffs and it becomes deja vu from the Clemson loss last year. Lamar repeats as Heisman.

Jeff Nunn: I think this is the year the Cards do not have a head scratching loss, and go 11-1. With a road loss to FSU, the Cards won’t get to play in the ACC Championship. They’ll win a New Year’s Six Bowl game and finish sixth in the final poll.

Paige Sherrard: 10-2. We drop a game to FSU and some random team we shouldn’t lose to, but it’s that game we have every season. Lamar Jackson has a stellar Heisman campaign. We go to a New Years Six bowl.

CSZ Staff Makes Prediction for the Purdue Game


Justin: 56-31 Louisville. This will be a game the bettors will hate, because both will score a lot of points but a lot of uncertainty regarding whether or not Purdue will cover (or in this case, push). Jeff Brohm is a motivator of men, and his teams at Western Kentucky were uber-exciting. Purdue will be ready and put up a spirited effort, but their defensive issues will lead to another vintage showing for Lamar Jackson.


Jeremy: 63-20 Louisville. Lamar go nuts on the haters then at the end after the victory formation, None other than Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and gives everyone in Black & Gold a stunner.

Shawn: 69-23 Louisville.  Bobby wants everyone to go home with a feeling. Lamar takes Purdue’s souls and Jawon Pass gets some clock. Defense plays well and shows flashes of dominance.

Paige: 56-14 Louisville. Lamar has six TDs. Two rushing. Four passing.

Jeff Nunn: 52-17 Louisville. Jawon Pass gets his first collegiate touchdown. Lamar has 4 TD’s. Reggie Bonnafon has over 125 combined yards and Jaire get’s an interception.

Mitch Motley: UL 59 Purdue 13

Cody: 63-14 Louisville. Bobby opens the game with a trick play touchdown

2017 UofL Football Position Breakdowns

It is Football eve. I woke up this morning with an extra spring in my step. It feels more and more like Christmas every year. I do not get to go to Indy due to my Dad’s health but I can only imagine how you all that get to go feel. It is the beginning of a new season. YES! The dead period is over! If you are like me you have been hungry (Calm down Higgy) for some Football. I want to make sure that it is accessible for you. Justin Krueger & Mitch Motley spent the whole Summer breaking down this UofL Football team and they did a phenomenal job. Here is your one stop shop for’s position Breakdowns. Please take a minute to read all of these great pieces. I hope this gets you hype for Indy because tomorrow, we Football.

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Gracie’s Journey Benefit THIS Saturday Night


We normally just stick to sports here at, (At least that’s what you all tell us to do) but today is different. I want to promote an event this Saturday night that touches my soul. Gracie is a 5 year old little girl who is in desperate need of a wheelchair. She was born with not 1 but 2 two rare genetic conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Congenital Myopathy. Her mom Kristy Hardison along with CSZ site friend Brandon Ables, who’s fighting in the main event, have put together this great event to help Gracie get the wheelchair that she needs. At this event 93.9 The Ville’s Steve Rummage will be the guest ring announcer and I will be involved somehow too, hopefully to hit someone with a chair. There will be a lot of pro-wrestling memorabilia up for raffle as well as lunch with the hardcore legend, Mick Foley! Come out and watch two wrestling fanatics in me & Steve be involved in our very first event!


There has been a gofundme account set up for Gracie, give here!

Back to the important person in this equation, Gracie. I asked Gracies mom to break down what is going on with Gracie for you since I knew I couldn’t do it justice and here is what Kristy had to say.


JW: Tell everyone who doesn’t know Gracie about her and where they can follow her on her journey

Kristy: Oh absolutely. She has a Facebook page I have been posting on for years now so please feel free to check that out @GraciesJourney2012. Grace has two rare genetic conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Congenital Myopathy. The EDS means that she lacks collagen between her joints and this causes frequent pain, sublaxation and can cause easy dislocations. Congenital Myopathy means she was born with low muscle tone.


JW: What is the actual diagnosis or treatment for these

Kristy: For Grace there is no time-table of when things will progress or how but we continue to follow up with her specialist for extended care. We will be visiting Vanderbilt Childrens in November to see a genetic specialist who specializes in EDS.


JW: I see, How did Brandon Ables get involved?

Kristy: Brandon and I work together. He has come to know Grace through the office in which he has treated her for allergy and sinus problems and he hears many of my calls out and from many of her medical specialist. He asked me if he could help and I agreed. I felt like if nothing more came from this it would at least raise awareness for those who suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Many who suffer from this rare genetic disorder, suffer differently.


JW: That is awesome of him to help and shows the kind of parent you are to get out and raise awareness as well. Thank you for your time Kristy!

Kristy: Thank you for all of your help as well


If you have any questions about the event or anything contact myself, Brandon Ables (@BigTicketables) or Kristy Hardison (@Shearkris) or even go to Facebook where we all 3 have profiles & you can also find Gracies Journey as well. On this weeks @RingsidePodcast, myself, @DanielSpencer & @Kruegermania talked to Brandon about this event. Click on it below and give it a listen. Thank you all for your time!

Cards Looking To Bounce Back With All Things ACC


It is no secret that the University of Louisville football team graduated a ton of talent last season. Cardinal Sports Zone’s very own Jeremy Wahman sat down with All Things ACC to discuss who to look out for this year on the field.

CSZ Podcast: Baseball Tournament Edition

It’s been awhile but the time folks at CSZ have come back to the podcast airwaves. Jeremy, Matt McGavic & Justin Krueger break down the upcoming NCAA Baseball Tournament. LJ was nice enough to come in and reluctantly produce it. We talked about the bracket overall, UofL’s pod & ppl mad online about Dan McDonnell. Is it Omaha or bust for the Cards? Tune in to hear what we think.

Listen to CSZ Baseball Preview by The Nest #np on #SoundCloud

Go Cards!

The Nest Episode 13: Well That Sucked

On this episode we talk about the season that was and look forward to Cardinal Basketball next year. We talk about Spring Football, Lady Cards, the Cardinal Nine, and more. Tune in.


The Nest Episode 11: March Gladness

On this episode we break down the ACC tournament and our rematch against Duke. We talk to The Crunchzone’s TBG as well as Courier Journal’s Jeff Greer live from Brooklyn. The crew gives thier ACC tourney predictions and we debate who’s jersey deserves to be retired. Joined by Stu from Cardinal Phone Repair. Tune in!

The Nest Podcast Episode 10:Woke Forest & DoorMatt


On this episode LJ, Jeremy, Nunn & Krueger recap the Syracuse beatdown and vent about the Wake Forest game. We discuss the ACC tournament and how it could shape up. Phone lines were opened and we also talk about who we want to see on future schedules (Hoops,Football). All that plus a venting session and wings on this episode of The Nest brought to you by Cardinal Phone Repair &!


The Nest: All RILED Up And It S-U-C-K’s (Episode 9)


On the episode we are joined by WDRB’s Jason Riley. We break down the V-Tech win and UNC loss. We preview the upcoming rematch with Syracuse and the Cards trip to Winston-Salem to face Wake Forest. The crew debates which song should the football team run out to and more. Plus we vent. All that and more on this episode, tune in.

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The Nest Episode 7: Deng It Mango!


On this episode we break down the highs of a win against Boston College and the lows of a loss to Virginia. We address missed curfew-gate and also dive into a preview of the Miami and Syracuse games. Stu from Cardinal Phone Repair stops by and we discuss the worst sports analysts past and present. You will NOT want to miss this episode!

The Nest: That Boy’s Mad (Episode 6)


On this episode we welcome Twitter legend TBG into the show. We recap the dismantling of NC State, the legend of David Levitch, what to expect in both the Boston College and Virginia games, crootin’, and we also vent at the end. Smash the play button and enjoy.


The Nest Episode 5: Holy Pitt!!



This week on the nest we have a full house and we weren’t playing Cards. (Non pun intended) LJ, Jeremy, Paige, Matt and Krueger sat down and discussed the week in basketball for one. Nunn was posted up in the corner like a man possessed. Like a man who’d been cheated out of pizza & wasn’t gonna take it anymore. FSU, Pitt, Signing Day & LJ had a great question about sacrifice we all discussed. We are also pretty sure Nunn did not predict the leading scorer for NCST. Catch all of this & more on the Nest….


CSZ Asks & CardNation Responds



Tonight we took to Twitter to find out what everyone thought about the game & their outlook on the season going forward. You guys know what I think. When we are at full strength we still have one big problem. Droughts & situational shot selection. It has to change because we have the talent to go a long way if corrected. I also asked the contributors to give their thoughts. This is what they came up with.

First off, some of the Contributors thoughts:

@LJThaFiasc0-Encouraging to know that we almost won with 3 backup players and our best shooter going 2-10

@GeneralWasp-It’s still very optimistic. FSU is a damn good squad, we were without one of our more dynamic playmakers, and we only lost by 5. My concern is that the last few games, we’ve struggling in the first 5-10 minutes of the game. We can come back against Clemson. We can’t do that against FSU

@PaigeS_502– I think this team is poised for a great run in March. Q being hurt gives his backups good minutes for practice which will come in handy in the tournament.

@KruegerMania-About what I expected. The Q injury blows but I think Louisville will be fine until he returns, as long as they can run their offense. Defense is fine.

@UofLNunn– Can’t complain about the record when you take into consideration the strength of schedule. I still believe this is a final 4 team.


Now CardNation speaks:

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The Nest Episode 4: Q’s Hip & O-Line Flips


On this episode we recap the Duke win and also look at what the next few games are going to be like without Quentin Snider. We discuss the addition of Mike Summers and what it means to Lousiville Football going forward. The crew talks about which player(s) they are excited to see for football next year. Also, we vent, and I yell at Krueger. All that and more on this episode.