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Kyle’s Korner: 5/4/15

Kyle Kuric

By Kyle Kuric:

Hey CardFam! It’s been a long month but I finally have had some time these past few days to catch up.

We ended up advancing far into the Eurocup championships, beating some really tough teams. I got a chance to play against Juan Palacios and his team, Karsiyaka in Izmir, Turkey, winning both games with a score differential of +10.

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Kyle’s Korner: 3/16/15



By Kyle Kuric:

Hey Cardfam!

It is Kyle Kuric from Spain! I wanted to thank everyone again for donating toys to my Christmas Toy Drive! Mangok and Anas had a great time delivering them and putting smiles on the kids faces.

I am currently playing for Herbalife Gran Canaria located in the Canary Islands. The team plays in 2 leagues the Spanish ACB  league and the Eurocup league. I’ll talk about the Eurocup league this time.

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Who is your starting 5 of Rick Pitino players at UofL?

Villanova v Louisville

My friend Chris Tingley posed this question to me a couple of weeks ago, and it is very interesting and fun to talk about. Of all the players that Rick Pitino has coached at the University of Louisville, who would be your starting 5? Now I will say that some players did play multiple positions, and after discussion, we decided to only have each player on 1 poll. So guys like Francisco Garcia, Larry O’Bannon, Ellis Myles, and Samardo Samuels had to be placed in only 1 category, even though we are well aware that those guys (and others) could be on different polls.

Please vote for each position. This will run until the end of the week on Thursday night, so that will give us time to get the word out all week and get as many people as possible to vote on this.