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This Year Is Different

Photo: AP Photo/Bill Haber

Photo: AP Photo/Bill Haber

With the exception of the 2012-2013 season, there’s no secret that John Calipari has had Rick Pitino’s number in head-to-head match-ups. Louisville has been dominant in recent years, as has Kentucky. Both with National Titles, Final Fours, conference championships, both coaches getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, and highly ranked recruited classes all in the last five years. Those are accomplishments any school would proud of to have, and that’s an understatement. Really, just read those accomplishments and think about how much success both programs have had in just the last five years. But for whatever reason, despite all that success and even having the better team in some of those years, Rick can’t seem to beat Cal.

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Battle for the Bluegrass: Louisville vs. Kentucky. Need I Say More??

Jeff Walz


Louisville PROUD: The Louisville Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats Battle for the Bluegrass is the nation’s most heated rivalries. The Cardinals head to a hostile Rupp Arena on Thursday evening, hoping to end the No. 8 Cats win streak.

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UofL fans “Wanted” it, UK fans “Needed” it

Nobody was shocked by the fact that last Friday was an epic encounter between 2 teams playing great basketball. What did shock us however was what followed.

UofL has always been perceived as “Little Brother”, a role that we and our AD Tom Jurich are perfectly fine with. Little Bro has been doing pretty good for himself lately: Men’s and women’s Final Four, National Championships, BCS Bowls, College World Series, and National Champions in many other sports. Louisville has been on an incredible run as a University and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon and that apparently has gotten under the skin of BBN.

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UofL vs UK position battles: Point Guards

Louisville Kentucky

All this week we will be breaking down the match-ups at each position for the Louisville vs Kentucky basketball game for this Saturday December 28. Today we begin with the point guard position.



Chris Jones

Season Avg:

Points: 13.5

Assist: 2.7

Rebounds: 2.6

Steals: 2.1

Turnover: 1.3

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