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The ACC Digital Network Asks: Is Lamar Jackson The Best RB In The Nation


Jeff Fischel & @theACCDN says what we all know. Lamar Jackson Is the best Quarterback in the nation. But they ask, is Lamar the best running back in the nation too? Watch this video and judge for yourself.

BucketHatism: NC State


“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

Thank you, please be seated.  Before we begin the BHK would like to address an incident that happened on the inter-webs last week.  During the recent presidential debate the BHK had a brain fart and actually engaged in a profanity laced tirade with a Twitter follower.  Though no one wins in this situation, the BHK took the bait and things went downhill from there.  What I don’t condone is the threats against the other person involved. The BHK appreciates all his supporters but he is not a fan of alleged death threats the other party claims to have received.  Everyone chill out, Twitter is just a place for us to vent, laugh, talk about binge watching, predict who dies on The Walking Dead, make fun of slapd*cks, use BOFA jokes, and lambaste Logan’s Roadhouse food all in 140 characters or less.  That being said, lets get to the notes from this past weekend’s curbstomping of NC State.

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Louisville vs N.C. State: Postgame Recap


Photo Credit

After what many considered to be a sub par performance against Duke last week, the Louisville football team bounced back in impressive fashion. The Cardinals thumped the Wolfpack from the opening snap and never looked back. The final score read Louisville 54-N.C. State 13, and it could’ve been worse had it not been for a scoreless 3rd quarter from the Cards.

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Comparing Lamar To Past Heisman Winners


Photo: Louisville 1st Instragram posted this article compating Lamar’s touchdown pace with previous Heisman winners. Where does Lamar stand versus some of the best to ever play the game? You already know. Through 7 games Lamar has 34 touchdowns. Here is a list from the article of recent Heisman winner through 7 games…  Read the rest of this entry

Lamar Jackson Highlight Reel Vs NCST

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

Lamar was remarkable today once again. A statement was made today and that statement was: give me the Heisman. Lamar Jackson accounted for 431 yards and 4 touchdowns and set the single season record for touchdowns in a season. (34). Here is a highlight video put together by the ACC Digital Network showcasing his gr8 day.

UL 54 NCST 13 Press Conference

NC State logo

Louisville v. NC State Preview

Louisville NC State


Last Time: Louisville marched out to a 17-7 halftime lead on two touchdowns from freshman Lamar Jackson, and held off NC State en route to a 20-13 win in Raleigh. Jackson had 107 yards passing on 10-of-27 passing, but added 121 more on the ground, including a 68-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. The Louisville defense held an NC State offense with Jacoby Brissett to 228 total yards.

Louisville leads the all-time series 5-1.

About the NC State Wolfpack

The Wolfpack are led by head coach Dave Doeren, who was tasked with leading them back into the ACC Title fold after former coach Tom O’Brien was fired in 2012. NC State has improved under Doeren’s tenure, but they haven’t secured a marquee win in the era (in spite of coming so close to winning at Clemson last week). The Wolfpack haven’t necessarily been a force in the ACC, but they’ve not been terrible either.

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Lamar Jackson: What If I Told You (Video)


Pretty cool video from the ACC Digital Network on Lamar’s ability to amaze us all. Check it out!

Lamar Jackson Press Conference


Today Lamar Jackson met with the media. Here’s the video from the press conference.

Lamar Jackson Fulfills Wish Of Local Teen Battling Cancer


Photo: Matt Stone  @mattstonephotog

If you don’t follow or read Andre Adelson then you are really missing out. In my opinion she is the best. I have not met her but I will one day. This story is one that makes you remember that there is more to life than just sports and that sports can be used as a tool for the betterment of the world. I’m proud of Lamar and all my Cardinal family. I pray for this young lady,  her friends and her family. If you only read one story today, please read this story… Read the rest of this entry

Lamar Jackson On SportsCenter


Someone had just told him we were going live too. Crazy. Thanks to whomever spread the word. Moving forward. The Sophomore sensation that is sweeping the nation was on SportsCenter this morning. I had a ton of you ask me to find the video. Ask and you shall receive. Here is Action Jackson’s appearance on SC.

Lamar Jackson on SportsCenter

Lamar Jackson: Heisman Moments


Here’s an awesome video by @UofLFootball compiling Lamar Jackson’s greatest moments of the season. I hope you enjoy.

Friday Night Fight, Part 2: Louisville v. Duke


Photo: 247 Sports

Last Time: The Duke Blue Devils marched to a 13-point lead in the second half, but behind Damion Lee’s 24 points, the Cardinals were able to rally back and take a 71-64 win over the Blue Devils, avenging their loss two weeks earlier at Cameron Indoor Arena.

Wait a minute, this is football we’re talking about here. Duke and Louisville have only played each other once, a 40-3 blowout victory for the Cardinals in 2002. Dave Ragone went 23/34 for 258 yards and two touchdowns, while Henry Miller accounted for 92 yards and a touchdown in the blowout victory. Louisville overcame four turnovers while holding Duke to 175 total yards.

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Friday Night Oven Lights


Louisville can lay claim to being the first to do a few things. We all know Louisville Basketball in the 80’s were the first invent and execute the “High Five”. We know that the first pizza John Schnatter ever baked was in a broom closet here in Louisville. The first coach to lead 3 schools to the Final Four and also the first coach to win championships at two different schools is currently calling plays on Main St. here in Louisville.  The first person to say he was the G.O.A.T and actually back it up was born and raised here.

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Nunnsense: Lamar Doesn’t Need To Win The Heisman, But He Should


Before this football season started we as Louisville fans had high expectations. We heard Robert Patrick Petrino say the goal was to win a national championship and he wanted to get back to lighting up the scoreboard. Petrino’s words did nothing to temper expectations. Most realistic Louisville fans knew that winning a national championship was a long shot. Making the college football playoffs seemed like a long shot also but most believed that we had a better shot to make the playoffs than Kentucky had to make a bowl game. So you’re saying there’s a chance.  Read the rest of this entry

Midseason Awards Leaders

American Football Close up on Field with yard lines in the distance


We are halfway through the season and has released their predictions for the various player awards. The Heisman, offensive & defensive player of the year awards to name a few. Spoiler Alert: A certain Card is on a few of the lists. You will never guess who. (sarcasm font) predictions

Stats Prove Louisville Football Is The Most Explosive Team In College Football

(Photo Cred:

(Photo Cred:

I knew we were putting up some big numbers on the football field. After checking out this video is am truly in awe. Total Offense, 30 yard plays, yards per completion…etc. We are doing it all. Please take a moment to watch this video and pick your jaw up off the ground afterwards. People got a week off from hearing about Louisville & Lamar….time for the rest of the country to get sick of hearing about him all over again. Enjoy.

Lamar Jackson’s Top 8 Plays Of The Season


Jeff Fischel & the awesome people at the ACC Digital Network do a great job. I wake up wondering what I will see next from them. This time they put together a highlight reel of the top 8 plays of the year from #8 Lamar Jackson. Enjoy..

The ACC Digital Network Plays Of The Month (September)



The Front Paige: Grading Clemson


1…2…3…4…  1…2…3…4.

It was dubbed the best game of the college football season and it certainly did not disappoint. The (then) Number 3 Louisville Cardinals entered a Death Valley that takes no prisoners. While the game may not have ended in the Cardinals favor, the experience was one fans will never forget.

The Tailgate

From tailgates to a perfect southern college town feel, the second you roll into Clemson, South Carolina, it is clear these folks don’t play when it comes to Tiger football. Orange and purple tents line the campus and the surrounding streets for miles. Almost every tailgate has a sign attached to the tent, “The so-and-so Family Tailgate.” At first I thought the family tailgate signs were only for decoration. But after spending a good 45 minutes trying to find friends in lot six, I realized the signs are not only adorable, but completely necessary.

Clemson fans spare no expense when it comes to tailgating. Every tailgate had a spread of food that would rival a Golden Corral buffet. Each table was lined with a Clemson tablecloth and had fancy football themed centerpieces with gorgeous fall flowers. Many tailgaters not only have amazing spreads, but they have extravagant party busses decorated in Clemson colors from floor to ceiling. I’m talking purple leather seats and Tiger paws painted on the ceiling. And Clemson fans don’t just bring one television to tailgate. Oh no, they bring multiple TVs to watch multiple games at one time. Louisville tailgates are awesome, but this was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Clemson gets an A+ in tailgating.

The Fans

Anyone who went to Clemson two years ago for the first matchup between Louisville and Clemson at Death Valley came home raving about the southern hospitality provided by Clemson fans. Last year, Louisville fans were all but threatened to provide the same southern hospitality to Clemson fans as they experienced game day in Louisville.

Arriving in Clemson, I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t tell if the hospitality was genuine or fake. The past two years, Clemson fans did not see Louisville as a threat. But this year, the Louisville Cardinals stormed into Death Valley as the number three team in the nation, riding a huge wave of hype from national pundits and touting the Heisman frontrunner in quarterback Lamar Jackson. This year, Clemson fans were admittedly scared.

For the most part, Clemson fans were extremely courteous. The southern hospitality is real from the older fans. But as always, you have a few younger fans that are flat out rude. Special shout out to the college-aged guys who rolled through Red Rage Tailgate like they were celebrities and about knocked over the bar while talking major smack. Twice.

For the most part, the fans I experienced while tailgating were extremely hospitable. I was welcomed to Clemson at least 100 times. However, once inside the stadium, the bad fans came out. The nice southern gentleman sitting next to me was disgusted with the bad mouthing Clemson fans. He said he was a Clemson season ticket holder and the fans running their mouth were NEVER at the games. But they showed up in full force for Louisville. He apologized several times. From Bobby Petrino motorcycle jokes to booing Louisville’s hurt players, the group of fans sitting a few rows back from me was obnoxious. Special shout out to the college-aged guy in a purple sports coat that was ten sizes too big and an orange tie. Yes, Louisville fans know what’s about to, “hit us.” Louisville plays Clemson every year. Oh, and your motorcycle/neck brace jokes were not original or creative. We’ve heard them all before. We deal with UK fans on a daily basis.

While the majority of the Clemson fans were extremely respectful and nice, it was the few bad fans that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Unfortunately, I have to give the Clemson fans a C.