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UNC’s Larry Fedora: Discussing Louisville

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Photo Cred & Transcript via: The ACC Network

Coach Larry Fedora: We are looking forward to our first conference opener. Fortunate to have it at our place at home. This will be a heck of a chore against a tremendous player, a really good football team, a team that is coached very well, but we’re looking forward to finding out who we are.

What do you need to see from your quarterbacks this week in practice to kind of help you make a decision on who’s your guy for Saturday?

Coach Larry Fedora: You know, really we just need to see consistency, need to see the guys that are going to understand the game plan, be able to pick it up as quickly as possible because you’ve got two days to put it in. You know, who’s going to be able to handle that, move the chains, and make this unit better when they’re on the field.

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