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55 (Episode 9)


This week…..on 55…..

Once again I figured on having a pretty uneventful week. Name a new coach, get our recruits lined up and on board with the new staff and carry on. Boy was I wrong. In this weeks 55 I have so much info I may not be able to put a lot of pictures in, or joke on Shawn during the monologue. (Sorry Pal) From Old friends to new ones and commitments given and taken away, this has been quite the week. So sit down and buckle up because this week’s episode is sure to take you on an emotional roller-coaster of a ride.

So once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This is….55

1) Poona Ford de-committed

2) Chris Nelson de-committed

3) BOTH are now considering Texas

4) Thanks Charlie…..glad you are not cut like that

5) Charlie Strong

6) Sorry Charlie……

7) George Rushing de-committed from the Cards also as well as Isaiah Ford….hopefully both can find their way back home to the ‘Ville

8) It has been rumored that current Purdue U (PU for short)  RB Dalyn Dawkins may be trying to find his way back home. It was a shame that Charlie didn’t recruit the in-state kids more than he did. More on this later…

9) He stated in an interview after being hired at Texas that he was glad to be in a state that has talent to recruit….or something along those lines. Classy move Chuck

10) Almost as classy as what he says during the following interview…..


12) Yep you heard him right, he was job hunting before our bowl game….SMH Read the rest of this entry

Charlie StrongArm


Yeah Charlie, we see you. After a week or so of you taking the reigns at Texas, we see you. Our recruits are being poached yet we weren’t big time enough for you. Our supportive, nice crowds weren’t good enough but those rowdy Texans down there are gonna treat you right (Yeah I seen the T-Shirt). Here is what Charlie StrongArmed us into believing, that he confirmed in a recent interview. Glad to be in the state of Texas where it has so much talent. The state of Kentucky lacked talent. OK. The state of Texas has 26.5 million people, the state of Kentucky has 4.4 million. There will be an unbalance of talent….it’s simple math. Let’s go through a list of guys who weren’t talented enough for Charlie Strong.

Ace Wales, Dalyn Dawkins, Jason Hatcher, Ryan White, Damarcus Smith, Lloyd Tubman, Jalen Boyd and McKale McKay were all taken for granted. Even Jalen Reeves-Maybin, son of Marques, got no looks and he is a local legend. All made plays at big time programs this past season. I am sure there are more. I know what you are going to say. Ace messed his opportunity up, or he recruited the others but they chose other schools. I can tell you this much. It is not always what it seems. I am friends with several of the aforementioned kids’ parents and they all said at one point or another that they were shocked that they didn’t hear more from the Cards throughout their recruitment. They were afraid that their kids would get here and be forgotten. I never wanted to believe that Charlie didn’t want our kids, but I do now. I will tell you this though, with Petrino here don’t be surprised to see one or more of those kids come back home. He has always appreciated the homegrown talent.

Go Cards!

P.S.- Don’t forget to check back with the site or on Twitter at 7:55 tonight for this weeks episode of 55. I elaborate on this topic there.

****Update On Recruiting Rumors****


Just got off the phone with a source. He informed me that if James Franklin is named the new HC at Penn State, 4* DE Lloyd Tubman may be back on the market. The current Vandy commit is a huge James Franklin guy so it would not surprise me to see him follow his coach up to Penn State if he is named the new Head Coach.

What does this have to do with Louisville you may be asking? The source informed me that the Cards have a good shot of flipping the commitment to Louisville. Charlie never offered Tubman despite Tubmans interest. Coach Strong did not recruit the city as well as he should have in my opinion so flipping a 4* commit would be great after todays news of decommits.

Source tells me if he decommits Tubman would consider Penn State, Louisville, Kentucky, Nebraska, & Purdue

Here are some Highlights:

Go Cards!