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Comparing the stats: Louisville vs Kentucky football



Here are some interesting stats comparing UL and UK football from These stats are also filtered to get averages against POWER 5 teams only. This takes away Louisville’s game against Samford and Kentucky’s game against Charlotte. Stats in those games can be very misleading.

Total Defense

18 UL    325.2 ypg

50 UK   395.8 ypg

Total Offense

60 UL    381 ypg

75 UK    351 ypg

The common response when you tell a UK fan about these stats and how we are better is something about SOS or asking who we have played. Well……

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Battle of the REDgrass; don’t bring a cat to a dogfight 

Photo: USAToday

Photo: USAToday

Tis the season, my friends and foes. Giving thanks, sure. But giving grief, absolutely.

The week fans have had circled, underlined, and plenty of exclamation points leading up to opening weekend, because duh… It’s the most locally anticipated game of the season.

For one, the rivalry.

For two… Bowl eligibility.

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Bobby Petrino’s Comments at Governor’s Cup Luncheon

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

The Governor’s Cup Luncheon was held in Frankfort on Wednesday, almost 6 months before the actual football game between the Cards and Cats, but that’s another story. Steve Jones of the Courier-Journal posted a transcript of everything that Bobby Petrino had to say, and you can see most of that here.


It’s a pleasure to be here today. I want to thank Kroger for the sponsorship of the great event today (golf outing for charity) and the event we had last night (cocktail party in Frankfort). Also I’d like to congratulate all of the honorees (Jeff Brohm, Tom Andrews, Gary Barnes among former U of L players and Mark Higgs, Jerry Blanton and Mike Cassity among UK guys). It’s kind of special for me to be here today and see Jeff (be honored). I had the pleasure of getting to know Jeff when he was injured in the training room when I was an assistant coach at the University of Louisville. Then when I got the job, he was one of the first phone calls I made when we were looking at putting a staff together. He’s also an excellent coach and always done a great job. He did a great job at Western Kentucky last year, and we wish him all the best. It’s good to see Coach Cassity (be honored). Since I’ve known Coach Cassity, he’s gotten better and better each year that he’s been done playing. If you don’t believe me, just ask him. (laughter.) We also got to spend time working together at two different programs (U of L and WKU). It’s kind of a special day for me today to see the two of them (honored).

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Has UK Offensive Coordinator lost his mind??….Yes

In today’s comedic relief, UK Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown had some words for the Cards:

When you take a break from the constant laughter that I’m sure broke out when you seen this, think about that phrase: “The Show”. Last year “The Show”, as our friend from Mark Blankenbaker points out, beat 2 teams that had a combined ZERO FBS wins.

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My Governor’s Cup Prediction: Pain


That about sums up my prediction for how the kitty cats will feel on Saturday afternoon. So you can take that and move on, or read on if you care to. Sometimes with this blog, I just report the facts and keep everything professional. This time? Not so much. I am going into 100% fan-mode here, because that is what I am first and foremost.

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