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Get Excited: “The Show in the State” comes to PJCS this Saturday

Kentucky football

Photo: John Clay


If you are a Louisville football season ticket holder, the time you are waiting for all season has come. You had to suffer through bad home games like Miami and Florida State, but it was all worth it. Getting wins over ACC opponents like NC State and Wake Forest were just to pass the time. Any game you went to, it was just an event to hold us all over. It was all leading to this week. You know, when “the show in town, in the state” finally visits Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Oh yes folks, we are blessed that Kentucky football is coming to put the show on display in front of our very eyes.

Don’t know what I am referring to? Back in April of this year, UK Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown had this to say after mentioning that there were no pro teams in the area. “The other team doesn’t want to hear that, but it’s it. We’re the show in town, in the state.” Good to know.

Let’s take a look at how the state (Commonwealth) of Kentucky has been represented by “The Show” this season. They are our leaders, so for the sake of all of us, surely it has gone well…

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Has UK Offensive Coordinator lost his mind??….Yes

In today’s comedic relief, UK Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown had some words for the Cards:

When you take a break from the constant laughter that I’m sure broke out when you seen this, think about that phrase: “The Show”. Last year “The Show”, as our friend from Mark Blankenbaker points out, beat 2 teams that had a combined ZERO FBS wins.

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