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55 (Episode 12)


This week…..on 55…..

Additions, Subtractions, Super Bowl & JC Penneys? Yeah I try to cover it all. From people going crazy on me to signing day to the omission of a certain someone, it’s here. A powerful and swift campaign swept twitter last Tuesday and you know what? It worked. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …….55

That is a pic of my Doss Jersey in case you were wondering, if you weren’t then I challenge your existence

1) This

Breno Scruggs

2) Louisville First, Cards FOREVER….never forget

3) Hopefully some of the recruits out there who are still deciding pay attention to this

4) Speaking of recruits

5) Trumaine Washington

6) That’s how you show love guys! Click here for more on Trumaine

7) LuKayus Mcneil (click here for more)

8) Charles Standberry (click here for more) No tweets from today

9)  Quincy McKinney

10) So for all of you guys that doubted coach P, we just jumped up into the top 35-40 when some of ya’ll said we would be 70th

11) shaq

12) I tried to tell them Shaq

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Nilijah Ballew no longer a Louisville commit

Nilijah Ballew

Nilijah Ballew

4-star safety Nilijah Ballew committed to the Cards in April of 2013, nearly a year ago. With Charlie Strong going to Texas and Bobby Petrino being hired at Louisville, there has been uncertainty with many of the guys who were committed to Louisville while Strong was here. Some have flipped their commitments and for different reasons. This one certainly is not a case where the player saw a new coaching staff come in so he wanted to leave. In this case, the player fell in love with the university and the city, and now he has to find somewhere else to play college football.

Ballew was originally set to visit the University of Louisville 2 weeks ago, but the staff pushed his visit back to this coming weekend. This made him nervous, thinking that the staff was looking to recruit over him, so Ballew did what any smart athlete would do, and found backup plans. He visited Indiana on the weekend he was supposed to originally be at Louisville, and enjoyed it.

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Nilijah Ballew update: deeply considering other options

Nilijah Ballew

Four-star safety Nilijah Ballew (Cincinnati, OH) took an official visit to Indiana this weekend. He was supposed to be visiting Louisville, but when the new coaching staff first contacted Ballew, they moved his visit date back to the weekend of January 31. So naturally, Ballew had to find other options just in case. It had just been learned that Daniel Gresham’s commitment would not be honored, so the smart thing was obviously to have a back-up plan.

So what did Ballew think of his visit with the Hoosiers? “I liked it enough to make it a toss up. I could possibly start right away at IU and it’s Big 10 football. I really enjoyed my visit and I’m deeply considering my other options.”

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*Update* Louisville 4* commit hopes to hear from Petrino soon

Nilijah Ballew

Nilijah Ballew

We know that on Friday, Coach Petrino and his staff reached out to some of the commits for the 2014 class. With some guys decommitting, it is important that the staff try to hang on to as many guys as they can. Desean Blair said that he talked to Petrino, Kolby Smith, and Lamar Thomas and said that “They’re all cool to me!” When asked if his recruitment was open or if he was still with Louisville, he said “I’m still there (Louisville).”

But not everyone has heard from the staff just yet. Four-star safety Nilijah Ballew (Cincinnati, OH) has not gotten that call yet. Now of course I think the reason is that Petrino is just trying to figure out how to say his name first, but anyways…

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Harkless and Ford decommit

Kavaris Harkless   Isaiah Ford

Anytime a head coach moves on to another job, the recruiting class becomes an issue. Will players follow him, stay committed to the school, or open their recruitment back up? We will see how this all plays out with the current class for Louisville, but some guys have already made their decisions.

3-star players Isaiah Ford and Kavaris Harkless have already de-committed from the Cards. Harkless is an offensive lineman and is expected to be enrolled at the University of Florida on Monday. Ford is a two-star athlete who planned on also being a walk-on for the basketball team. He is a wide receiver on the football field. It is expected that he will end up at Virginia Tech.

4-star defensive back Nilijah Ballew says he is still committed, but is just waiting to see who will be hired. He is “upset, confused, and stressed.”

Some 2014 UofL commits had big games Friday night!


The Cards may be on the bye week, but there are still things to be excited about on this Saturday, and one of those is the future of Cardinal football! This post is all about seeing how a few 2014 UofL commits did in their games on Friday night. These guys put up some big numbers! And another important stat: all of their teams won! It is a big thing if you can recruit kids that are used to winning.

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Football: 2014 commits and rankings (May 22)

Currently the Cards have 14 verbal commits for the class of 2014. Of those 14 players, 8 are from the state of Florida. Coach Strong and staff continue to be a big time presence in the sunshine state when it comes to recruiting. Here is the list of commits so far, as well as their ranking on certain sites. Go Cards!

2014 UofL Football Commits (verbal)


Team recruiting rankings (May 22, 10:00 p.m.)

Rivals: 8th

Scout: 20th

ESPN: 18th

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