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Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Previews Louisville

Video of Brian Kelly’s press conference along with the full transcript. He mainly talks about his team, as is the situation with most of these press conferences where they “preview” the opponent. But he mentions some Louisville. Either way, you can learn about the Fighting Irish.

COACH KELLY: We’ll have to find ways to move the ball against an extremely athletic Louisville defense. Mauldin, Burgess, inside very physical fronts. I think there’s probably four or five guys there as good of guys as we’ve gone against. And it looks like they’ve going to get some guys back, too. It will be a great challenge.
I think really it’s about how we play. I think it’s pretty obvious that we’ve got to make some plays defensively. Slow some people down. And take care of the football. Those are the two things. And then our kicking game has got to get back to where it was. I still think we’ve got one of the best kickers in the country, he had an off day on Saturday. But I expect him to bounce back, and if we get those three areas cleaned up, we could beat anybody. So I know that’s the way our kids feel. That’s the way I feel. And we get a chance to do that again on Senior Day. Which is important. Important milestone for three of our seniors, in particular, because they’re the three guys that came in with me five years ago, and we certainly want to send them out as winners. So, with that I’ll answer questions.

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More UofL-Notre Dame football tickets on sale Thursday at 6 pm ET

Louisville Football

If you missed your chance to get Louisville-Notre Dame football tickets for the game in South Bend on November 22, you have another chance. These tickets are being sold through Notre Dame, but they still get you into the stadium!

Tickets go on sale at 6 pm ET. Click here for the link to buy tickets. 

And yes you would likely be in the Notre Dame section. But hey, maybe you will end up sitting next to D-Bob!