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55. Not just a random number to me. It’s a number that has followed me around my life. It was always my number in any sports I played. Whenever I create players on games they are always 55. It’s the number that comes after 54. One day I hope to live to see the age of 55. All valid points. Today I monitored twitter a little more than often and noticed that its getting as bad as Facebook there. So many things going down in one day. So many gripes, so many issues. So I decided to put down a list of 55 things IĀ observed today. Here we go in no particular order.

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CardNation Speaks: 2013 Opener (Part 1)


One thing thatĀ I try to do with the members of CardNation is stay interactive. I follow everyone back on Twitter, answer every question and talk to everyone no matter what time of the day I get hit with a random DM on twitter. I feel like that’s important, and a part of what sets us apart from a majority of the other sites out there. Today I started reading your thoughts about it being game week and what I wanted to do this week was so simple, get your thoughts. So I DM’d several people that I converse with the most and asked for their thoughts about the game this week and what their favorite things about gameday was. I hope you guys enjoy reading what everyone thought. I will be releasing these every day this week so DM me if you want to be a part of it. First up: @TurtleBITW, @Damon_L1C4, @Beast502Mode, & @NotWhatchaThink

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