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CFB Survival Guide: Louisville Still Needs Help


Well, what a wild 120 hours we’ve untangled since Saturday’s plethora of upsets. #2 Michigan, #3 Clemson and #4 Washington all lost, but Louisville still lags behind with a #5 ranking

Opening Thoughts: Why #5?

Personally, I think Louisville should have been ranked fourth behind Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson in that order. But, being ranked fifth with Michigan in front of them basically means they are fourth. At the end of the regular season, someone between Michigan and Ohio State will lose, meaning they will likely eliminate someone from the CFP for good. That will open the door for Louisville, but there will be other teams gunning for that spot with conference championships and bigger games down the road.

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A Comprehensive Guide To All CFP Contenders

(Courtesy of @TheRed_Rage Dave)

(Courtesy of @TheRed_Rage Dave)

We are officially halfway through the season, and Louisville has surpassed all expectations and become a legitimate College Football Playoff contender. However, Louisville may – or may not – need some help down the road to complete its first ever playoff bid. And with only four teams entering the playoff, the air is going to get incredibly thin at the mountaintop, so it’ll be of interest to see how the nation plays out for Louisville’s CFP campaign.

Here are some teams to watch in the coming weeks that could challenge Louisville’s run to its first ever CFP bid.

(Click on More below for the breakdown)

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2016 UofL Baseball Regional Schedule And Ticket Info

Here is the schedule for the Louisville baseball regional starting this Friday:


Show up & support your #2 Louisville Cardinals. Go Cards!

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Jaquan Lyle’s Reaction To Alleged Game



***UPDATE: Stay tuned for update on this matter***

Although there were much speculation on UofL’s opponent for the ACC-Big10 challenge, the mystery is over.

Jaquan Lyle didn’t seem too happy either

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Rodjay Burns could flip commitment back to Louisville


Rodjay Burns


On Monday afternoon, we saw 4-star wide receiver Desmond Fitzpatrick re-commit to Louisville after opening his recruitment back up, which is rare. Could we see a similar situation with Trinity star Rodjay Burns? The difference here is that Fitzpatrick opened his recruitment back up, while Burns switched his pledge from Louisville to Ohio State. Now, it seems like he could be wavering on that decision and realizing that the grass isn’t always greener.

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Rodjay Burns flips commitment from Louisville to Ohio State

Rodjay Burns.jpg


Louisville’s 2016 football recruiting class took a hit tonight when Trinity star Rodjay Burns flipped his commitment from the University of Louisville to Ohio State.

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4-star RB Has Louisville in Final 3

Photo: 247 Sports

Photo: 247 Sports

Ke’Shawn Vaughn is a 4-star (Rivals and 247 Sports) running back from Nashville, Tennessee and was leaning towards the hometown school, Vanderbilt, for quite a while. However, he just tweeted his final 3.

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Top 3 Montrezl Dunks vs Ohio State

Just Trezl doing Trezl things.

Video Highlights: Louisville vs Ohio State

Report: Louisville will face Ohio State in ACC/Big 10 Challenge

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Brian Hamilton of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Louisville will face Ohio State in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge in the 2014-15 basketball season. If true, that means the Cards will face Ohio State, Minnesota, Indiana, and Kentucky all out of conference. And then they will begin conference play in the ACC. Not too bad!

The official announcements of lineups are set to be released at 4 pm today, but we have no reason to think these reports are not true. It would be kind of weird for them to come out with this 2 1/2 hours before it becomes official and have it not be accurate.

College Football’s Top 10 games (week 8)

Closeup of American Football on Field

There are some exciting games this week in college football. The great thing about Louisville playing a weeknight game (to me) is getting to enjoy watching other games all day Saturday. Teams in the Top 10 have some tough match-ups, highlighted by a pair of Top 5 teams squaring off. That surely gives Louisville the chance to make a move in the polls, but will a team jump ahead of the Cards? Here are the games to keep an eye on this weekend! (Once again, this is using the USA Today/Coaches Poll)

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USA Today Coaches Poll 10-13-13


Here is the latest Coaches poll released by USA Today:

(1) Alabama
(2) Oregon
(3) Ohio State
(4) Clemson
(5) Florida State
(6) Louisville
(7) Texas A&M
(8) LSU
(9) South Carolina
(10) UCLA
(11) Miami (Fla.)
(12) Baylor
(13) Stanford
(14) Missouri
(15) Texas Tech
(16) Georgia
(17) Oklahoma State
(18) Oklahoma
(19) Fresno State
(20) Va. Tech
(21) Nebraska
(22) Florida
(23) Northern Illinois
(24) Michigan
(25) Washington

AP Top 25 10-13-13


Here are the latest rankings from the Associated Press:

1 Alabama
Alabama (55)
Record: 6-0
PV Rank




2 Oregon
Oregon (5)
Record: 6-0
3 Clemson
Record: 6-0
4 Ohio State
Record: 6-0
5 Florida State
Record: 5-0
Record: 6-1
7 Texas A&M
Record: 5-1
8 Louisville
Record: 6-0
Record: 5-0
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Poll Predictions 10-13-13


Nothing official from the AP or USA Today guys but here’s where I see the top 10 rounding out today. First I do see some positive movement for the Cards this week as Stanford and Georgia fell yesterday. I also don’t see A&M jumping us after struggling with 3-3 Ole Miss last night. As I told you guys a few weeks ago, all we need is for one team to fall every week to have a shot at the title game. Yesterday we got 3 with OU falling who had the potential to jump us if they kept winning. LSU & A&M are the lone teams remaining who can jump us with wins in my opinion. Here’s how I think the polls will shake out:

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3 top 10 teams fall on Saturday!


This is the kind of chaos that the Louisville Cardinals need if there is going to be any improvement in their ranking from here on out. Without much competition on the schedule, and with what some would call a “missed opportunity” on Thursday against Rutgers (I agree to an extent), other top teams have to lose for the Cards to move up in the polls. We have been hoping for it every week but it hasn’t seemed to happen. Finally on this Saturday in October, in week 7 of the college football season, 3 teams in the Top 10 of the USA Today/Coaches Poll went down in defeat. The Cards entered this week ranked 8th.

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College Football’s Week 6 games for the Top 10

Closeup of American Football on Field

After starting the season ranked 9th in the country and climbing up to 6th, the Cards have kind of hit a stand-still around the 7th spot in the polls. With the lack of quality opponents combined with some of the top teams playing good competition, it has become increasingly difficult for the Louisville Cardinals to continue to climb up the rankings. But just as I have done every week so far, I will give you the schedule for the Top 10 teams so you know who to cheer for and so you can see what teams have legit chances of falling so the Cards can move up. As always, I will use the USA Today/Coaches poll since that factors into the BCS rankings. Here you go…

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Blueprint: National Title Game


Here we are approaching week six of the NCAA Football season and the Cards have moved just two spots despite 4 teams ahead of us falling (LSU, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas A&M). As a fan, it is discerning to feel like no matter what we do that it seems like we are just running in place. Got me thinking though, what exactly needs to happen for us to make the BCS Title game in Pasadena? I started looking at the schedules of the teams above and the ones who may jump us. Here is the blueprint to our title hopes.

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College Football’s Week 5 games for the Top 10

Closeup of American Football on Field


USA Today Poll
1 Alabama (59) 3-0 1547
2 Oregon (3) 3-0 1480
3 Ohio State 4-0 1399
4 Clemson 3-0 1332
5 Stanford 3-0 1312
6 LSU 4-0 1161
7 Louisville 4-0 1140
8 Florida State 3-0 1121
9 Texas A&M 3-1 1044
10 Georgia 2-1 1020

The Cards began the season ranked 9th in the country and had been gaining 1 spot each week so far, climbing up to 6th place last week in the USA Today/Coaches poll, which figures into the BCS rankings. After the 72-0 blowout against FIU, Louisville actually dropped a spot to #7 as LSU took the 6th spot after they beat Auburn. There is not much of a gap between LSU and Louisville in the rankings when it comes to points, but there also is not much between Louisville and 8th ranked Florida State. Let’s take a look at who the top 10 teams play this week so you can see who you need to be cheering for.

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College Football’s Week 4 games for the Top 10

Closeup of American Football on Field

Three weeks down, three spots gained for the Louisville Cardinals. Starting the season ranked 9th in the country, the Cards now find themselves ranked 6th in the USA Today Coaches Poll, which is the poll that figures into the BCS formula. As I have been doing each week so far, I am going to show you the schedule for the teams in the top 10, just so you know what the chances are of a top team falling and the Cards moving up once again. Let’s take a look.

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College Football’s Week 3 games for the Top 10

Closeup of American Football on Field

Two weeks down, two spots gained in the polls for the Cards so far. Starting the season ranked 9th, Louisville has climbed up to 7th after losses by Georgia and then South Carolina (thanks to Georgia). So what are the chances that the Cards move up another spot with a win in Lexington? Pretty good if you ask me. Let’s take a look. (Using the USA Today poll since that counts in the BCS formula)

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