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National Champions: Louisville Cardinals (Title Game, One Shining Moment Videos)


(Via @Jeremy_CSZ)

Well the season of salt will officially be over after the title game tonight. I haven’t watched any of the final four and will only flip over a few times during the evening. I want UNC to win but wouldn’t be shocked if Villanova had the Wright stuff to pull off the victory. (Sorry, Rutherford got me started) I was trying to think on this slow news day what I could post to get me and you out of this slump. I hope you enjoy the following videos from 2013. It came out today that the 2013 version of One Shining Moment was thee best but we already knew that. Russ, Luke, Gorgui, Chane, Peyton, Kevin, SVT, Trezl and others made this team special to watch and made it one of the most deserving teams of a title ever. It doesn’t always work out like that. Tonight we will crown the 3rd different champion since Louisville took it home. Enjoy!

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One Shining Moment – 2013

Justin Kacy Tingley

Chris Tingley, Kacy Renck, Justin Renck

Yes, the 2013 version. It is 11:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night and I am sitting here grinning ear to ear after I just watched this video (thanks Kim Pemberton for posting it on Facebook). It has been quite some time since I have watched it that it felt like the first time all over again.

Which reminded me, I was fortunate enough to watch this inside the Georgia Dome after the Cards cut down the nets. It was so surreal. Louisville had just won their first National Championship since I was born. I was born in May of 1986, juuuust after the previous title had been won. But I was in the crowd for this one. Nothing was stopping me from going.

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One Shining Moment 2013-14

In case you missed it, or just want to see it again, here is the “One Shining Moment” video that was played after UConn won the National Championship on Monday night.