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Who is your starting 5 of Rick Pitino players at UofL?

Villanova v Louisville

My friend Chris Tingley posed this question to me a couple of weeks ago, and it is very interesting and fun to talk about. Of all the players that Rick Pitino has coached at the University of Louisville, who would be your starting 5? Now I will say that some players did play multiple positions, and after discussion, we decided to only have each player on 1 poll. So guys like Francisco Garcia, Larry O’Bannon, Ellis Myles, and Samardo Samuels had to be placed in only 1 category, even though we are well aware that those guys (and others) could be on different polls.

Please vote for each position. This will run until the end of the week on Thursday night, so that will give us time to get the word out all week and get as many people as possible to vote on this.

55 (Episode 2)


This week…..on 55…..

Ok so it’s not an actual show, yet a place to state facts and shoot down gripes. I don’t get angry, I express. Once again I shall share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. Hope you enjoy. Or not…it’s cool.

1) Me and Raashaan do NOT have sunshine shooting out of our rear ends. Nothing shoots out of there. Kinda wish money would. Nevertheless just because I don’t complain 24/7 doesn’t mean I’m too positive.

2) The Football team moved up one spot in the BCS to 20 this week…great progress for a season of dropping every week when we win.

3) The Men’s Basketball team lost a game……the world is over.

4) or not

5) The Women’s Basketball team showed once again that they are the BOOM girls by withstanding a 19-4 start to come back and defeat FSU. Hats off ladies.


6) Men’s Soccer lost in the NCAA tournament. This signifies that Cardinal Park is now finished. Twas a great venue for soccer, we bid you adieu.

7) Matz rhymes with dots.

8) Turtle almost paid for not coming over last night by watching his Patriots sweat out a victory…..he deserved it.

9) I want pizza.

10) It was real cold outside Saturday but we finally got to see Charlie win a Senior day game.

11) It was not a great turnout.

12) He noticed.

13) Stay until the clock hits 0:00.


14) BeastMode screamed and booed the fans that left early….I swear.

15) We allowed a ton of run outs yesterday vs UNC.

16) Fouls are only called one way all of the time, sometimes.

16) We are getting better at free throws.

18) Yeah I know I put 16 twice, just being a little negative to the number 17.

19) Told you it’s not all sunshine.

20) People will make fun of your dead relatives just to deflect negative vibes from their team.

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