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From the Plains: A look at Auburn’s Offense



I could look up a bunch of Auburn stats and piece together my own little preview of their offense for this season. It would be informative. Or I could have someone write about the Auburn offense that knows the team inside and out, and that is the direction I went. The average fan probably can tell you that Auburn will be ranked in the top 5 or top 10, and that they have a quarterback named Jeremy Johnson that is supposed to be pretty good. Why not learn a little bit more about the opening opponent for the Cards?

As you may or may not know, I lived in Auburn, Alabama from 2008-2012 and still have some friends down that way. A friend of mine that I still keep in touch with is Scott Bagwell, one of the biggest Auburn fans I know, who is also a good writer. He is very knowledgeable and won’t just be an Auburn homer. He will tell it like it is, which is what we want. He attended SEC Media Day on Monday and then decided to help me (and all of you Louisville fans) out by writing a post about both the offense and the defense of Auburn. This post will focus on the offensive side of the ball. There will be another post to preview the defense soon.

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