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Teddy Bridgewater’s Biggest Fan is Back with a New Song

Teddy Bridgewater’s biggest fan is back with a new song for the injured quarterback.

In May, Obadiah Gamble (aka Skolbadiah), wrote Teddy a song inviting him to his birthday party.

After hearing about Teddy’s injury, the seven year old penned a new song for his favorite QB.

As explained in the video description, #CallGod is the hashtag Teddy uses on social media. It is also the sign he makes after scoring a touchdown.

I mean, can this kid be anymore adorable??

Louisville is with you, Obadiah, we hope Teddy is back and better than ever soon!!


Update On The State Of CardNation


This is one step down from chaos…good job guys….I will continue to update the condition of CardNation as you would a hurricane. Right now from a scale of 1-5 with 5 being Family Guy Knockout & 1 being Charlie Smiling (too soon I know), we are currently at a 4. A 4 is concern & comfort as illustrated. Stay Tuned for updates.


5: Family Guy Knockout


4: Concern guy and comforting Lady


3: Bill Belichick face


2:  Teddy Thumbs up


1: Charlie Smiling