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“The Cardinal Pulse” Selection Sunday Edition

Cardinal Pulse

If you couldn’t come out to Clucker’s for the latest edition of “The Cardinal Pulse”, check it out here! Thanks to everyone that came out, and to Sweet Tees for sponsoring us! It was a great time, and always good to be around other UofL fans. Go Cards!

Sweet Tees LLC

The Cardinal Pulse- Episode 2 (James Quick and Howie Lindsey)

Cardinal Pulse

By Justin Renck:

In case you missed the 2nd episode of “The Cardinal Pulse“, here is the show in its entirety! CSZ’s Steven Rummage joins Jon Hancock of in this episode. They discuss the UofL-Marquette basketball game from Sunday and also talk football recruiting. They even have an interview with Trinity star and UofL commit James Quick, as well as a skype chat with Howie Lindsey of and The Louisville Sports Report!

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The Cardinal Pulse- Episode 1 (1-18-13)

Cardinal Pulse

By Justin Renck:

On Friday night, we had our first episode of “The Cardinal Pulse” with members of Cardinal Sports Zone along with Jon Hancock of We will have it up on youtube soon and able to watch from the site, but until then, you can just click the link and watch from there!


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