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Vegas Still Has Louisville as a 1 Seed

Louisville vs Syracuse by by Tim Girton

Photo by Tim Girton/

Vegas knows, right? They did have Charlie Strong as the 2-1 favorite to be the next head coach at Texas. I have to say that when I first heard that, I laughed and thought it was crazy. If you ever keep up with odds and spreads on games, you will be surprised just how close that they usually are. I remember when Kentucky played at Auburn this year, the spread was 7 1/2 or something like that. A lot of people thought that was really low. Auburn went to the free throw line to shoot 3 shots, down by 10, with 8 seconds left. They made 2, and lost by 8. That is just the first example I thought of from this year. That is how close a lot of the games are if you pay attention to the spread.

Well for the last couple of weeks, Vegas has had the Louisville Cardinals projected as a 1 seed in their bracketology. They just released their latest version, and the Cards are still there. I like our team anyway, but I obviously like that Vegas is still sold on us.

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